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Tina Hammar ยท 1 day ago

Laravel "doesnt_start_with" rule

Did you know that Laravel has an undocumented validation rule? As opposed to "starts_with" there is a "doesnt_start_with". Just add the translation key to validation.php...

Tina Hammar ยท 2 months ago

Adding translations to Laravel Spark 3 "Plans"

After buying an unlimited license of Laravel Spark v3, I discovered that it loads the subscription plans from a config file, which means that you don't have access to Laravels translation ma...

Tina Hammar ยท 1 year ago

Generate random color gradient background

When users fail to adhere to your imaginary design guide you need to arm yourself to keep the look you aimed for when creating your website. In this article I'll share one of my favourite se...

Tina Hammar ยท 1 year ago

Mixing Image and Map coordinates

I use Leafletjs for both, map (OSM) and image based positioning. I also need to store both types of coordinates in the same database columns. This article is not about how to use Leafletjs,...

Tina Hammar ยท 1 year ago

Dabbling with JSON, Object and Array conversions

This article mostly mentions working with JSON data, but the helpers we will create, are also very useful when you want to convert between stdClass objects and Arrays. The syntax for handli...

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