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Dev Dojo · 2 days ago

DevDojo Weekly - Dec 2022

Happy first week of December! It's that time again for the DevDojo Weekly where we fill you in on some of the things happening over here at DevDojo and we select 5 posts as last weeks winner...

Cody Jenson · 2 days ago

Can AI help you write better tutorials

Technology has been evolving exponentially over the past few decades and artificial intelligence (AI) is no exception. AI has become a powerful tool for anyone involved in programming, espec...

Dev Skulls · 2 days ago

Automatically assign an issue using github actions

To automatically set the assignee on an issue using GitHub Actions, you can use the assign action in a workflow file. Here is an example of how to do this: name: Set assignee on issue on:...

Kwaku Antwi · 1 week ago

Copy a file from a git branch to the other

Working with GIT is one of the best thing that happen to development. However, sometimes in very rare instances, you may have the need to copy(checkout) a file from one branch to the other....

Valerio · 1 week ago

Save 1.2 million queries per day with Laravel Eager Loading

Since various elements of the Inspector backend rely on Laravel, I worked a lot with the ORM component myself, and its Eager Loading features. The tradeoff in using an ORM always remains tre...
1 - Resources. Freebies. Learn. · 1 week ago

50+ Free Icon resources for your projects

Icons are small images that represent a bigger, more complex idea. They're all over the internet, and they can be helpful for many different purposes, but sometimes it's hard to find good on...

Posandu Mapa · 2 weeks ago

Adding your discord status to a website

Using a status message is a great way to show info about you. Discord, the most popular chat app for devs has some advanced status features. They include: Normal text messages Song playing...

Mattia Toselli · 2 weeks ago

The Repository Service Pattern in your Laravel application

Why the repository service pattern is a good idea As the definition says: "The repository is a layer between the domain and data layers of your application with an interface to perform...

Imamuzzaki Abu Salam · 2 weeks ago

Big O Notation in JavaScript

Big O Notation, collectively called Bachmann-Landau notation or asymptotic notation, is a way to describe the performance of an algorithm. It is used to describe the worst-case scenario of a...

Yogesh Chavan · 2 weeks ago

How to Test a WebSocket based Application Using the API Tester Mobile App

In this article, we'll see how we can use API Tester application to test WebSocket based APIs easily and why it's my goto application for mobile app testing. So let's get started. What is AP...

Dev Yoda · 3 weeks ago

4 Open Source Tools for Efficient NodeJS Application Building

NodeJS is an excellent alternative for creating scalable and quick server-side applications. It is the ideal framework for developing high-speed JavaScript apps due to its asynchronous natu...

Imamuzzaki Abu Salam · 3 weeks ago

Debounce in Next.js

React v16.8 introduced a new hook called useEffect, which allows you to run side effects in your functional components. useEffect is a great way to handle expensive operations like API calls...

Dev Dojo · 3 weeks ago

DevDojo Weekly - Nov 2022

Happy third week of November! Turkey day is almost here 🦃 I hope you're having a great week so far and I hope your feeding into your code cravings! [tailwindcss] In this edition of the Dev...

Cody Jenson · 3 weeks ago

What is a Javascript Proxy?

In computing, a proxy is an intermediary between two devices that provides security, administrative control, and/or caching services. A Javascript proxy is used to create a proxy object for...

Abby Robinson · 3 weeks ago

React Data Table

Data Table for React For this I used an npm packaged called react-data-table-component. This made putting a data table into my React app very simple. Step 1: Import react from "react&qu...

Mattia Toselli · 3 weeks ago

The Vue Crash Course I've always wanted is here! Part 1: The Vue Practitioner

In this article we will cover the basics of Vue and then we will focus on getting more proficient using that Javascript framework, from the ground up, the way I would like it has been teache...

Posandu Mapa · 3 weeks ago

Adding Firebase authentication to a Next.js app

Introduction In this tutorial, we'll learn how to add Firebase authentication to a Next.js app. We'll use Firebase's authentication service to create a login page with Google authentication....

Johnny · 3 weeks ago

Javascript: Check if an Array is a Subset of Another Array

There are many use cases where knowing if an array is a subset of another can be quite useful - and although usually immediately obvious to the human eye, it can be difficult to evaluate in...

Johnny · 3 weeks ago

Javascript Array Every Method

Sometimes with arrays, we want to test every element for a certain condition. While individual conditions can be tested easily with an if statement, it becomes a little trickier with multipl...

Johnny · 3 weeks ago

Creating and Generating UUIDs with Javascript

Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) are used all over the place in software development for everything from identifying object elements to DOM elements on a web page. They are unique, 128...

Johnny · 3 weeks ago

Javascript Array Concat Method

The concat method on arrays is used to take two arrays and concatenate them into one. It takes as many arrays as you like - so you can concatenate many arrays at once: Array.concat(value1, v...

Alex Ivanovs · 3 weeks ago

CSS :has() Pseudo-class Selector

The :has() relational pseudo-class is officially recognized as a Parent Selector, and in the actual spec [Selectors Level 4], it is described as a relative selector that accepts “forgiving-r...

Dev Dojo · 1 month ago

DevDojo Weekly - Nov 2022 - Week 2

Happy second week of November! I hope you are having an awesome start to your week and I hope that you are learning something new every day 💡 [tailwindcss] In this edition of the DevDojo W...

Posandu Mapa · 1 month ago

Refactoring JavaScript code efficiently 🌳

Javascript is a cool language if you did everything right. But, without any refactoring, it may result in some messy code which will give unexpected results. In this article, I'll show some...

Mr. Ånand · 1 month ago

Creating Personal Blog With Hugo and Netlify

In this Article! I am going to share the step-by-step method I followed while building a blog website using a static site generator Hugo and deploying it to Netlify. I encountered some small...

Bobby Iliev · 1 month ago

How to show all tables in PostgreSQL?

Introduction PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source database system. It is a relational database management system (RDBMS) based on the SQL language. PostgreSQL is one of the most popular dat...

Fahad · 1 month ago

🐍Python Project: 🎨Drawing Pad GUI

✨Introduction This tutorial is not focused on advanced topics. This will teach you how to make your own simple Drawing GUI using basic Tkinter and Python concepts. Also, feel free to sugges...

Johnny · 1 month ago

Javascript Immediately invoked function expressions (IIFE)

Immediately invoked function expressions, or IIFE, are functions which are run as soon as you define the function. You may also see people refer to them as anonymous functions. They give us...

Johnny · 1 month ago

Javascript loops: for vs forEach vs for.. in vs for.. of

There are quite a few ways in Javascript to loop through an array of items or any other iterable item in Javascript. You may have seen them: arr.forEach() for(let item of arr) for(let...

Johnny · 1 month ago

Removing the last element of an array in Javascript

One of the most frequent operations we perform on an array is removing the last element. There are a few different ways to do this - but one of the most common is to use the pop() method. Co...

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