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Getting Started

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Create a new Laravel application

In this first video we'll be creating a new Laravel application for our blogging platform. We are going to be using the Laravel Installer to create a new laravel application. That means we can run the following command:

laravel new wordsmith

And now we'll have a new folder created at ./wordsmith with our new laravel application. So, now we can go into that directory to see our new app.

cd wordsmith

If you using Laravel Valet, you wil now be able to open up your browser and visit http://wordsmith.test to see your new Laravel app in action.

Tallstack Preset & Logo

In this first video we also added the tallstack preset to our laravel application. You can find the tallstack preset here:

We have also swapped out the default laravel logo for our own logo inside of the components/logo.blade.php file and we also updated the APP_NAME inside of our .env file of our application.

Running our Database Migrations

Lastly to finish up this video we created a database and ran our migrations with the following command: php artisan migrate. Before moving to the next video you may also want to create a new user on the registration page in order to be authenticated with the application in the future videos.