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Developer Posts and Tutorials

TechvBlogs · 15 hours ago

How to install and Secure Redis on Ubuntu 22.04

Redis is a data store that can store key-value data structures on memory and disk by optimizing the rapid creation of applications through the availability of very versatile data structures....

Jamie Swift · 17 hours ago

The best VS Code extensions to supercharge Git (yes, there’s more than GitLens!)

Yes, I know, we should all be terminal ninjas, memorizing every git command yadda yadda. Or, like the caveman, we could put two sticks together (or in this case, VS Code) and create fire (ak...

Zoltán Szőgyényi · 1 day ago

How to set up Ruby on Rails with Tailwind CSS and Flowbite

Disclaimer: this guide has been first published on the Flowbite integration docs for Tailwind CSS and Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is an open-source full-stack web application framework that...

Dev Dojo · 2 days ago

DevDojo Weekly - May 2022

It's been a great month of May. We have so many things going on here at the DevDojo 🍻 In this edition of DevDojo weekly we'll announce the winners from last week and we also have some news t...

Omar Moustafa · 3 days ago

What is Gatsby? Why even choose Gatsby?

Most developers are struggling to pay for hosting platforms such as Hostinger Heads up! Stay here! We have the best solution ever made! Introducing - Gatsby The best way to build, deploy &am...

Abhiraj Bhowmick · 4 days ago

How to use ChakraUI with NextJS?

Hello, my fellow readers! It's been a long time, am I right? Well, I apologise for not being able to create content for you, mainly due to my board examinations. It's never easy to design a...

Arpit Soni · 5 days ago

Amazing Python Mini-Projects

1. Get Laptop Battery Percentage using Python # python script showing battery details import psutil # function returning time in hh:mm:ss def convertTime(seconds): minutes, seconds =...

Madza · 5 days ago

16 Useful Background Generators for Your Website Designs 🎨😍

Have you ever struggled to create engaging visuals for products, branding, and interfaces? The designs you see on UI curation websites often require pro-design skills or many hours of practi...

Omar Moustafa · 1 week ago

Cloud platforms - Why choose AWS?

Hey there, wherever whom you are and where you are, welcome to this article. As you had stepped into here, you should be interested about what cloud platform to choose and why especially cho...

Mr. Ånand · 1 week ago

Some Useful GitHub Repositories To Enhance Your Web3 Skills

As the world is moving towards new technology, Web3 is the most trending of them. Developers are learning this new technology very fast, many companies are also shifting towards decentralize...

Tapas Adhikary · 1 week ago

Introducing ReactPlay - Learn, Create, Share ReactJS projects

If I tell you React(aka ReactJS) is one of the leading user interface technology(ok, library) in web development, would you believe it? Most of you will. For the rest of you, let me put forw...

Arnab Roy Chowdhury · 1 week ago

Best 9 JavaScript Testing Frameworks

We are progressing towards an era of automation. Every company, be a startup or a large-scale enterprise, they are all striving to incorporate automation testing in their release cycles as e...

Dev Dojo · 1 week ago

DevDojo Weekly - May 2022 - Week 3

Happy third week of May! Last week we had some awesome post submissions including posts on Vue Events, Creating a Hacker News Clone, Git Commits, Rainbow Kit, and more! Want a chance to win...

Carlo Morrone · 1 week ago

Hidden gems - 5 JetBrains plugins to boost your productivity! 💎

If you’re anything like me, you surely like to keep up with the newest technologies on the market. I constantly try to look for ways to upgrade my IDE with cool plugins that can help me and...

Adam Ravid · 1 week ago


Introduction Ever since I posted the 5 new services developers NEED TO KNOW!, many people have gave me support and liked it. So, I think doing more will help more and more people! Let's star...

Anish De · 1 week ago

Make a beautiful Connect Wallet Button with RainbowKit and React

Authentication in Web3 is extremely easy but supporting all the wallets and making a nice UI can be painful and time-consuming. Thankfully, there are many libraries which makes this extremel...

Omar Moustafa · 1 week ago

Introducing Supabase: The new open-source Firebase alternative

Supabase? The open-source Firebase alternative?! This is an Extra Ordinary Claim because it requires Extra Ordinary Evidence "Supabase VS Firebase" Supabase VS Firebase 1. Features...

Ayodele Samuel Adebayo · 1 week ago

Top 3 Best Code Editors in 2022 for Developers

There are several code editors out there for developing software programs or coding web applications. Let's look at the top 3 best code editors and why the last on the list is the best among...

Omar Moustafa · 1 week ago

How is it easy to use an "API"?

Wondering all the time on how to use APIs? Do you find it challenging all time? Stay right there! We will be explaining: What is an API? API useful cases Ahem, without further ado, let...

Eftykhar Rahman · 1 week ago

Core Fundamentals of JavaScript

JavaScript is the most hated programming language in the world. Do you know what’s the most loved language in the world? It’s JavaScript. And do you know what’s the most popular programming...

Karthikeyan · 1 week ago

How to sign your Github Commits ?

In this blog , we are going to see how we can sign your Github commits and get the verified sign when you commit your code. Before jumping on to the how part of this blog. Let’s quickly see...

Bobby Iliev · 1 week ago

Using Deno and Materialize to send notifications in real-time

Introduction This is a self-contained example of a real-time notification app with Deno, Materialize and Discord. Deno is a simple and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses...

Zoltán Szőgyényi · 1 week ago

How to build a Tailwind CSS Select Dropdown component with Flowbite

Tailwind CSS and Flowbite has been one of my favourite front-end stacks to work with when building a website mostly because of the speed of development, performance, and the fact that I neve...

Yonkeu Steve · 1 week ago

Unverified, Partially and Verified Commits

Introduction GitHub is a pretty awesome platform for sharing code. One of the best VCS(Version control Systems) in the world. Being a distributed version control system, it enables you to s...

Adam Ravid · 1 week ago

5 new services developers NEED TO KNOW!

Introduction There are many services for developers that launch every week. Some are really impressive. I am showing you some of them and giving details about them. Let's go! List Motion De...

Karthikeyan · 1 week ago

Javascript shorts : null and undefined

Hello everyone, In this blog we will be seeing about the javascript’s two famous primitives null and undefined. What is null ? primitive value that represents the intentional absence of any...

Michael Coombs · 2 weeks ago

Creating a Local Ethereum Network

So day one is here and it's time to start preparing to be a blockchain developer. This means starting with creating a local Ethereum network. The reason we do this is because it allows us to...

Karthikeyan · 2 weeks ago

How to build a Hacker news clone using Remix, Tailwind css ?

Hello everyone, In this tutorial we will be seeing how to build a simple Hacker news clone using Remix and Tailwind css. Remix is a full stack react framework which renders the data on the s...

Johnny · 2 weeks ago

A Guide to Events in Vue

As with any framework, Vue lets us add reactivity to our applications and websites through events. The great thing about Vue events is they mimic vanilla Javascript, so all the events you're...

Johnny · 2 weeks ago

How to give Props Default Values in Vue

When we use components in Vue, we often use properties or props to pass custom pieces of data down to the child component. For example, we can tell our child component that for this version...

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