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Using relationship in custom view

Hello, I'm a newbie with both Laravel and Voyager. I have created a custom controller overriding the VoyagerBaseController for my...

Custom controller for the frontend

I want to create a controller for the frontend views. The tutorial about that uses the web.php insteand, but I don'r like to put a...

Developing a new theme

Wave is an awesome project, thank you Tony for all the hard work and polish you have put into Wave and DevDojo. I've created a sim...

Change the formatting of the Laravel Voyager menu names.

Hello everyone ! I need help and I would like you to help me. I noticed that Laravel Voyager puts the names of the dashboard menus...

Multiple site in Laravel 1-Click

Hello there! I wanted to know if I can handle more than one website with DigitalOcean 1-Click Laravel Droplet via initializing scr...

Can't cancel my subscription

My subscription says I am on the "Pro Plan" however it only gives me the option to "Upgrade to pro". I have tr...

Payment made but subscription remains free

Hello, I paid the monthly plan yesterday but my subscription is still free. Please check what happened or refund my money spent. T...

Wave Profile fields stdClass::getTranslatedAttribute()

Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹ When I try to add additional fields to the user profiles as described in video number 4 here:

Help Installing Wave!

Hi, guys, i'm having some issues installing wave, while i'm making de migrations, i'm having the next error message SQLSTATE[42000...

Need help installing on Ubuntu

Is there an install guide for Ubuntu? Having a hard time following the instructions in docs.

Laravel model::make() why?

I'm trying to understand practical differences (if any) between Model::make([attributes]) and new Model([attributes])

How to capitalize the first letter in Laravel Blade Views?

Hi artisans! I want to capitalize the first letter of some strings directly in my blade view. I know that I can do this in my cont...

Voyager Route keep coming back to homepage after login in Shared Hosting Installation

Hi Guys, I need help in this strange behavior... I somehow need to install laravel and voyager in my shared hosting site. My Share...

Docker container exits immediately after start without any errors

Hello, When I start a Docker container it exits immediately, and if I check the logs with: docker logs -f container_id There are...

Chatter on Wave 1.0.4

I tried to install Chatter on an existing wave installation version 1.0.4. The following errors occured. Installation failed, reve...

UIKIT custom icons

Hi, Looking at the UIKit docs we should add the custom svg icons to a custom folder and then re-compile the less file? The custom...

Questions on functionality in Wave

I have a few questions on the functionality in Wave. This is a partial list: Trying to upgrade my plan from http://localhost:800...

Request for Access to Wave private GitHub Repo

Is there a Wave GitHUb private repo that I could get access to? Also, how often are new releases of Wave? How can I make a feature...

Change email

Hello, I made a mistake on my email address:, the correct form is is it possible to change it?

Wave Update Process

Hi I am just about to update to the latest version to try and overcome the stripe issue already mentioned. I have been developing...

Hide Show User Menu Accroding to their Role

hi sir, please guide me how to hide and show menu according to user role and permissions in voyager?

Php script sidebar doesnโ€™t work

Hello DevDojo community, iโ€™m building an php script and iโ€™m busy with admin dashboard, but sidebar doesโ€™t work for phones like hid...

Unable to download any scripts

hi i have Pro account but Unable to download any scripts i using different browsers and logout and log in in and still Unable to d...

Role Permissions

Hi Guys, I am trying to differentiate the front end views based on the roles. I have a made a role however it shows as cancelled....

New life for my game

Hello everyone, and welcome to you on my first question! I'm actually the creator of a "Habbo" game (not the official on...

Wave 500 Stripe API error

Getting Error Could not connect to Stripe ( Please check your internet connection and try...

What to protect download link in Wave?

I am offering some software for subscribed users to download. What is the proper way to protect those files from being downloaded...

From Laravel Voyager to Wave?

Hi, Is it possible to upgrade from Voyager to Wave? thanks

Adding Voyager-Icons to new menu items

I have been trying to insert some icons for new menu items in the authenticated main menu. Existing icons like -home and -question...

Wave 1.0.2 Stripe Setup_intents ERROR

I followed the guide. Did the setup of the stripe API keys, webhooks, and all that however it seems when I go to do a subscribe st...

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