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Baransel · 1 month ago

A simple React app: fetch GitHub users information via API

Welcome to a quick tutorial on my journey of building a React app that connects with external APIs. Today, I'm focusing on a hands-on example: fetching and displaying GitHub user data using...

Pratik Pathak · 1 month ago

Create an Interactive command line tool in Python 🐍

Creative an interactive in Python is very easy, there are many packages available that can help you to achieve this task. One such tool is Pyinquirer. Let’s learn about building a Python com...

Nico Deblauwe · 1 month ago

Shifting from Laragon to Herd on Windows

This article compares Laragon and Herd, both excellent PHP development tools, and provides tips on transitioning between them. Herd is a solid environment emphasizing ease of use over config...

Francesco Ciulla · 2 months ago

Ownership in Rust

Ownership in Rust Rust has a concept of ownership that is unique among programming languages. It is a key feature of the language that allows it to be both safe and fast. In this lesson, we...

Keploy · 3 months ago

Understanding Testing in production

Introduction Testing in production was previously ignored by Product Developers, But recently it gaining Popularity Again! Even, more organizations are planning use this. In this Article, W...

Denislav Gavrilov · 3 months ago

Jsonnet Adventures: Deploying our application to ArgoCD!

Hello fellow Kubernetes enthusiasts! In my previous blog posts we explored the basics of Jsonnet and how to use it to generate Kubernetes manifests. Now, I'm thrilled to finally get to the d...

Dhairya Shah · 3 months ago

How to set up your own proxy server in minutes?

Today, most websites track your online activities by capturing essential information such as IP addresses, cookies, and geolocation. All this information starts associating with the user, an...

Francesco Ciulla · 4 months ago

Variables, Shadowing, and Constants in Rust

Understanding Variables in Rust Rust is a statically and strongly typed language. This means that the compiler must know the type of all variables at compile time. The compiler can usually i...

Bobby Iliev · 4 months ago

Running Laravel Wave with Sail: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction This tutorial will guide you through the process of running Laravel Wave using Laravel Sail, a light-weight command-line interface for managing Dockerized Laravel applications....

Francesco Ciulla · 5 months ago

Build a FULL STACK Web app with Javascript API, Next.js 14, Node.js, Express, Prisma, Postgres, Docker

By the end of this article, you will understand and create a simple yet complete full stack app using the following: Next.js 14 (TypeScript) Tailwind CSS Node.js Express (JavaScript) Prism...

TechvBlogs · 5 months ago

How to Install PHP 8.3 on Ubuntu 22.04

PHP is a popular server scripting language known for creating dynamic and interactive web pages. Getting up and running with your language of choice is the first step in learning to program....

Catalin Pit · 6 months ago

Build A Stunning Generative AI App with a React IDE

If you've ever wondered how AI applications generate images from user prompts, you've come to the right place. In this article, you will learn how these tools work by building an AI applicat...

Tina Hammar · 6 months ago

Conditionally apply Laravel Soft Deleting scope

Create an App state service class <?php namespace App\Services; class AppState { public bool $softDeletingScope = true; } Register the service in any service provider use App\Servi...

Tina Hammar · 6 months ago

Helper to detect if Laravel is running a job

Create a service class <?php namespace App\Services; class AppState { public bool $isProcessingJob = false; } Add these methods to any ServiceProvider use Illuminate\Queue\Events\...

Supernova3339 · 6 months ago

Simplifying Your Video Playback With Laravel

As Laravel developers, we're always on the lookout for ways to enhance the user experience in our applications. Implementing smooth and user-friendly video playback can be a game-changer. In...

Bobby Iliev · 7 months ago

Introduction to Linux eBook: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Introduction Hello to all passionate learners, tech enthusiasts, and budding system administrators! I'm thrilled to announce the release of my latest eBook: "Introduction to Linux"...

Olgaa · 8 months ago

What is Virtual DOM in React Native?

In the world of front-end development, React Native has taken the spotlight as one of the most prominent frameworks for building mobile applications. It's known for its efficiency, performan...

Ashutosh Mishra · 9 months ago

5 Best Full Stack Communities to Join in 2023

Becoming a Full Stack Developer is a great career option in 2022. However, the path is long and could be lonely. So, here I am with a list of the 5 best Full Stack communities that will keep...

Ashutosh Mishra · 9 months ago

React useState() Made Easy for Beginners

The React way of dynamically updating a website’s content is different from Vanilla JavaScript. In JavaScript, we do it by directly manipulating DOM whereas, in React, we have a feature call...

Ashutosh Mishra · 9 months ago

13 Best React Libraries for Devs in 2023

Being a modern React developer is not only about understanding the core concepts of React but also about getting well versed with the whole ecosystem of React. This includes having the knowl...

Jackson Kasi · 9 months ago

Simplifying Database Backup and Restore with Easy Automation

Hey guys, I am lazy to write the article, but I still wanted to share this with all of you. So, I used GPT to write articles by my code. So, for those interested in delving into the code, he...

Posandu Mapa · 9 months ago

Discovering Svelte: Things I Learned While Using Svelte

So, I've been playing around with Svelte, this unique JavaScript compiler, for a while now, and let me tell you, it's awesome! As someone who's experienced with React, using Svelte feels lik...

Olgaa · 9 months ago

The Web's Building Blocks: Shadow DOM vs. Virtual DOM

In the dynamic realm of web development, innovation is a constant companion. Two such innovations that have redefined the way web applications are created and rendered are the Shadow DOM and...

Olgaa · 9 months ago

React Redux: A Beginner's Guide to State Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, managing the state of an application is a crucial aspect of creating dynamic and interactive user interfaces. React Redux, a state manageme...

Tony Lea · 9 months ago

Laravel Volt

Laravel Volt is a new package that was announced during Laracon 2023. Volt brings the power of single file Livewire components to Laravel and it works seamlessly with Folio. Similar to how R...

Olgaa · 9 months ago

Parent and Child Components in React: Building Reusable and Maintainable User Interfaces

React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, follows a component-based architecture. In this architecture, components are the building blocks that make up the user inter...

Bobby Iliev · 9 months ago

Introduction to Terraform: From Zero to Hero eBook

Introduction Hey folks, I'm super stoked to announce my brand-new eBook: "Introduction to Terraform: From Zero to Hero". This project is something I'm genuinely excited about, born...

Mr. Ånand · 10 months ago

Top 20 Must Try AI Tools for Developers in 2023

In this article, we'll see a few AI-powered tools that are set to revolutionize development and make the life of developers easy in 2023. We'll talk about the top 20 AI and low-code tools de...

Olgaa · 10 months ago

React Middleware: Implementing Middleware in React Applications

Middleware is a powerful concept commonly used in server-side applications to handle various tasks like authentication, logging, and error handling. However, middleware can also be effective...

Tony Lea · 10 months ago

Laravel Folio

Laravel Folio is a page-based routing system introduced to Laravel at LaraconUS 2023. With Folio you can map a route to a specific file or folder, similar to the file-based routing systems f...

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