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Dimraeth · 1 day ago

eDev 0.14.8 Release

Cutting 0.14.8 this week. Here is what is included in the update: Features (Major): - Added 3D lighting - Added Loading Screen between scene - Added in-game calendar menu to keep track...

Rahul · 2 days ago

The Comprehensive Guide to Accessibility in Web Development

You've probably heard this before: web accessibility is important. But what does that mean for you, the web developer? Simply put, it means creating a website that can be used by as many peo...

Omar Moustafa · 5 days ago

Build a Telegram Bot for Medusa E-Commerce Store

Hey ya, e-commerce enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your Medusa store to the next level? Well, buckle up because we're about to show you how to build a Telegram bot that will blow your cus...

Johnny · 5 days ago

Getting Started with Redis and Node.JS

Redis is a powerful tool for caching data and having it available in memory. Redis requires RAM to use, and every piece of data you use in Redis is loaded into the RAM. That means it can be...

Posandu Mapa · 6 days ago

How to show Github contributors of a file?

While browsing the Ant Design documentation, I noticed that they show the GitHub contributors of a file at the bottom of the page. I thought it was a nice feature and wanted to blog about it...

Mayank Ranjan · 1 week ago

The Best Prometheus Monitoring Tools For 2022

Nowadays, many companies are setting up server traffic analyzer tools at their place. In a server-client model, it becomes tough to manage the data flow. Many apps are available to sync in,...

Valerio · 1 week ago

How to make Vite Hot Module Replacement work on Windows

As many of our community mamebers already know, we recently started the renovation of the Inspector dashboard UI with a fresh new design and a modern technology stack. In this article I will...

Rajanand Ilangovan · 1 week ago

SQL Server Performance tuning and troubleshooting checklist

I have recently come across a wonderful Video on SQL Server performance tuning and troubleshooting checklist by Kevin Kline. and created the notes below for my reference. Troubleshooting Che...

amenaisabuwala · 2 weeks ago

Let's make JavaScript logo with HTML and CSS! 💛

Heyy Smarties! 😎 How are you all doing? Hope you all are doing well! Today we are gonna make a JS logo with HTML and CSS it's gonna be fun! 🥳 And when you'll make it you need to post on T...

Mayank Ranjan · 2 weeks ago

New DevOps Tools to Watch in 2023

DevOps, a culture shift or practice that unites development and operations teams, is to turn the software development life cycle into a strategic asset for every business. It's critical to...

Posandu Mapa · 2 weeks ago

Creating a rewards system with JavaScript

Losing users is a common problem for many apps. One way to keep users engaged is to reward them for their daily activities. A lot of apps do this by giving users a daily login bonus such as...

Rahul · 2 weeks ago

Unlocking the Power of Polymorphism in JavaScript: A Deep Dive

Polymorphism is a concept in object-oriented programming that allows objects of different types to be treated as objects of a common type. This allows for more flexible and reusable code, as...

marinsborg · 3 weeks ago

Learn Python functions & create a simple project

Functions are key elements of programming. They are used in most programming languages. Functions allow you to break your code into smaller pieces. That way your code is easier to manage and...

Mattia Toselli · 3 weeks ago

Create a PWA with Vuejs and Materialize css

What Are PWA? At their heart, Progressive Web Apps are just web applications. Using progressive enhancement, new capabilities are enabled in modern browsers. Using service workers and a web...

Mayank Ranjan · 3 weeks ago

Speed Up Your Startup Time Using AWS Lambda SnapStart

The time the user interacts with the application is limited. The longer the startup time, the lower the number of users. Most applications are built assuming they will be run on a PC or a l...

Cody Jenson · 3 weeks ago

How to output the raw SQL query in Laravel

Laravel does a lot of magic behind the scenes when fetching data from the database. Luckily there are some really easy ways to get the raw SQL query so that you can understand everything tha...

Rahul · 3 weeks ago

How To Customize React Components with Props

In React, props are a way to pass data from a parent component to a child component. Props are essentially arguments that you can pass to a React component. They are similar to function argu...

Rahul · 3 weeks ago

How to create components in React (create custom components) | React Recipes

Previously I discussed creating your first react app, in this post, we'll learn more about, props, states, creating your first react component, and many things. {% bmc rahuldotbiz %} So, Wha...

Rahul · 4 weeks ago

How to create react elements with JSX | React Recipes

JSX is a powerful tool for building user interfaces that is easy to read and understand, and can improve the performance and maintainability of your code. In this blog post we will learn abo...

Posandu Mapa · 4 weeks ago

Detect whether two tabs are opened in JavaScript

If you ever used WhatsApp Web, you might have noticed that it shows a warning if you open the same account in two different tabs. I wondered how they did it, so I decided to research it and...

Bobby Iliev · 4 weeks ago

How to increase the size of the file upload in Laravel Voyager Media Manager?

Introduction Laravel Voyager is a great open-source admin panel for Laravel. It is also the admin panel currently used in Laravel Wave which is a Laravel SaaS starter kit. In this article, y...

Rahul · 4 weeks ago

32 best JavaScript snippets (one-liners) in 2023

Hi there, my name is Rahul and I am 18 years old. My goal is to become a successful developer, and I am interested in building web apps with frontend technologies. Today, I'd like to share s...

Rahul · 1 month ago

Learn react in 2023 (what is create-react-app) | React Recipes

Welcome to this article on React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces! React is a popular and widely-used tool for developing web applications and has gained a lot of traction...

Mayank Ranjan · 1 month ago

A Comprehensive Guide to VPN Protocols and Which One is Right for You

You know, most businesses and enterprises access the VPN network. It maintains proper privacy and security and keeps the data encrypted from phishing attacks. A VPN connection involves the...

Kim Hallberg · 1 month ago

How to use Bootstrap with Laravel and Vite

While the Laravel community now mostly uses Tailwind CSS. Bootstrap - one of the most used CSS frameworks currently on the market, is still widely used by a portion of the community. Since L...

Imamuzzaki Abu Salam · 1 month ago

Hello React, Goodbye useEffect (I Hope)

In this article, I will show you how to use React to replace useEffect in most cases. I've been watching "Goodbye, useEffect" by David Khoursid, and it's 🤯 blows my mind in a 😀 g...

Souptik Debnath · 1 month ago

8 Best Video Games For Web Developers 💻

In this post, I'll share with you 8 video games that can help you become a better web developer. From problem-solving and logic to design, playing these games will help you develop a variety...

Valerio · 1 month ago

Laravel Vapor application observability with Inspector

Recently, more and more Inspector customers are writing to me for advice on how to integrate our observability platform to monitor their Laravel application deployed in the AWS serverless en...

Giorgos Kallis · 1 month ago

How I transitioned from Frontend to Full Stack Development

As a front end developer, I have always been fascinated by the power and flexibility of JavaScript frameworks, especially ReactJS and Vue.js, which I've worked with. These frameworks allow y...

Bobby Iliev · 1 month ago

How to find a process locking port 3000 on Mac?

Introduction Are you having trouble with a process locking port 3000 (or essentially any other port) on your Mac? Here's how you can find and kill the process! Finding the process To find th...

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