MarkdownX Editor - A New Evolution in Markdown



A new markdown editor built for the TallStack. Packed with dropdowns, previews, uploads, and more πŸš€

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MarkdownX - It's like a <textarea> with super powers ⚑️ | Product Hunt

Built for the Tallstack

MarkdownX has been built to work with the Tallstack πŸ€“. If you're not familiar with the Tallstack, click here to learn more. It's pretty rad πŸ™Œ.

MarkdownX has a simple dropdown menu of items to select πŸ‘‡

And many more to come πŸš€

A New Evolution in Markdown

The future of writing in Markdown. Dropdowns, Uploads, Animated GIFs, and more 😍

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Easy Installation Installation is as simple as 1. 2. 3.

1. Add The Config

Add the markdownx.php file to your config folder.

2. Add the Component

Add the Livewire Controller and View to your project.

3. Display the Editor

Display the component <livewire:markdown-x />

Why MarkdownX?

Here's the story πŸ“–

Recently I posted a Tweet about the new editor I was building for the DevDojo. It got a huge response πŸ‘‡ with nearly 500 likes and 50 retweets.

It appeared that many other developers also had a need for an Advanced Markdown Editor 🀩
Instead of just building it for myself, I put things into action to make it available to others.

I worked to make it more badass 😎

I put together this landing page πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

I ate some Dorritos πŸ˜‹

And now, with a Dorrito covered keyboard I've been writing documentation, typing features in the roadmap, and waiting for you to join me on this journey of creating the best MD editor available!

Upgrade to Pro

And gain access to the component and all future updates.

DevDojo Pro is only $15/mo. You'll also gain access to many other tools!Your subscription will also support ongoing development of MarkdownX.

Upgrade to Pro
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Want to see it in action?

🍿 Check out This Quick Video

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