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Rahul · 13 hours ago

Getting Started with JavaScript Optional Chaining

Are you writing code that needs to quickly access properties or invoke methods of an object—without worrying if the object or related data is null or undefined? If so, then you need optional...

HCRitter · 18 hours ago

PowerShell-Technique: $PSDefaultParameterValues

Enhance Your PowerShell Scripting with Default Parameter Values In this post, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of using default parameter values in PowerShell. As we previously explo...

Bobby Iliev · 2 days ago

Introduction to Rust

What is Rust? Rust is a systems programming language. It is designed to be fast, reliable, and maintainable. Rust was started in 2006 by Graydon Hoare at Mozilla Research. It was originally...

HCRitter · 4 days ago

.NET or not .NET - Where

Dotnet or not Dotnet this is the question we will ask in this post Lets find out if the .NET .Where() method is significantly faster than their equivalent in native PowerShell In this post,...

Roman Agabekov · 4 days ago

How MySQL Tuning Improves the Laravel Performance

MySQL Configuration tuning is an important component of database management implemented by database professionals and administrators. It aims to configure the database to suit its hardware a...

Rajanand Ilangovan · 4 days ago

Data Analyst

As organizations gather and generate more data than ever before, they need skilled professionals who can help them make sense of this information and derive actionable insights. This is wher...

Rajanand Ilangovan · 4 days ago

Data Engineer

Data is ubiquitous in today's business landscape, and the ability to collect, process, and analyze it is critical to making informed decisions. This is where the role of a Data Engineer come...

HCRitter · 4 days ago

String concatenation performance boosting

String concatenation performance boosting - is this too much ado about nothing? Concatenating strings is a common operation in programming, but did you know that there are different methods...

HCRitter · 5 days ago

.NET or not .NET - ForEach

.NET or not .NET this is the question, we will ask in this post Lets find out if the .NET .ForEach() method is significantly faster than their equivalent in native PowerShell The most of us...

Rajanand Ilangovan · 5 days ago

SSIS Error: Failed to decrypt protected XML node "DTS:Password" with error 0x8009000B "Key not valid for use in specified state.

Problem: We have created an SSIS package to load the data from a database in one server to another server. When tested in the local machine, it executed and data has been transferred as expe...

Cody Jenson · 5 days ago

Midjourney V5 and ChatGPT 4

Within the last couple weeks there have been some amazing new releases in the AI world including a new version of Midjourney and a new version of ChatGPT. These upgrades are pretty incredibl...

Rahul · 1 week ago

What is Javascript Slice? Practical examples and guide

If you're new to coding, the term 'slice method' may be daunting. Put simply, the slice method is a powerful JavaScript tool that lets you extract sections of an array or string. It's one of...

HCRitter · 1 week ago

3 ways to sort a list unique

Today I would like to show you a performance table comparing different ways to sort a list/array unique. Sometimes it is necessary to sort a list or an array unique to get rid of duplicates...

HCRitter · 1 week ago

[Microsoft.Win32.Registry] VS Set-ItemProperty

Today I would like to show you a performance table comparing different ways to write to the registry. Writing to the registry is more or less a standard task while working as an administrato...

Omar Moustafa · 1 week ago

Next-level Security: Passwordless Authentication with Prisma

Authentication is the most thing that a user does on a website, logging in or out, and it's necessary to take your application's authentication to the next level with password-less authentic...

Posandu Mapa · 1 week ago

How to add Nprogress to SvelteKit

You may be wondering how to add Nprogress to SvelteKit. This is a simple guide to help you get started. Step 1: Install Nprogress We first need to install nprogress to SvelteKit. To do this,...

Rahul · 1 week ago

React UseEffect Hook: A Definitive Guide for Beginners

The useEffect hook is one of the most important hooks of React. It allows you to perform effects in a declarative way, instead of using imperative code inside React components. It offers a s...

Diogo Capela · 1 week ago

Learn CSS by playing games

CSS is an essential part of web development, as it determines most of the layout and appearance of websites. If you are looking to brush up on your CSS skills, these can be a great way to le...

Shrikant Dhayje · 1 week ago

MongoDB Error: couldn’t connect to server on Windows

Problem Error: couldn’t connect to server for MongoDB on Windows This problem can occur if you install MongoDB without selecting the install as a service option or if you d...

Rahul · 1 week ago

Understanding the Parent CSS Selector :has(): A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a loop while writing your CSS? Does the thought of using parent selectors to simplify your code seem like an impossible task? Not sure where to start...

Rahul · 2 weeks ago

Using foreach() To Iterate Through an Array in JavaScript

If you're a JavaScript newbie or avid reader or pro or anything, you know that forEach is an incredibly useful tool. But what, exactly, is it and how does it work? forEach is a built-in arra...

Valerio · 2 weeks ago

AWS SQS in a large scale application

In today's article, I'm going to show you how we use AWS SQS in our Laravel application, and how it helps us to manage 1.6 billion operations each month. In the image below you can see our t...

Adam N. · 2 weeks ago

Raymarching Material 101 in three.js

Abstract Did you ever go to ShaderToy and be blown away by the amazing stuff people are able to make with shaders? A lot of them use a technique called raymarching. Today, we will see how we...

Rahul · 3 weeks ago

Don't Miss Out: 10 Essential Apps(and websites) for Keeping Up With Dev News

Whatever type of developer you are, staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends is the key to success. But with so many sources and tools available, it can be overwhelming to keep tra...

Rahul · 3 weeks ago

Mastering Nested CSS Selectors: Tips and Techniques

Have you been trying to learn more about CSS selectors, but feeling a little overwhelmed? Well, you're in the right place! Mastering CSS selectors don't have to be a daunting task. You can s...

Souptik Debnath · 3 weeks ago

8 Free Avatar Tools

Avatars are digital representations of individuals or characters that have become a important factor of our digital lives. It helps us to express ourselves and engage with others, from socia...

jeblister · 3 weeks ago

Exploring Data Fetching in SvelteKit's latest version

In this article, we'll examine how to fetch data in SvelteKit's latest version, including methods to fix any issues caused by the breaking changes. We'll discuss the fundamentals to help you...

Valerio · 3 weeks ago

Custom Tooltip Directive in Vuejs 3: Tutorial

Custom directives in Vuejs 3 are one of those things where there is no compatibility with the previous version of the framework. Working on the new version of the Inspector frontend dashboar...

Adam N. · 3 weeks ago

Exploded view of a 3D model using React-Three-Fiber

Abstract Have you ever wanted to showcase a 3D model of some cool engine? Here is an actionable way of doing so, using some very basic maths: A simple exploded view 💣 To do so, we will use...

Saeed Khan · 1 month ago

Python PostgreSQL Integration

Introduction In Data Engineering first thing we need to do is connect and extract data from a data source. The data sources can be of many types, like: Relational Databases (E.g. Oracle, P...

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