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I'm currently a Web Developer building cool stuff with Astro, SvelteKit, Nextjs and Laravel. I post articles/videos here on Devdojo and code on GitHub.

jeblister · 1 week ago

How to setup an Authentication & User Management on SvelteKit using pocketbase

Here's a step-by-step guide for building an authentication and user management system using SvelteKit 1.0 and Tailwind CSS 3.0 with Pocketbase as the backend: 1. Create a new SvelteKit proje...

jeblister · 2 weeks ago

How to use standard-version to automate versioning and changelog generation for GitHub projects

Standard-version is a tool that automates versioning and changelog generation based on conventional commits. It is a replacement for npm version with some additional features, such as custom...

jeblister · 3 weeks ago

Exploring Data Fetching in SvelteKit's latest version

In this article, we'll examine how to fetch data in SvelteKit's latest version, including methods to fix any issues caused by the breaking changes. We'll discuss the fundamentals to help you...

jeblister · 1 month ago

As a software developer, which tools did you find to be a waste of time and which are essential?

Software development is a constantly changing field, and with each new tool and technology, developers must decide which tools are necessary for their projects, and which are a waste of time...

jeblister · 1 year ago

Building a Podcast Site With Next.js, MDX and Contentlayer

If you’re looking to build a website using Nextjs and MDX files you’ve come to the right place. In this guide you’ll mainly be focusing on the sourcing of data and learning how Contentlayer...

jeblister · 1 year ago

Create a Custom Card Audio Player Component with Alpinejs and Tailwindcss

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a custom audio player using Tailwindcss and Alpine.js. I kept the backstory to 3 short paragraphs. I'll just assume you want to do this since...

jeblister · 1 year ago

How to develop and test Laravel package in isolation?

In this post, I go over how to create a php package/library project with Composer and test it on Laravel. This would be a great addition to any Laravel workflow. Initialize your package In...

jeblister · 1 year ago

How to build a Searching Macro in Laravel

What is a Macro in Laravel ? Macro is a powerful feature of the Laravel framework. Laravel Macros allow you to add custom functionality to internal Laravel components. Macros can be defined...

jeblister · 1 year ago

A 2021 guide about structuring your Blade components

There are a few recommended ways to organize your layouts, templates, and partials in Laravel. But after many iterations, I ended up with this directory tree. views/ ├── Layouts │ ├── app....

jeblister · 1 year ago

How to use CSS Variables for your Themes with TailwindCSS

In this article, we will create a custom utility classes for your Theme colors using CSS variables and Tailwindcss. 1. Define your variables // On your main css file :root { --primary: them...

jeblister · 1 year ago

Email verification using Jetstream and mailtrap

Laravel Jetstream includes login, registration, email verification... When a new user clicks on the Sign up button of an app, he or she usually gets a confirmation email with an activation l...

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