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🤷‍♂️ Unsolved Questions

Daniel Vazquez · 2 days ago

Why Cant I get Anything To Work

Hey ya'll Im considering removing my subscription. Ive had it for a year, attempted to launch a website using Wave and a couple other products that require terminal stuff and I just cant get...

mikemastercorp · 3 days ago

Password complexity and X-previous passwords check

Hello guys. I was looking through the documentation and any manuals I can find about the password complexity requirement and if there is some functionality about X-previous passwords? For ex...

Keith Prinkey · 4 days ago

The Dev Blog

I just have a quick question about the dev blog. Is it open source? If so, where can I find the source code? I want to create a subdomain on our world esports blogging application for the te...

mikemastercorp · 1 week ago

Create a page from WAVE Admin and allow access for non-admins

Hello all. I am back to continuing my work on WAVE SAAS and now that I did, I am in a need to create a simple Terms & Conditions page from the admin, but to allow access to non-registere...

Chris De David · 1 week ago

Where are the other User fields in the Edit form?

Hello, I think there's a bug with User > Edit There are fields marked allowed to Edit int the BREAD that are not appearing. For example: email_verified_at and verified ... I should be abl...

Chris De David · 1 week ago

Is user roles working? Role name appears in one place, but not the other

Howdy. Is User Role working? Role name appears in one place, but not the other Role has been assigned in User > Edit Issue: Not showing up in other places. Expect: to see the Role in the...

Keith Prinkey · 2 weeks ago

Favicon issues

Hey DevDojo admin team, How are y'all? It has been a while since I posted here. I have my altered wave application on production at this point. I posted the link below if anyone is intereste...

Daniel · 2 weeks ago

Locked out of Pro subscription, even with 2+ weeks left

I cancelled my subscription, as I really don't want to have a recurring bill, I am/was willing to pay on an as needed basis. However, I just noticed I can't access Pro content (PinesUI code)...

Patrick · 2 weeks ago

Login Bug | Laravel/Wave

Does anyone else also experience a login error when they log out of their Laravel/Wave website on Chrome an Android mobile phone and try to log back in with another account? Especially if au...

alex · 3 weeks ago

Question about Wave auth / 2fa / securing admin account

Originally I was going to put 2fa on my admin account only, but at least for now that's more than I need. But in my research for that I realized that I could not quite figure out if the Wave...

Ookma-Kyi · 1 month ago

Associate Voyager with existing Laravel Authentication

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to associate the user accounts from the Laravel Breeze middleware with the Voyager user system.

Hristijan Manasijev · 1 month ago

Any plans to update the SaaSAdventure course?

Hey there, I found about the SaaSAdventure course a while ago, and then recently you re-appeared on my twitter deadline so I decided to support you and check the course. Yesterday I bought a...

Joey de Vries · 1 month ago

PinesUI - Blade version

Hi! I just looked at the PinesUI and looks like the UI I was looking for in terms of style. Sadly I do not like to copy/paste the tailwind way of doing things cause it clutters my HTML (what...

Carlos Salazar · 1 month ago

Install Pusher

How to properly install pusher?

Keith Prinkey · 2 months ago

Cannot delete questions

So I was trying to clean up the my questions section but the system keeps giving me an error when trying to delete the questions. I've deleted my cookies and cache and tried again. I've sign...

Daniel Kelley · 2 months ago

Accidentally Downgraded

Hey, I accidentially downgraded and lost my subscription. Can you please reactivate it? I only paid yesterday. DK

alex · 2 months ago

Final Lemon Squeezy integration steps

So I got everything working well enough, I just have a few things to do to make it a seamless switch from Paddle so everything works more or less the same. I am just stuck on couple of thing...

Sean Ottey · 2 months ago

Fresh install Issue

I have installed wave a number of times, all successfully. I got a new MacBook annnd.... Used brew to install Apache and MySql followed the installation instructions for Wave to the T. In f...

Carlos Salazar · 2 months ago

Why this is not working?


Carlos Salazar · 2 months ago

Upgrade AlpineJS3

Can I upgrade to AlpineJS version 3? When I try to cdn alpinejs version 3. it shows me this error.

alex · 2 months ago

Stripe integration for v3 / other Paddle alternatives

Hi! I have given up integrating the Lemonsqueezy payment processor/merchant of record, as it was going to be far too complicated for me to be able to handle. If anyone sees this and feels li...

Luthfi · 2 months ago

Onward Ticket Sytem | Reservation/Booking Ticket

hi, Developers did anyone ever develop an onward flight ticket system ? or flight reservation/booking for visa purpose ?? can you suggest me the API/Service for reservation/booking ?? Thank...

orhan · 2 months ago

Alpine & Pines with Tails?

How can I use Alpine & Pines with Tails? Like, I would like to see the Pines components inside Tails builder visually, so I can just drag & drop them?

Mike Young · 2 months ago

Does Devdojo have an API

Can I post my article here via an API, is this possible? Thanks!

alex · 2 months ago Paddle but better. Gonna try it and could use any tips

So from what I can tell, seems to be the same thing Paddle does but much less of a pain in the ass to set up and get approved for. I am going to start the undertaki...

solutions · 3 months ago

Best Practices for typography - tailswind page builder

When adding the designs , they come with different font styles etc Whats the best way to make changes to make web page consistent typography

freeadsy · 3 months ago

how i can make a saas like webflow

i try to a saas have a templates page builder can any one help to share decomntaion or tutorial to learn how i can make it

Supernova3339 · 3 months ago

Animation Question

Hi! I've been looking at this post a lot. It's got a cool animation for the unsplash-bg for the trees and I'm wondering how that was accomplished. Assuming GSAP but not 100% sure! Any help i...

Dave Armstrong · 3 months ago

Best hosting for larger Laravel apps

Hi all, It's probably been asked a load of times, but what's the best hosting solution for larger apps? Over the past 2 years, I deployed over 40 sites to a shared server and to be fair, I'v...

Trav Longmore · 3 months ago

Laravel Valet staging environment issue

I've got my wave laravel application live and working nicely on DigitalOcean but when I try and do some work on my local environment I get: Disk [digitalocean] does not have a configured dri...

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