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Developer Posts and Tutorials

Zoltán Szőgyényi · 7 hours ago

How to build a toast (notification) component with Tailwind CSS and Flowbite

Tailwind CSS is one of the most popular open-source CSS frameworks based on the utility-first approach and it is estimated that this year it will reach more weekly downloads on NPM than Boot...

Basharath · 11 hours ago

Why I created this tool to copy text & sentences in a click from any site?

We often copy text or code snippets or any other kind of resources quite commonly while browsing the web. Copying sometimes got to be tedious work in certain situations. Using keyboard short...

Suresh Ramani · 1 day ago

Applying Inline Styles with React.js

Introduction Cascading Style Sheets, commonly known as CSS, is a major building block of web development. With CSS, we can define the presentation of a document, the set of rules that contro...

Usman · 1 day ago

😎 How to convert a normal React form to use react-hook-form?

Hey everyone! Nice to see you all around again! Today you'll find out how easy it is to use the react-hook-form library for forms instead of the normal method of forms in React. So, the fir...

Usman · 1 day ago

😱 Make a Random Meme API With Node.js and Puppeteer

👋 Hello there Today's article is all about how you can make a Random Meme API using Node.js and web scraping. We'll be using Fastify for our API and we'll be using Puppeteer to scrape the we...

Usman · 1 day ago

🎨 How to create Twitter Profile Hover Card using HTML and CSS

Welcome back developers! 👋 In this post, we'll see how you can recreate the hover card by Twitter using HTML and CSS, so let's get started. This hover card will appear when you hover over an...

Usman · 1 day ago

🗨️ Build a WhatsApp API using Node & Express

Today, you will be able to build a WhatsApp REST API using Node.js and Express using Puppeteer and web scraping. Although we won't be doing any web scraping, we will use a library that does...

Abhiraj Bhowmick · 1 day ago

How to change the cursor of a website?

You can add a cursor to the entire page or you can change the cursor when hover a particular element easily by setting cursor property. Set the cursor to the body tag if you need to show it...

Rahul · 2 days ago

320+ free resources for learning fullstack, frontend and backend

You only need this post to become a Developer because this post has nearly unlimited amount of every type of resources covering everything you will need. Blog your Journey DevDojo - DevD...

Ketone Maniac · 2 days ago

What is that Error Object from Spring Boot REST API?

For those working with Spring Boot REST API, there should be already countless occasions that you have encountered errors like this: { "timestamp": "2022-01-19T14:36:29.443+...

Nicklas Gellner · 2 days ago

Get started: A guide to get started with our open-source Shopify alternative

There are many popular ecommerce platforms that come to developers’ minds first, and one of these is Shopify. Shopify established itself as one of the go-to platforms to create an ecommerce...

Tony Lea · 2 days ago

Introduction to Javascript Proxy

What is a Javascript Proxy? Glad you asked because in this quick tutorial I'm going to teach you what they are and how to use them. But first, a quick definition. A Javascript Proxy is simpl...

Sachin Chaurasiya · 2 days ago

Create Custom User Model In Django

In this post, we will see how we can define our own User Model and use it. and also what are the changes we have to make while registering Custom User Model. Django Built-in User Model is Go...

Mr. Ånand · 3 days ago

15 Recommended Books For Computer Science Students

We are in the modern world where the digitization of education is already going on. Now lots of blogs, articles are there on the internet to learn from. But Book has its own value, the autho...

Rahul · 3 days ago

13 Unique and Fun APIs + Project ideas

Being a developer is great - you can build almost anything you want! Sometimes, however, it's difficult to decide what to build next as there are so many different project ideas out there. T...

Abhiraj Bhowmick · 3 days ago

10 React Native UI libraries to spice up your apps

React Native lets you create native apps and doesn't compromise your UX. Here are 10 UI libraries to help you save time on designing while working with React Native. 1️⃣ MagnusUI Magnus UI i...

Tapas Adhikary · 3 days ago

JavaScript object destructuring usages you must know

Introduction We use JavaScript objects to store data and retrieve it later. We store data(aka information) in key-value pairs. The key-value pair is also known as the object properties. Here...

Dev Dojo · 3 days ago

DevDojo Weekly - January 2022

Howdy developer friends. I hope you all are having a fantastic week. With the start of a new week means that it's time for another edition of DevDojo Weekly where we highlight posts from las...

Damian Demasi · 3 days ago

HTML Study Progress Tracker Notion Template

Continuing with the topic of helping new web development enthusiasts to track their progress, I would like to share a new Notion template with you. You can use it by itself, or include it on...

Bobby Iliev · 3 days ago

How to connect Laravel to Materialize and build a live dashboard?

Introduction Materialize is a streaming database that takes data coming from different sources like Kafka, PostgreSQL, S3 buckets, and more and allows users to write views that aggregate/mat...

Suresh Ramani · 4 days ago

How to manage and use Nginx Virtual host in Ubuntu

Nginx is a web server that is gaining too much popularity recently. It is because Nginx is very lightweight and we can use it for multiple purposes. For example, We can use Nginx as a web se...

Avneesh Agarwal · 4 days ago

Add google analytics to your Next.js app ✨

Wassup everyone, let's see how to add google analytics to your Next.js site. Google Analytics will help you to see the performance of each page, how well the site is doing in countries, diff...

Basharath · 5 days ago

Style each list item using simple CSS

Lists are the form of data representation commonly used by all types of documents. In HTML there are two types of lists namely ordered and unordered lists.  In an ordered list, the items are...

Zoltán Szőgyényi · 5 days ago

How to build a Tailwind CSS timeline component with Flowbite

I've been using Tailwind CSS to build websites and the power of the utility classes coupled with the components from Flowbite makes it so much more easier and fun! I've started a tutorial se...

Sachin Chaurasiya · 6 days ago

Build Your First CLI Application With Typer

Howdy everyone, In this article, we will be building a CLI application with Typer and Python. we will build a to-do application with CRUD(Create Read Update Delete) functionality. Before bui...

Abhiraj Bhowmick · 6 days ago

Command Prompt tricks you did not know

Change colors You can change color using the following command in cmd. color <color-code> The following command will give you a list of all the colors you can use in cmd: help color...

Bobby Iliev · 1 week ago

How to create a simple event streaming in Laravel?

Introduction Event streams provide you with a way to send events to the client without having to reload the page. This is useful for things like updating the user interface in real-time chan...

Abhiraj Bhowmick · 1 week ago

The Ultimate Roadmap for Mobile Development in 2022

Without Android apps, we couldn't envision our lifestyles. The number of mobile phone users has increased dramatically in the last two years and continues to rise. The demand for Android dev...

Sachin Chaurasiya · 1 week ago

How to Setup MongoDB Atlas?

MongoDB is a NoSQL database and we can use MongoDB with different programming languages. MongoDB can be used locally or on Cloud. so in this article will discuss how to set up MongoDB on the...

Ritvik Codes · 1 week ago

Which Game Engine Should I Choose?

Best For Beginners Unity Uses C# Which Is Tottaly Great For Beginners. But Unreal Uses C++ Which Is Harder Than Any Other Language and I Don't Recommend It. Graphics Unity Has Good Enough G...

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