Sushi Points

Learn about sushi points and how you can earn them!


Sushi Points are points that you earn for doing various things throughout the site. You can use these sushi points to get to the top of the leaderboard and redeem prizes! Learn more about how you can earn Sushi Points throughout the site.


There are many ways to earn sushi points. Some of them can be earned multiple times and some of them can only be earned once. Checkout the current ways to earn SP below:

1. Daily Login Points

Every day you login or every day you visit the site you will be awarded +5 Sushi Points. So make sure to come back and visit daily so you can earn your daily login sushi points!

2. Floating Sushi Points

As you are active on the site you may randomly see some Sushi floating up on the screen. Be sure to click that Sushi and you'll be awarded +1 Sushi Point.

3. Finishing Video Points

Everytime you complete a video you will be awarded with +1 Sushi Points. For watching videos you are allowed 3 points per day. Any video you complete after that will not award you any points, you'll have to check in the next day and watch more videos ;)

4. Like DevDojo on Facebook Points

Like the DevDojo Facebook page and earn 25 Sushi Points:

5. Follow DevDojo on Twitter Points

Follow us on Twitter @thedevdojo and earn 25 points.

6. Created Tutorial Points

These points are earned when you create a tutorial on the DevDojo.

Click Here to Create a Tutorial

7. Answer a Forum Question Points

This is awarded when you answer a forum post and the user selects your answer as the selected answer.

Be sure to check back regularly as we are constantly updating the amount of ways to earn sushi points :)


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