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Kaushal Joshi ยท 6 months ago

Reflections on MumbaiFOSS: My Experience and Takeaways

Originally published on personal blog. As an open-source enthusiast, I am always interested in the functioning of the open-source ecosystem and the public distribution of software. I recen...

Kaushal Joshi ยท 7 months ago

Is Create React App Really Dead? What Are Other Options?

If you are active on tech Twitter, follow web-dev YouTubers, or read blogs, you know what I am talking about. For the past few months, there has been a lot of discussions about how create-re...

Kaushal Joshi ยท 11 months ago

Hacktoberfest 101 with ReactPlay

Modern software infrastructure is heavily dependent on the open-source community. From your personal projects to a complex app by a tech giant, every piece of code written today is dependent...

Kaushal Joshi ยท 1 year ago

Three Ways to Remove Console Statements From Production Build

Whether you are a beginner JavaScript Developer or an experienced developer working in the biggest organization in the world, you can't deny using console statements to debug your code. Even...

Kaushal Joshi ยท 1 year ago

How to Fetch Large Data Files Through GitHub API

During my internship at Hackernoon, I had a task to fetch some files from GitHub API. Initially, I thought it'd be a simple GET request but soon I realized the work is a headache. The file I...

Kaushal Joshi ยท 1 year ago

How to Add Script Tags in React

Using third party libraries is very common while developing apps for the web. The usual way is to install the NPM package of the library and import it for your use. But sometimes, the NPM pa...

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