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Arpit Soni Β· 8 months ago

8 JavaScript Project Ideas

Instant Search Bar: An instant search is a feature that allows you to display results as a user types in the search query. It improves user experience and the user does not need to wait. By...

Arpit Soni Β· 1 year ago

Amazing Python Mini-Projects

1. Get Laptop Battery Percentage using Python # python script showing battery details import psutil # function returning time in hh:mm:ss def convertTime(seconds): minutes, seconds =...

Arpit Soni Β· 1 year ago

Back-end Web Dev Frameworks that you should try

Choosing the best backend web development framework is a little bit harder for beginners. With the so many availabilities of web frameworks, it’s confusing to choose the best web framework a...

Arpit Soni Β· 1 year ago

I use these chrome extensions

AdBlock β€” best ad blocker To Block ads and pop-ups on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and your favorite websites. Obviously we don't like ads so yes. I know many creators earn from ads but someti...

Arpit Soni Β· 1 year ago

GitHub Repos to become better JavaScript Developer ⭐

Yeah, JavaScript is cool right. Here some GitHub Repos that help you to become better JavaScript developer. 1. Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide GitHub Repo 2. The Algorithms JavaScript GitHub R...

Arpit Soni Β· 1 year ago

5 Tips On How To Stay Motivated And Productive As A Developer

Introduction Whether you are a senior developer, or you have just started getting into code, there comes a time when you start losing motivation. It is normal to lose motivation and that lac...

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