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Experienced Search Engine Optimization Executive, SEO, SMO, and all aspect of Internet Marketing. Strong marketing professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused on Business, Management, Marketing especially Digital Marketing, and Related Support Services.

Mayank Ranjan · 1 week ago

The Best Prometheus Monitoring Tools For 2022

Nowadays, many companies are setting up server traffic analyzer tools at their place. In a server-client model, it becomes tough to manage the data flow. Many apps are available to sync in,...

Mayank Ranjan · 2 weeks ago

New DevOps Tools to Watch in 2023

DevOps, a culture shift or practice that unites development and operations teams, is to turn the software development life cycle into a strategic asset for every business. It's critical to...

Mayank Ranjan · 3 weeks ago

Speed Up Your Startup Time Using AWS Lambda SnapStart

The time the user interacts with the application is limited. The longer the startup time, the lower the number of users. Most applications are built assuming they will be run on a PC or a l...

Mayank Ranjan · 1 month ago

A Comprehensive Guide to VPN Protocols and Which One is Right for You

You know, most businesses and enterprises access the VPN network. It maintains proper privacy and security and keeps the data encrypted from phishing attacks. A VPN connection involves the...

Mayank Ranjan · 1 month ago

Detailed Guide on Google 0auth Integration React App)

Google Auth python-based library to integrate the google authentication. It reduces the risk of hacking and requires credentials to log in. Google Oauth offers multiple added benefits to rea...

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