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I'm currently a Web Developer building cool stuff with Hugo, Vuejs, React and Laravel. I post articles/videos here on Devdojo and code on GitHub.

How to build a Searching Macro in Laravel

What is a Macro in Laravel ? MacroΒ is a powerful feature of the Laravel framework. Laravel Macros allow you to add custom functionality to internal Laravel components. Macros can be defined...


1 week ago

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A 2021 guide about structuring your Blade components

There are a few recommended ways to organize your layouts, templates, and partials in Laravel. But after many iterations, I ended up with this directory tree. views/ β”œβ”€β”€ Layouts β”‚ β”œβ”€β”€ app....


3 weeks ago

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How to use CSS Variables for your Themes with TailwindCSS

In this article, we will create a custom utility classes for your Theme colors using CSS variables and Tailwindcss. 1. Define your variables // On your main css file :root { --primary: them...


4 weeks ago

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Email verification using Jetstream and mailtrap

Laravel Jetstream includes login, registration, email verification... When a new user clicks on the Sign up button of an app, he or she usually gets a confirmation email with an activation l...


1 month ago

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