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Say Hello to the DEVCOIN

Our crypto-currency you can earn for performing actions on the DevDojo.

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About the DevCoin

The DevCoin is a crypto-currency token created on the Solana block-chain. It can be exchanged for real USD or any other crypto-currency. The DevCoin is being funded with advertising profits. Then, users on the DevDojo can earn these DevCoins for performing various actions on the site. It's a win win! πŸŽ‰

πŸ’°Start Earning

If you want to start earning some DevCoins, be sure to write a tutorial or post on the DevDojo. Each week we will select 5 winners. The author of those posts will win some DevCoin.

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We currently working on more ways to earn DevCoin, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and you'll be notified when we release updates on the DevCoin 🀘