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Bringing back pro subscription after cancellation

Hello there, I canceled my subscription and I lose my pro access I just wanted to cancel the automatic renewal on my subscription....

Total Props

Hey just wanted to drop some props for this, as it has really made learning this stuff approachable. I've been a technologist for...

Using wave with new Theme

Good afternoon, It has happened to me several times, I have not touched the definition of routes. I had to install it several time...

how to do a free subscription in wave?

Hi, I would like to offer a free subscription on wave without asking for credit card credentials. And for unlimited period. What i...

Laravel Livewire infinite scroll

How to create a Laravel Livewire infinite scrolling?
Select One:

Clear text before/after ?.

Hello, Total HTML newbie here. I am trying to create 2 cell phones onscreen having a conversation. I've got the text the way I nee...

SAAS Adventure Access?

Hi Tony, as per your request, posting my question here: Can you please enable my access to the SAAS Adventure? All the best, Vadim...

Some questions..

First of all, I wish you all the best for this new year and I take this opportunity to apologize since English is my third languag...

How to use React on specific pages ?

Just bought Wave, really loving the product so far. Best Saas Kit I've ever seen. I have a couple of custom pages that I'm likely...

Any plans to update Wave to Laravel 8?

Thank you for amazing set of tools! Getting started with Wave. Just noticed that current build 1.1.0 is using Laravel 7. Do you pl...

Tails Beta Update 2

🥤 The planned release for Tails will be near the end of January; however, you may be able to signup earlier for the beta if there...

Cannot Update blog's pages body

Just started a blog, it is very good however I cannot edit any of the pages body.

Can't access WAVE with Yearly PRO account

Few day ago purchased DevDojo Pro Yearly Subscription. But it still not added to my account. Can you please fix it?

Delete other account and update username

Hi, can you please my other account? Just retain this one I used for asking a question. Also kindly update my username without dev...

How to access External Storage files in Android 11?

I have created an Android Project. there I want to read files from the External Storage card. But in the Android 11 version, I can...

Tails Beta Release

🎁 This is the first release of the Tails Beta. Please use this discussion to post any questions, issues, or recommendations you ha...

Support for settings in subscription plans

As the course mentions in "Subscription Plans" with the example of limiting features for each plan how is this possible...

Wave Frontend

Are their docs for handing the displaying the BREAD for users, etc, when using the Wave package?

GeekShop Instalation

Hello there, how are you? I would like a help on the GeekShop installation. I fixed the most bugs and now I'm getting the error 50...

New User listed as Canceled?

Hmm, so i manually created a test user in Wave, set their role to standard, then logged in as the user in an incognito window, but...

Stripe problem

I see that Stripe has changed and always generates automatically the ID of each product. I guess that I put this ID (prod_***) as...


i have installed laravel 7 and Voyager ^2.5 When i used to upload an image in table it is throwing this error plss help Interventi...

Building a deck of cards

I'm able to display the cards box with one logo of suit (clubs) but rest is not visible. this is the site where it's explaining ho...

Voyager Pulling Data From API

Hello, I am building an Admin panel for a web platform and instead of pulling data from Database like how Voyager is working now,...

Using relationship in custom view

Hello, I'm a newbie with both Laravel and Voyager. I have created a custom controller overriding the VoyagerBaseController for my...

Custom controller for the frontend

I want to create a controller for the frontend views. The tutorial about that uses the web.php insteand, but I don'r like to put a...

Developing a new theme

Wave is an awesome project, thank you Tony for all the hard work and polish you have put into Wave and DevDojo. I've created a sim...

Change the formatting of the Laravel Voyager menu names.

Hello everyone ! I need help and I would like you to help me. I noticed that Laravel Voyager puts the names of the dashboard menus...

Multiple site in Laravel 1-Click

Hello there! I wanted to know if I can handle more than one website with DigitalOcean 1-Click Laravel Droplet via initializing scr...

Can't cancel my subscription

My subscription says I am on the "Pro Plan" however it only gives me the option to "Upgrade to pro". I have tr...

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Markdown Basics

DevDojo uses Markdown syntax for writing posts, commments, and other content throughout the site. Below you will find some commonly used markdown syntax. For a deeper dive in Markdown check out this Cheat Sheet

Bold & Italic

Italics *asterisks*

Bold **double asterisks**


Inline Code `backtick`

Code Block

Three back ticks and then enter your code blocks here.


# This is Heading 1
## This is Heading 2
### This is Heading 3
#### This is Heading 4
##### This is Heading 5

Here is an example of how each heading will looks

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4
Heading 5


> type a greater than sign and start typing your quote.


You can add links by typing the alt text inside of [] and the link inside of (), like so:



You can add images by selecting the image icon, which will upload and add an image to the editor, or you can manually add the image by adding an exclamation !, followed by the alt text inside of [], and the link inside of (), like so:

![alt text for image](

Embedding Codepens

You can also embed a codepen pen by writing the following:

{% codepen %}

You may also choose the default tabs you wish to show your pen by writing the default-tab like so: (default is result)

{% codepen default-tab=result,html %}

Embedding YouTube Videos

You can also embed a YouTube video by writing the following:

{% youtube VIDEO_ID_HERE %}

Embedding Katacoda Terminal

You can also embed a Katacoda Terminal by writing the following:

{% katacoda %}

You may also choose if the terminal should float at the bottom of the page or be embeded in the post itself by writing float like so:

{% katacoda float %}

Embedding Asciinema

You can also embed an Asciinema video by writing the following:

{% asciinema YOUR_VIDEO_ID %}

You may also choose if the video should be added as an alternate rel tag, so it could later on be played with the `asciinema play https://devdojo/post-name` command, with the rel argument like so:

{% asciinema YOUR_VIDEO_ID rel %}

That's about it. It's time to start crafting your story.