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Chirag ยท 8 months ago

Why do AWS Certification?

I've worked on a lot of Amazon Web Services - AWS over the years and thought of adding this as an experience to my resume, but before that, I also wanted to assure that I have a good underst...

Chirag ยท 8 months ago

How to Rename Local and Remote Git Branch

Have you ever wondered or come across a situation where you want to rename a Git branch? If yes then this article will help you with that. Earlier, I faced the same situation where I wanted...

Chirag ยท 8 months ago

Easy way to exclude files during git add

Every day we use the "git add" command a lot to add our changes to the index for new commits, but have you ever wondered how we can add all the changed files with some files exclud...

Chirag ยท 9 months ago

Learn to push an empty commit

Today I faced a problem while triggering the delivery pipeline and this article is about the solution to that problem. Have you ever faced the need to push a commit to a Git branch without c...

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