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Basharath ยท 4 weeks ago

Convert text selection to image instantly

There are various types of browser extensions that help to accomplish certain tasks very easily.ย  We have already seen one such interesting chrome extension to copy text easily as never befo...

Basharath ยท 2 months ago

Create beautiful images from markdown text easily

In this social media era, information gets shared in various forms. Text, image, and video are the quite commonly used media formats on the internet. Images are the commonly used format for...

Basharath ยท 4 months ago

Copy any text or code without selecting it

We often copy text or code snippets or any other kind of resources quite commonly while browsing the web. Copying sometimes got to be tedious work in certain situations. Using keyboard short...

Basharath ยท 4 months ago

Style each list item using simple CSS

Lists are the form of data representation commonly used by all types of documents. In HTML there are two types of lists namely ordered and unordered lists.ย  In an ordered list, the items are...

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