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Abhiraj Bhowmick · 5 days ago

How to use ChakraUI with NextJS?

Hello, my fellow readers! It's been a long time, am I right? Well, I apologise for not being able to create content for you, mainly due to my board examinations. It's never easy to design a...

Arpit Soni · 6 days ago

Amazing Python Mini-Projects

1. Get Laptop Battery Percentage using Python # python script showing battery details import psutil # function returning time in hh:mm:ss def convertTime(seconds): minutes, seconds =...

Omar Moustafa · 1 week ago

Cloud platforms - Why choose AWS?

Hey there, wherever whom you are and where you are, welcome to this article. As you had stepped into here, you should be interested about what cloud platform to choose and why especially cho...

Mr. Ånand · 1 week ago

Some Useful GitHub Repositories To Enhance Your Web3 Skills

As the world is moving towards new technology, Web3 is the most trending of them. Developers are learning this new technology very fast, many companies are also shifting towards decentralize...

Tapas Adhikary · 1 week ago

Introducing ReactPlay - Learn, Create, Share ReactJS projects

If I tell you React(aka ReactJS) is one of the leading user interface technology(ok, library) in web development, would you believe it? Most of you will. For the rest of you, let me put forw...

Carlo Morrone · 1 week ago

Hidden gems - 5 JetBrains plugins to boost your productivity! 💎

If you’re anything like me, you surely like to keep up with the newest technologies on the market. I constantly try to look for ways to upgrade my IDE with cool plugins that can help me and...

Anish De · 1 week ago

Make a beautiful Connect Wallet Button with RainbowKit and React

Authentication in Web3 is extremely easy but supporting all the wallets and making a nice UI can be painful and time-consuming. Thankfully, there are many libraries which makes this extremel...

Yonkeu Steve · 1 week ago

Unverified, Partially and Verified Commits

Introduction GitHub is a pretty awesome platform for sharing code. One of the best VCS(Version control Systems) in the world. Being a distributed version control system, it enables you to s...

Karthikeyan · 2 weeks ago

How to build a Hacker news clone using Remix, Tailwind css ?

Hello everyone, In this tutorial we will be seeing how to build a simple Hacker news clone using Remix and Tailwind css. Remix is a full stack react framework which renders the data on the s...

Johnny · 2 weeks ago

A Guide to Events in Vue

As with any framework, Vue lets us add reactivity to our applications and websites through events. The great thing about Vue events is they mimic vanilla Javascript, so all the events you're...

Karthikeyan · 2 weeks ago

Typescript Shorts -Module Augmentation 

Hello everyone, In this blog post, we are going to learn about a concept is typescript which is called module augmentation. Don’t freak out seeing the name of the concept. It is just a fancy...

Ruan Bekker · 3 weeks ago

Create a Discord Bot in Python

In this tutorial we will develop our own Discord bot using Python. The source code for this bot will be stored in my github repository About the bot First we will create a basic discord bot...

Dhairya Shah · 3 weeks ago

How to make responsive font size in CSS?

We usually talk about the Responsive design and images on the web. Have you are thought of making fonts, the core part of the website responsive? Don't worry if you haven't, in this article...

podrabinek · 3 weeks ago

29 Best Laravel Tutorials and Resources for Beginners in 2022

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework created by Taylor Otwell. It has expressive, elegant syntax and takes the pain out of development by easing everyday tasks used in most web p...

Anish De · 3 weeks ago

Amazing preview images with Next.js and LQIP Modern

Images take a long time to load and can have a disruptive impact on UX. Today we are going to be looking at creating preview images with a library called lqip-modern. What is LQIP? LQIP simp...

Johnny · 3 weeks ago

Vue Lifecycle Hooks

Like other frameworks, Vue has a number of lifecycle hooks which allow us to attach code to specific events that occur while a Vue application is being created or used - for example, when th...

Karthikeyan · 3 weeks ago

How to build a movie application using Next.js and Appwrite ?

In this tutorial we are going to build a movie application using Next.js , Appwrite, tailwind css, Digital Ocean and deploy it to Vercel. Before going into coding. Let’s see a few details on...

Abdul Maajid · 3 weeks ago

ERC20 vs ERC721 vs ERC 1155

Ethereum is a technology that's home to digital money, global payments, and applications. Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized blockchain with EVM compatibility and smart contract funct...

Anish De · 3 weeks ago

Making a blog with Directus, MDX, and Next.js On-Demand ISR

There are many Headless CMSs out there and many other tools that let us make a blog easily and quickly. Today we look at building a blog with Directus and Next.js. We will use MDX to store o...

TechvBlogs · 4 weeks ago

Custom helper functions in Laravel

Laravel provides us with many built-in helper functions that you can call anywhere within your application. They make your workflow convenient for working with arrays & objects, paths, s...

Richa Kiran · 1 month ago

Typedef in C

In C, we have an option to set any other name for a specific data type. For doing that we use a keyword called "typedef". In this article, I'll be explaining how typedef works and...

Adam Ravid · 1 month ago

How to make a loading screen animation using HTMLS, CSS, and JS

Introduction Today, I will teach you how to create a loading screen animation using HTMLS, CSS, and JS. This tutorial will contain all the code required for you to create the loading screen....

Denislav Gavrilov · 1 month ago

AWS or Azure: The 5-Criteria Choice

AWS or Azure: Тhe 5-Criteria Choice DISCLAIMER: This document is a promotion of my work. I discuss the differences between AWS and Azure in my own experience, and what I like and dislike ab...

Johnny · 1 month ago

Future Javascript: New Array Methods Coming soon

In previous articles, I've covered that Javascript stores objects and arrays in heap storage. That means that an array is created once, and then any updates to it in the future will update t...

Tina Hammar · 1 month ago

Adding translations to Laravel Spark 3 "Plans"

After buying an unlimited license of Laravel Spark v3, I discovered that it loads the subscription plans from a config file, which means that you don't have access to Laravels translation ma...

Usman · 1 month ago

🗃️ How to use Mongoose with Next.js for MongoDB?

Hey all 👋! Next.js is an amazing full-stack framework and MongoDB is a great NoSQL database. Using them together will make an app super fast and awesome! In this post, we'll go ahead and set...

Richa Kiran · 1 month ago

Structures in C

While coding in C, you will come across many data types like - char, int, float, double, void, and so on... These data types are called basic data types. There's another group of data types...

Karthikeyan · 1 month ago

Getting Started with Index signatures

In this blog post we will be learning about a concept in typescript - Index signatures. What is Index Signatures : Index signature is used to represent the type of object/dictionary when the...

Dhairya Shah · 1 month ago

How to disable right-click on your website?

Disabling right-click on websites provides basic security so that people don't save images and copy links and text. Today, in this article I will show you how you can also disable right-clic...

Damian Demasi · 1 month ago

Problem-solving techniques to avoid yelling at your computer

I have been facing some tough code monsters at work lately. I guess I'm out of shape and my sword isn't sharp enough, because I find myself struggling greatly. This is the reason I decided t...

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