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Michael Coombs Β· 6 months ago

Starting Your First Smart Contract

Today we begin writing our first piece of Solidity code. I started by opening my project folder in VScode, where I created a new file under the β€œcontracts” folder called β€œWavePortal.sol”. No...

Michael Coombs Β· 6 months ago

Creating a Local Ethereum Network

So day one is here and it's time to start preparing to be a blockchain developer. This means starting with creating a local Ethereum network. The reason we do this is because it allows us to...

Michael Coombs Β· 6 months ago

My Blockchain Developer Roadmap

Given that this is my first official blog post here, I would like to say Hello to all who are reading this! I am excited to embark on the journey of blogging, and sharing with the internet a...

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