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Hi, I am Aayush Biswas a web developer and web designer from India.

Aayush Biswas ยท 4 months ago

Tailwind vs Bootstrap? Which is best

TailwindCSS VS Bootstrap Hi, Today we will be comparing TailwindCSS with Bootstrap Color Reference Property Which one Wins Creativity TailwindCSS Pre-defined components Bootstrap...

Aayush Biswas ยท 4 months ago

How to use Prettier with Tailwind

Hello everybody welcome to today's session on how to use prettier with Tailwind for sorting classes. We will install and configure prettier to work smoothly with tailwind. Why Prettier? i) I...

Aayush Biswas ยท 6 months ago

How to create a markdown Editor using AlpineJS

Why AlpineJS AlpineJS is a minimalistic JS framework. It is TailwindCSS but for JavaScript. You can create functional applications in HTML without a script tag or new file. How to create tab...

Aayush Biswas ยท 6 months ago

How to use Tailwind Peer class

What is Peer class in Tailwind Peer class adds functionality to a website in HTML. It's almost like JS where things work using a input radio. It depends on what is the value of input set to....

Aayush Biswas ยท 7 months ago

How to add top loading bar to a NextJS Project

NextJs Doesn't include a top loading bar by Default NextJs doesn't have a top loading bar but instead it has a loading icon with the vercel logo but that doesn't seems nice. Top loading bar...

Aayush Biswas ยท 7 months ago

Use TailwindCSS with React Native

Hello Everybody welcome back to Aayush Biswas's Blog today we will be learning how to add TailwindCSS in React Native So first of all let us install the package by running the command. Make...

Aayush Biswas ยท 7 months ago

How to use MongoDB

Hey everybody welcome to my blog. Today we will be learning about MongoDB. First of all, why is MongoDB called NoSQL actual thing is it is not SQL but more specifically not only SQL and that...

Aayush Biswas ยท 7 months ago

Responsive contact form using TailwindCSS

First, we need to start a new HTML File. So create a file and the code for boilerplate and to use TailwindCSS.ย  <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <me...

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