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Avneesh Agarwal · 2 days ago

How to support multiple chains in your thirdweb Dapp

This guide will show you how to create a Dapp that works on multiple chains. In this Dapp we are going to allow users to select chains and claim an NFT from the respective chain. I am going...

Ayodele Samuel Adebayo · 3 days ago

How to Integrate Grammarly Text Editor SDK into React App

Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant that helps writers to develop content with accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar within a text editor. Check out my favorite Grammarly for...

Cody Jenson · 4 days ago

Top Javascript Frameworks for 2023

Javascript is extremely popular, and there are many frameworks that can make your life easier. In this post, I want to share the top four Javascript Frameworks that will continue to be popul...

Omar Moustafa · 4 days ago

Connect MetaMask Wallet with Flask and

Introduction Today we will build a and use Flask to allow to integrate the Ethereum wallet addresses with the wallet, you use the Flask frontend to connect the wallet while it's l...

Johnny · 5 days ago

Python Sets: A Complete Guide

Sets in python provide a method to create a unique set of unordered items with no duplicates. Their main use case is for checking is an item exists in a set of items, which can be useful in...

TechvBlogs · 1 week ago

How to Install Tailwind CSS 3 in Laravel 9 With Vite 3

Tailwind is a modern CSS framework. It is a utility-first-based framework and provides you with a unique set of utility classes which makes the development process very easy and results in m...

Kim Hallberg · 1 week ago

How to use jQuery with Laravel and Vite

jQuery is one of the OG JavaScript libraries still in heavy use in the Laravel community to this day. It was a breeze to add with Laravel Mix, but since Laravel v9.2.0 Vite is now the defaul...

Johnny · 1 week ago

Using Only CSS to Recreate Windows 98

As part of my continuous work to see how much I can do with just CSS (see other work such as the CSS only Minecraft Chicken), I decided to try and recreate Windows 98 using nothing else apar...

Avneesh Agarwal · 1 week ago

Build A Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFT Collection Clone

In this guide, we'll show you how to create a clone of the MAYC collection drop where users from an original collection will be airdropped serums that can be used to mint a MAYC NFT. When th...

Posandu Mapa · 2 weeks ago

React Cheat Sheet - Learn the basics of React 🔥

React is a JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. React can be used as a base in th...

TechvBlogs · 2 weeks ago

How to get the IP address of a client in Node.js

What is an IP Address? An Internet Protocol(IP) address also known as a logical address is given by the internet service provider(ISP) which uniquely identifies a system over the network. IP...

Omar Moustafa · 2 weeks ago

Manage Prisma records from Discord

Hello buddy 😊! Today we will use a Discord bot powered by to manage our Prisma records, but in this article, we will pretend that we got a shop and we use the bot to m...

Avneesh Agarwal · 2 weeks ago

Stripe Subscriptions Using Sign In With Ethereum

This guide will show you how to build a complete web3 application that allows users to sign in using their web3 wallet and then join a monthly subscription via stripe. Before we get started,...

Benajamin Baker · 3 weeks ago

Can You Resolve Merge Conflicts Before They Happen?

Solving merge conflicts is fun! - said no one ever. Nobody likes them, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are, well, part of the job. In this short post, I would like to briefly explai...

Johnny · 3 weeks ago

Git Stash - Everything about stashing changes in git

Sometimes, when we are making changes to a project in git, we realise we suddenly need to revert back to the last clean working directory version of our project - that meaning the version wi...

TechvBlogs · 3 weeks ago

How to Get Random Records from Database in Laravel

In the project development sometimes we need to display random data on Frontend that time we need to fetch random records from the database to display random records on the frontend. In Lara...

Kim Hallberg · 3 weeks ago

Getting Started with TALL stack

TALL stack is a full-stack development solution used for building powerful, modern, and reactive Laravel applications. This stack can be used to build a multitude of applications, in fact, y...

Avneesh Agarwal · 3 weeks ago

Create a todo app with thirdweb deploy and Next.js

This guide will show you how to build a full web3 application that allows users to create an on-chain to-do list, using Solidity for the smart contract and Next.js for the application. Befor...

Johnny · 4 weeks ago

Navigation between views in Vue with Vue Router

After creating an application in Vue, you'll often want it to consist of multiple views or pages. To do this, we need to use an additional package known as vue-router. Creating a simple Vue...

Posandu Mapa · 1 month ago

Create a simple static site generator with Rust

This is a simple static site generator written in Rust. It is a simple example of how to use Rust programming to create fast and efficient static site generators. PS: I made this for fun and...

Johnny · 1 month ago

What are the three dots (...) or spread operator in Javascript?

The spread operator, spread syntax or 3 dots (...), is a type of syntax in Javascript which is used by both function calls and in arrays/objects. It has a multitude of different uses, so let...

Yogesh Chavan · 1 month ago

How to Deploy Your Node.js Application for Free with Render

For years, Heroku has been an excellent platform to host your Full Stack applications. But that may change, as Heroku is bringing its generous free tier to an end. You may have received emai...

Omar Moustafa · 1 month ago

Build a to-do Node.js CLI with Prisma and Next.js

Yo! What's up? Remember the last article where we used Prisma with Next.js and made a CLI and added an authentication feature? I noticed many of you learned a lot! So here?! You will learn e...

Posandu Mapa · 1 month ago

16+ JavaScript snippets to save your time

I made some JavaScript snippets to save you some time. See them below and let me know your thoughts! Detect if dark mode This snippet detects if the user is in dark mode. And if so, it retur...

hugonmartinez8 · 1 month ago

PhpStorm Plugins You Should Know

If you are a PhpStorm user you know that it comes with many great features that make programming in PHP faster and easier. On top of that JetBrains marketplace offers a lot of useful plugin...

Mr. Ånand · 1 month ago

Make Your GitHub Profile Standout To Attract Better Opportunities

To screen candidates, the industry is shifting away from resumes and toward GitHub profiles. In the software industry, Open Source projects are widely regarded now. How can recruiters know t...

Mike Mwanje · 1 month ago

Set up Kubernetes role based access control

Kubernetes(K8s) role-based access control is a powerful tool in restricting access to resources within a Kubernetes cluster. In this post, we shall briefly discuss what role-based access con...

Johnny · 1 month ago

How to force overwrite local changes with 'git pull'

Have you ever been working on a project in git and ran into an error telling you that you can't use git pull because you have local changes? error: Untracked working tree file 'App.vue' woul...

Madza · 1 month ago

18 Useful GitHub Repositories Every Developer Should Bookmark 👍💯

I often get asked what resources and tips I would recommend for web developers. I decided to curate a list of some of the most useful GitHub repositories I have come across. The main criteri...

Posandu Mapa · 1 month ago

Creating an infinite scrollable list with JavaScript

Infinite scroll is a modern web development technique that allows you to create an infinitely scrollable list. This is useful for creating a list of items that can be scrolled through withou...

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