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Carlos Olivas · 3 days ago

Upgrade to Laravel 10

Hello, I'm planning to upgrade my app to Laravel 10 from v9.11. Is there any special guide I need to follow in order to upgrade Wave other than Laravel's own upgrade guide? Thanks! Carlos

Dominik Zyla · 1 week ago

Docs Down? Wave Billing Errors

Hi, is the down ? and i have a problem with Billing the user becuse the api from paddle changed, any suggestion to fix that ?

Keith Prinkey · 2 weeks ago

Requirements to download products

Hey guys, I was just reading the markdownx docs as I am using it in one of my projects and noticed that you only have to be a member 1 month to download it? I thought that number would be li...

ExcelB · 3 weeks ago

Wave connect to Paddle products failed

Hello, I am trying to connect Wave to Paddle products. In the Paddle menu, I didn't find the subscription plan under catalog. I only found Products with recurring options. (I think it is the...

brettsmith31986 · 1 month ago

Latest Trends in Automation Testing

Hello folks I want to know what the latest Automation testing trends are for 2024

Keegen Knapp · 1 month ago

Paddle Billing/ Wave -> Account Creation

After 8-9 months of building I'm finally ready to launch except for now I'm testing the billing and after someone submits a payment they are directed to create an account...

Supernova3339 · 1 month ago

AI Designer - Bug

When updating code for a design on AI designer, the code is cleared on save. However, the code is still saved, just the element isn't updated. clicking the code button twice ( show/hide ) fi...

Bleekk · 2 months ago

Wave - overview

Hi, I am new to laravel and I am trying to get an overview of the possible frontend solutions. As far I understand there are 3 approaches to the frontend: Blade JS (livewire, insertia) REST...

Keith Prinkey · 2 months ago

Product changes and support

Hey, I noticed the products are changing and this site has had quite a few things removed so what exactly are we paying $15/mo for at this point? I tried installing GeekShop and it wouldn't...

mikemastercorp · 2 months ago

Wave with Stripe integration

Hello Dear DevDojo team. I am really surprised that after so much time, we are not having yet the choice to switch between Paddle and Stripe. It is not a secret for many that Paddle tech sup...

hi030626 · 2 months ago

How to decrease font size

I want to decrease all test like this. html { /* apply a natural box layout model to all elements */ box-sizing: border-box; background-color: $background-color; font-size: 14px; @include br...

Keith Prinkey · 2 months ago

Laravel User Login Event and API call triggered

Hey Bobby (if Bobby answers), I need some quick help with my project. The project uses Laravel JetStream. I am using the default authentication flow that comes with JetStream. I did make a C...

Supernova3339 · 2 months ago

What commandbar is used in devdojo?

Hi, I noticed that devdojo has a commandbar used with searching. What packages are used with this/sample implementation? Thanks!

NickTan · 2 months ago

Genesis Admin?

Hi there! Will there be a possibility of Genesis will be having admin features like roles managements, page management etc like Voyager in coming future release?

github · 2 months ago

Cancel and Redund of Pro

Hello, I would like to request a refund and cancel of my membership.

mf_4ever2088 · 3 months ago

Oops, something went wrong

Sorry if this is not my correct place... I have been encountering issues on the platform for the past few days. Unfortunately, I am unable to update my profile picture, add a cover photo, o...

leonbird · 3 months ago

Need a developer to build a Wave saas website for me

Can anyone help build a saas website base on Wave for me? My budget is USD100 or so and can be negotiated. The main requirements: Better to use TALL stack/theme Support Paypal, Stripe Add...

Ookma-Kyi · 3 months ago

Black Friday Sale

Are you going to have a Black Friday Sale for Pro Subscriptions? I know it's possible to get a lifetime account for $160 but, am still on the fence. I think a Black Friday Sale would being s...

Richard · 3 months ago

New upcoming elements?

Hello! Thank you for providing Pines! Amazing and easy to use. Thanks a lot. My question if there any plans to add new components any soon? I know you cannot sodisfy every one's taste but we...

· 3 months ago

I want to build my own Drag & drop page builder

I want to build my own drag & drop page builder. Since there are php scripts that are already available should I just use one to modify instead of starting from scratch?

Graham · 3 months ago

How to set up Pusher with Wave

Hello, I'm trying to set up Pusher for real time events using Wave, but running into configuration issues. As part of the process, I am adding laravel-echo. I've run the npm install command...

FyrStrike · 4 months ago

GeekShop Frontend implementation

Greetings, I’ve almost finished working on a new front end (customer facing) redesigned look for GeekShop. And I’m looking for a developer who can help with the implementation. No need to do...

Jannis Conen · 4 months ago

🚀 "Turn Presentations into Videos in Minutes! Seeking first testers for my very first SaaS Tool + Free Version!" 🎥

Hey there, I am looking for someone who might be willing to test the first version of my very first SaaS and provide some feedback :) 🌟 Features: Easy Conversion: Simpl...

Chris De David · 4 months ago

Undo feature in tails/app?

Is there an undo feature in the tails/app? For someone who is new to this app, it's very easy to make a mistake. I just noticed there is a "History" and I can restore. Though Ctrl+...

meshareyou · 4 months ago

Does anyone want to own a multi-tenant WordPress SaaS?

Does anyone want to own a multi-tenant WordPress SaaS? I have it but am struggling to find capital to marketing it. so I decided to sell it . Demo here

Daniel Vazquez · 5 months ago

Why Cant I get Anything To Work

Hey ya'll Im considering removing my subscription. Ive had it for a year, attempted to launch a website using Wave and a couple other products that require terminal stuff and I just cant get...

mikemastercorp · 5 months ago

Password complexity and X-previous passwords check

Hello guys. I was looking through the documentation and any manuals I can find about the password complexity requirement and if there is some functionality about X-previous passwords? For ex...

mikemastercorp · 5 months ago

Create a page from WAVE Admin and allow access for non-admins

Hello all. I am back to continuing my work on WAVE SAAS and now that I did, I am in a need to create a simple Terms & Conditions page from the admin, but to allow access to non-registere...

Chris De David · 5 months ago

Where are the other User fields in the Edit form?

Hello, I think there's a bug with User > Edit There are fields marked allowed to Edit int the BREAD that are not appearing. For example: email_verified_at and verified ... I should be abl...

Chris De David · 5 months ago

Is user roles working? Role name appears in one place, but not the other

Howdy. Is User Role working? Role name appears in one place, but not the other Role has been assigned in User > Edit Issue: Not showing up in other places. Expect: to see the Role in the...

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