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I am an infrastructure architect with a working experience of over 12 years designing and maintaining complex cloud systems based on VMware. I have in-depth knowledge of Linux operating systems service optimization and tweaking of Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed, PHP, PHP fpm, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and much more. If you have a complex web project with multiple servers web balancers multiple database servers don't hesitate to ping me.

Lord SpoWN ยท 3 years ago

Installing Laravel PHP framework on Ubuntu 20.04 for Apache

In recent years, Laravel has become an important open source framework for PHP. In this tutorial I will explain exemplary how to set up Laravel on your Ubuntu 20.04 vps. -Prerequisites (syst...

Lord SpoWN ยท 4 years ago

How to use Laravel Forge?

Forge is a server management tool brought to you by the Laravel team. You can think of Forge as a GUI or interface for easily maintaining your servers. Using Forge you can easily connect to...

Lord SpoWN ยท 4 years ago

Laravel FORGE

You may have heard the term FORGE, and you may be wondering what it is. Well, search no further here is a quick rundown of Forge, also referred to as Laravel forge. Forge is a service that o...

Lord SpoWN ยท 5 years ago

How to Setup Docker on Ubuntu 18.04

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu 18.04Docker is not in the official Ubuntu 18.04 repositories. However, the installation process will not be complicated. 1. Access Your VPS or your VMFir...

Lord SpoWN ยท 5 years ago

Add your domain to DevDojo Hosting

To ad your domain to Devdojo Hosting you need to point it to our name servers ns3.devdojo.io, ns4.devdojo.io.

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