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Developer Posts and Tutorials

krishan kumar · 5 hours ago

Program for Fibonacci Numbers

What is the Fibonacci series? The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence where the next term is the sum of the previous two terms. The first two terms of the Fibonacci sequence are 0 followed by 1...

KBA Marketing Agency · 6 hours ago


We are Interior Fit-out company in Dubai UAE restaurant fit out services uae. We provide high quality interior fit out service at affordable price. We have experience team of professionals w...

KBA Marketing Agency · 7 hours ago

Internet Marketing Agency in Dubai UAE

Looking internet marketing agency in Dubai? An Internet marketing agency will help to grow your business online. If you are also one of those who are looking for marketing services then visi...

bradklopp25 · 8 hours ago

Top Pricing Strategies to Optimize Revenue for Your SaaS Startup

Pricing strategies include methods used to determine the best prices for products or services. It helps you set prices so that you maximize profits and shareholder value by taking into accou...

uk0052004 · 12 hours ago

CCTV Camera Installation In Greater-Noida

Camsenseindia Is The Best CCTV Camera Installation In Greater Noida. The company is a leader in the CCTV industry and carries different brands like CP Plus HikVision etc. CP Plus is consider...

Annie Won · 16 hours ago

Javascript Review

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" /> Setting the viewport to make your website look good on all devices: onkeypress="funct...

TechvBlogs · 17 hours ago

How to Use Props in Vue.js

Vue.js is quite amazing with its application and component structure. It also offers some amazing capabilities. In this article, we are going to look at how we can use and implement props in...

collegewap · 1 day ago

Why useEffect is running twice in React

If you have created a new project recently using Create React App or upgraded to React version 18, you will see that the useEffect hook gets executed twice in development mode. If you are ne...

Dev Dojo · 1 day ago

DevDojo Weekly - August 2022

It's the second week of August and time for another edition of DevDojo Weekly. In this edition I have posts on Custom Validation Rules in Laravel, CSS/JS Animations, Console.log Alternatives...

Nevo David · 1 day ago

How to build a real-time Auction System with and React.js 🤯

What is this article about? Like an actual auction, if you bid for a product, you get counterbids from other bidders. The auction runs on the "fast" decision bid, where somebody el...

Bobby Iliev · 1 day ago

How to find the version of an installed npm package?

Introduction npm is a package manager for Node.js. It is used to install and manage packages for your JavaScript projects. npm is open source and was initially released in 2009. The npm repo...

Yonkeu Steve · 1 day ago

Google the tech giant is down

Google has recently apologized for the shutdown of a great number of its platforms some hours ago before this article was written, a date corresponding to Tuesday 9 August 2022. After Face...

TechvBlogs · 2 days ago

How to Create Custom Validation Rules in Laravel 9

The biggest advantage of Laravel over other frameworks is the fact that it comes with a lot of built-in features. In this article, we are going to understand Laravel Custom Validation Rules....

4V · 3 days ago

Re-pouring the Javascript...

Enjoying the aroma I bought all three leading web development courses, and I'm glad I did. I knew that they would all have different teaching styles, and I can learn the same thing from mult...

Johnny · 3 days ago

An Introduction to Conditional Types in TypeScript

Conditional types in TypeScript give us the ability to define certain types based on logic, just like we do in other aspects of our code. They are a useful tool in defining types in TypeScri...

Johnny · 3 days ago

Everything you'll ever need to know about HTML Input Types

Pretty much every application we develop using HTML uses input somewhere, but there's a bunch of input types you might not know about. So let's take a look at everything you might not know a...

Johnny · 3 days ago

How to fix 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module'

In this quick guide we'll look at how you can solve the very common error, "Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module". This error arises when we try to us...

Johnny · 3 days ago

How to install nvm, the Node Version Manager

nvm stands for Node Version Management. If you don't have it installed already, in this quick guide we'll show you how to. nvm is used to manage the versions of Node.js installed on your com...

Souptik Debnath · 3 days ago

8 Free HTML and CSS Templates 👀

Interested in free HTML and CSS templates for your next project? Here are the best 8 amazing HTML and CSS templates you'll ever find! So, let's get started without further ado! 1. Cruip Bea...

Johnny · 4 days ago

A Complete Guide to How the CSS not Selector Works

In CSS, it's often necessary to sign post that we want to select an element, but not in specific circumstances - like if it has a certain class. In these instances, we can use the :not() sel...

Pixellion · 5 days ago

7 Questions with Chris Do By Pixellion

Chris Do is the CEO and Chief Strategist of Blind, as well as the Founder of The Futur. He is an Emmy Award-winning designer, strategist, and educator, where he oversees the creative and st...

Omar Moustafa · 6 days ago

How to setup authentication with Node.js CLI and Prisma

Hello there! Today we will be integrating user authentication with your Node.js CLI, we will also cover how to create one, and we will make an API to authenticate user details! Without wasti...

TechvBlogs · 6 days ago

How to Install Apache on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

What is Apache? Apache web server is developed by “Robert McCool.” This open-source web server is responsible for accepting HTTP requests from the users and providing the requested informat...

Rajanand Ilangovan · 1 week ago

How to find customers who never placed an order in SQL?

Write a SQL query to find the list of customers who never placed an order. There are two tables. customers orders Sample data: <span class="hljs-keyword">USE</span>...

Madza · 1 week ago

14 Coolest CSS and JS Animations to Enhance Your Web Designs 😍✨

The ultimate goal of modern web design is to capture users' attention. There are various techniques to improve your website's appeal. One of the most appealing methods is adding some cool-lo...

Posandu Mapa · 1 week ago

console.log alternatives you didn't know 😮

Now, think that you are writing some JS code and it doesn't work correctly. What's the first thing you do? You are console.logging it! So I'm going to tell you some alternatives for console....

Rajanand Ilangovan · 1 week ago

How to split a string into a list of values

I have created a function to split a string based on the delimiter value and return the result as a single column of values in a table. <span class="hljs-keyword">CREATE</...

Rajanand Ilangovan · 1 week ago

How to search for a list of words contains in a string column?

To search whether the list of words contains in a column, you can implement it using a series of conditions with LIKE and OR operators. But to search for additional word, you need to add ano...

Johnny · 1 week ago

Scheduling and Running Recurring Cron Jobs in Node.JS

It's a common requirement in programming to have to set something up to run at certain intervals. For example, you might want to process a database every 30 minutes, or you might want to sen...

TechvBlogs · 1 week ago

SPA Authentication using Laravel 9 Sanctum, Vue 3 and Vite

Laravel Sanctum provides a lightweight authentication system relying on Laravel's built-in cookie-based session authentication services. How Laravel Sanctum works Before we start blindly mas...

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