· 9 months ago

Contract Work for Web App + WooCommerce

Looking for someone I can contract on a web app build using Wave and integrating WooCommerce APIs. Any takers?

LittleBuddha · 1 year ago

Looking for a Wave developer

Hi all, first time poster here. I am a Software Architect and I have designed a simple SaaS app that I want developed. My background is primarily Server Side, Microservices and Java etc. Aft...

Misnel Stain · 2 years ago

Trying to fix issues with popup scrolling and safari ios

Hello. I have a navigation menu that triggers popups as a section with different options. Here is the dilemma though, when you scroll inside the popup, safari obviously does not recognize th...

Bartek Lisowski · 2 years ago

HTML & CSS carousel problem

Hi guys Im working on my first website and i came across some issues along the way. I used bootsrtap code for my gallery slider-carousel and it's working fine. It slides on it's own as i wan...

Ian Sevilla · 2 years ago

CSS Media Query Question

Hi Guys, need help with media query. I input three media query on a site but only one works the last media query doesnt work. @media screen and (max-width: 375px) { .rowbutton { flex-wrap: w...

Sameer Dattu · 2 years ago

Delete menu error

When i tried to delete any menu item i got this error "SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'dealsmoker.translations' doesn't exist (SQL: delete from translations w...

Khoi Nguyen Minh · 3 years ago

How to change Load More Button to Pagination

I use Pixel 2.0.5 and i want to change Load more to Pagination. Help me?

Garry Taylor · 3 years ago

How to hand file uploads with Vue, Apollo Client and GraphQL

How to hand file uploads in GraphQL by building a fullstack app.

Chad Priddle · 3 years ago

GeekShop - voyager.user_roles doesn't exist

Fresh install of GeekShop. Was able to login and access everything perfectly. Then loggout and back in and after trying to login I get the fatal error that user_roles table does not exisit....

Rob Brunner · 3 years ago

Issue with purchasing subscriptions

I am setup with Braintree and ran the required commands to add the braintree packages, db changes, and .env file settings. When I try an add a subscription when configured with the Braintre...

Lincon Lincon · 3 years ago

How to track users' data when using web sockets and Ratchet?

Hello everyone,, I'm starting to use Ratchet for my first-ever web sockets implementation. I'm converting from Ajax. In my Ajax model, I store the user's username, plus https://showbox.bio a...

Lincon Lincon · 3 years ago

CSS inline issue

Hello everyone,, I hope this is the right subreddit for this, https://xvideos.onl/ please redirect me if not, but I have a small issue I can't seem to solve. Basically I have a heading and I...

Marcello Schiffino · 3 years ago


My goal is to apply blend modes and hover effects to images found within a carousel. I have managed the first and last portions of the image processing where the image is gray scaled and the...

Rob Brunner · 3 years ago

Error with Email verification

Hello, I have the Verify Email during Sign Up feature enabled in the Wave admin. The email is sucessfully sent to the new user. When the user clicks the link the following error is receive...

Marvix Maxino · 3 years ago

Can I use passport for web auth?

Hello, I would like to know if I can use Laravel passport for web authentication. The idea is to use JWT to minimize the DB queries. So, is that possible and how? Thanks,


Layouting without height and width

I was checking out amazon's main page. Whichever element I inspected did not have any height and width style. And their page was perfectly responsive. How is it possible?

Nurdaulet Shamilov · 3 years ago

Duplication Error

I am getting this error: Illuminate\Database\QueryException : SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name 'chatter_category_id' (SQL: alter table chatter_discussion a...

Scott Allen · 3 years ago

Overtime calculator

Looking for some advice please everyone... in short I want to develop an overtime caluclator for emergency service workers for a project I am working on. I would like them to be able to sele...

Pascal Krason · 3 years ago

PSD Files

Is there a possability to receive the PSD files to the included themes?

Xiaozhou Song · 3 years ago

chatter - Upload image from local computer

Hi After i installed the chatter, eveything looks fine, but when I click upload image, it only can upload image through a link, how to upload image from local computer? Is there any config t...

Mamun Hoque · 3 years ago

Admin Dashboard need All income graph and reports

In Admin dashboard where we can find all user info like paid user, how much package sell, which package sell most. earning etc

Viprit Buddhi · 3 years ago

What's the deal with framework wars?

In the PHP world, things between Symfony and Laravel users gets pretty heated, and goes all the way up to the maintainers and creators. I find this really strange as they're open source proj...

Ismael Joseph · 3 years ago

I will pay for specific Tutorial on laravel-voyager-wave

I'm a begener and i love what i have experiment so far in laravel voyager and wave. But the communuty is too slow and i want to contribute. I need the fastest way to get involve and i want p...

Travis Bradford · 3 years ago

Adding Banner Image

Can anyone provide information on how to add a banner image under the menu at the very top please?

John Novak · 3 years ago

Adding Teams capability

Hello. First of all, congrats on building this amazing kit! :) The question I have is, are you planning to add "Teams" functionality (and team billing) to the kit? If not, how hard...

Nicu Plai · 3 years ago

Database seeding fails for wave project on perconadb replication cluster

Hello, I'm trying to install wave using a Percona DB cluster as database. php artisan migrate runs ok but php artisan db:seed fails on the password_resets table. The error is: SQLSTATE[HY0...

Steven Hoagland · 3 years ago

Upgrade Ninja Media Script

Hi Support, I purchased Ninja Media back in 2014. I noticed the version on Envato is lower than your own website. A comment on Envato said you can provide an upgrade through this forum. Item...

Ismail Taibi · 3 years ago

how to get the plugins of hello video cms script ?

hey i have problem getting plugin of the hello video script :/ any help ?

Nick Jensen · 3 years ago

RegisterController Bug

Hey Tony - found one for you. I was getting an 'Invalid Plan Selected' error and had to dig around to figure out why exactly. Line 39 in /RegisterController $plan = Plan::where('name', '=',...

Jef Vratny · 3 years ago

Validation for User profile fields

I quite like the idea behind the User profile fields being dynamically created, I'm just wondering what the best approach to validation for these might be?

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