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ยท 1 year ago

Contract Work for Web App + WooCommerce

Looking for someone I can contract on a web app build using Wave and integrating WooCommerce APIs. Any takers?

LittleBuddha ยท 1 year ago

Looking for a Wave developer

Hi all, first time poster here. I am a Software Architect and I have designed a simple SaaS app that I want developed. My background is primarily Server Side, Microservices and Java etc. Aft...

Marvix Maxino ยท 3 years ago

Can I use passport for web auth?

Hello, I would like to know if I can use Laravel passport for web authentication. The idea is to use JWT to minimize the DB queries. So, is that possible and how? Thanks,

Scott Allen ยท 3 years ago

Overtime calculator

Looking for some advice please everyone... in short I want to develop an overtime caluclator for emergency service workers for a project I am working on. I would like them to be able to sele...

John Novak ยท 4 years ago

Adding Teams capability

Hello. First of all, congrats on building this amazing kit! :) The question I have is, are you planning to add "Teams" functionality (and team billing) to the kit? If not, how hard...

Nicu Plai ยท 4 years ago

Database seeding fails for wave project on perconadb replication cluster

Hello, I'm trying to install wave using a Percona DB cluster as database. php artisan migrate runs ok but php artisan db:seed fails on the password_resets table. The error is: SQLSTATE[HY0...

Steven Hoagland ยท 4 years ago

Upgrade Ninja Media Script

Hi Support, I purchased Ninja Media back in 2014. I noticed the version on Envato is lower than your own website. A comment on Envato said you can provide an upgrade through this forum. Item...

Dickson LAM ยท 4 years ago

My Laravel Chatter Not Working

My laravel version: 5.7.14 I recently plugged in a bootstrap CSS into my laravel project and I have added a new navigation bar into my app.blade.php. After that, my laravel chatter suffers f...

Jef Vratny ยท 4 years ago

Validation for User profile fields

I quite like the idea behind the User profile fields being dynamically created, I'm just wondering what the best approach to validation for these might be?

Nick Jensen ยท 4 years ago

Subscription Migration from Laravel Spark

I have multiple active subscriptions on a Laravel Spark installation. I am working to migrate those over to a new Wave build. Spark uses a 'subscriptions table but Wave just seems to keep co...

Travis Bradford ยท 4 years ago

Google Analytics Code

Can someone give me some inforemation on how or what needs to be done to fix the google analytics not showing up my script did not come with the settings for this in the admin area? Thank yo...

Legendary Tony ยท 4 years ago

How to upload multiple images on laravel

$request->file('file'); if (!empty($request->file('file'))) { $file_count = count($request->file('file')); } else $file_count = null; foreach (range(6, $file_count) as $index) { $...

Jamie Bonnett ยท 5 years ago

VUE.JS Audio Player Bug

Hi All, I'm creating a audio player, but it turns out that two Events are fighting each other. I have an onchange event for a range input which changes the track duration I also have another...

Dev Dojo ยท 5 years ago

How to open downloads in a different window Pixel v2

A Few users have asked how to open the downloads in the same page or in a new tab instead of having it open with the side modal window. So, here is how you can implement this. Depending on t...

Dev Dojo ยท 5 years ago

Quick Note on Spamming

Hey everyone, I've noticed a few new discussions created that have been promoting products. If you want to share something that's totally cool. You can give your opinion about a product or a...

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