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🤷‍♂️ Unsolved Questions · 1 week ago

AlpineJS error on settings/subscription

Hi Everyone, I keep getting the following error on the settings/subscription page alpine.js:1834 Uncaught ReferenceError: $store is not defined Any ideas how to resolve this error? Thank You...

· 1 week ago

any one use gmail smtp?

Unable to connect with STARTTLS: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): Peer certificate' did not match expected' it give me this error

edward · 3 weeks ago

Recommendation for svg creation

For the logos section on tails, what is your recommendation for a tool to create the svg to conform to the design?

Bilal Haidar · 3 weeks ago

How to use wave?

Hey! I am new here. How to make use of Wave? Thanks Bill

webmaster · 4 weeks ago

Upgrade to pro

Hi, I paid my subscription to pro using the paddle platform, but my account hasn't upgraded, could you please check on that? Also... is this the correct channel to see this? haven't found a...

Ami Amigo · 4 weeks ago

Bug? ...Sending a Message

It seems the window to send someone a message is kinda hidden. Is this a known bug?

Jacky · 1 month ago

Paddle subscription not working sometimes

Hi, I have clients that are facing problems, it's when they try to subscribe, it work good on paddle side, they receive an invoice. But in voyager nothing happens, it's like the callback is...

Mettyu · 1 month ago

Laravel does not load images

Hi I do have some issue with laravel, it does not load images and other assets like JS and css

Mettyu · 1 month ago

Cant install geekshop script

Hi. I would like to install the geekshop script but when I go to the folder and install composer I am getting this error: require.voyager-themes is invalid, it should have a vendor name, a f...

Ebenezer Kwame Yankey · 1 month ago

multiple subscription

Hello Can I have users subscribed to multiple plans or services and if yes how do I go about that?

Frederic Leclerc · 1 month ago

Can't run Wave locally on WSL

Hi all, I would really like to purchase and use Wave, but I can't get it to run locally. Plus I have many questions on the commands used in the documentation. Sometimes I get errors, sometim...

Clarke · 1 month ago

Hey all. Is it possible to blend these in wave?

Cassio Lacerda · 1 month ago

Using paddle on live mode

Hello, I want to enable payment on my wave system, it works in sandbox mode, but now I'm trying in live mode and the error below happens: The error: {"errors":[{"status"...

mikemastercorp · 1 month ago

How can I get the values of a BRED in another Controller

Hello again, guys. Sorry if I bombard you with lots of questions, however I got stuck and I would really appreciate some hints on this one. So long story short, for my calendar events projec...

Kento · 1 month ago

Laravel installation error

I try to install a laravel project but im getting an error try to contact the the developers from the project the say i need to run composer dump. but im getting an error / anyone any idea...

samuelolasoji · 1 month ago

Where to buy SaaS App builder source code.

Hello, where can source code for SaaS app builder be gotten from be it white label or other available forms?

Aniket Singh · 2 months ago

Adding Images in markdownx

Hi, I recently started using markdownx and it is working completely fine on safari and google chrome. but the image uploader doesn't work on mozilla firfox. Even the devdojo markdownx is una...

Roger Yelvington · 2 months ago

Wave Private Repo

Hi Guys, I've upgraded to pro, and am trying to access the private Wave repo on github, but not having any luck. I click on the "Gain Access to Private Repo" and see the popup (s...

Lamar Van Dusen · 2 months ago

What is Laravel framework

Hi, What is Laravel framework? What is your review of Laravel?

keyur · 2 months ago

How to make a dropdown responsive toggle menu using Tailwind CSS?

I see a lot of templates for navigation in Tails but there isn't any that includes a dropdown menu.

pagehandler2020 · 2 months ago

how to make coursel slide only using only tailwind and alpine js

tailwind css alpine js

Kento · 2 months ago

NPM error

Hey guys kinda new in this development stuff but try to do install tailwindcss on my vscode but i got some problems any advise:

Jacky · 2 months ago

How to make a subscribe button directly ?

Hi i have a free trial. But i’d like to make a buton that people would register by paying directly. How can i do that ? Thanks

· 3 months ago

Progressive Web App

Hi, I have an use case where my primary application needs to be a progressive web app. Is it possible to make wave app as a progressive web app? Or, should I be building a separate web app t...

Oscar Lito M Pablo · 3 months ago

Importing/Using TailwindUI Components

Hello, Can I import and use the commercial/paid TailwindUI Components into Tails? If so, how, what problems/issues should I watch out for and how to resolve them?

Cassio Lacerda · 3 months ago

System language change

Hello, I would like to know how do I change the entire language of Wave using these ready-made language packs in code? Can anyone teach me how to use them?

Suraj Sarate · 3 months ago

please help

devjojo, i wanna make my project like this,using which technology I can this website or any lectures then I can learn to build like this please reply

Jacky · 3 months ago

I’m looking for a way to enable share custom text to social media

Hi, I have a website where people can edit their custom copy and i want to add a way to share it on social media, most of plugin allow to share a webpage, not only text, is there a plugin or...

Jacky · 4 months ago

Using custom tailwind color in background

Hi, I'm using one of the tail app component, but i want to change the background color to use from-orange-600 via-amber-500 to-red-400 but when i'm running npm run production, it's not compi...

· 4 months ago

Does DevDojo Multitanancy

Hello, We have our Enterprise Application. Please suggest us the way that how we can integrate our existing enterprise application in devdojo so that it will support multitanancy ?

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