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For work: [email protected] Programming geek around here!

Omar Moustafa ยท 3 days ago

What is Gatsby? Why even choose Gatsby?

Most developers are struggling to pay for hosting platforms such as Hostinger Heads up! Stay here! We have the best solution ever made! Introducing - Gatsby The best way to build, deploy &am...

Omar Moustafa ยท 1 week ago

Cloud platforms - Why choose AWS?

Hey there, wherever whom you are and where you are, welcome to this article. As you had stepped into here, you should be interested about what cloud platform to choose and why especially cho...

Omar Moustafa ยท 1 week ago

Introducing Supabase: The new open-source Firebase alternative

Supabase? The open-source Firebase alternative?! This is an Extra Ordinary Claim because it requires Extra Ordinary Evidence "Supabase VS Firebase" Supabase VS Firebase 1. Features...

Omar Moustafa ยท 1 week ago

How is it easy to use an "API"?

Wondering all the time on how to use APIs? Do you find it challenging all time? Stay right there! We will be explaining: What is an API? API useful cases Ahem, without further ado, let...

Omar Moustafa ยท 1 week ago

Netflix Logo using Python Turtle

Starting a completely awesome series of creating logos using: Python Turtle We will be starting with Netflix because it is an exciting logo! Coding First, install turtle, use the command pip...

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