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Full Stack Developer, rugby player, party starter. I am good only at the last one.

Mattia Toselli ยท 1 week ago

Exporting data in Csv with Javascript

Do we always need the backend? In order to perform this simple task, we all know that the effort could be sometime not as light as it might look. As an example, exporting a csv in PHP is not...

Mattia Toselli ยท 2 weeks ago

The Repository Service Pattern in your Laravel application

Why the repository service pattern is a good idea As the definition says: "The repository is a layer between the domain and data layers of your application with an interface to perform...

Mattia Toselli ยท 3 weeks ago

The Vue Crash Course I've always wanted is here! Part 1: The Vue Practitioner

In this article we will cover the basics of Vue and then we will focus on getting more proficient using that Javascript framework, from the ground up, the way I would like it has been teache...

Mattia Toselli ยท 1 month ago

Encrypting environment variables in Laravel

Starting from Laravel 9 version, there's a cool feature everyone could find useful: encrypting your .env file. No more environment variables on your server, you can just commit your environm...

Mattia Toselli ยท 1 month ago

Optimizing Laravel Eloquent queries - Part 1

In this article we are going to see a bunch of tricks I've learned in Laravel to optimize queries in Laravel. We'll need a good knowledge of Eloquent (at least the basics) and obviously a pr...

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