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8 Best Salon Appointment Scheduling Software to Build Salon Booking Marketplace Website & APP

Beauty and fitness are the two main and crucial aspects that every individual starts focusing on. This is why salon businesses are gaining more attention and the salon industry is expected to reach $49.3 billion revenue by 2022.

Unbelievable competition can be seen in this field and every salon owner are in the state of holding their business and taking all measures to retain their customers. To make them survive among other competitors they need to have a solid back-end support that can efficiently handle all business operations and deliver proper service to customers.

8 Best Online Salon Appointment Scheduling Software for Salons

A online salon scheduling software should not only have features related to scheduling appointments. It should also support salon business operations that will leverage the revenue of the salon business.

Let us check out the leading salon appointment scheduling software that can be of greater help to all salon owners.

1. ZielCommerce – A Complete White label Salon Appointment Scheduling Software For Your Business


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Zielcommerce is a unique salon scheduling software that has its own way of delivering best marketing and service features to impress consumers and salon owners. This salon software provides a satisfactory experience to consumers through its intuitive user interface. The platform is integrated with enterprise-level technology for businesses of all sizes. Being an SEO-friendly platform, users can get easy search engine ranking and can get good traffic to their salon booking website.

The cloud-based salon software will provide better backup and users can access the resources anywhere anytime. The feature-rich UI & UX can grab the attention of the target audience and can offer better consumer engagement. This salon scheduling software streamlines the scheduling process and easily handles consumer appointments with automated reminders.

Features of this online salon scheduling software

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  • The salon scheduling software comes with a one-time payment that will facilitate users of any business type to buy the salon software and own the source code along with the lifetime license.
  • The unique salon appointment booking system will have real-time synchronization with the Google calendar that will have periodic reminders to alert consumers and salon owners regarding the appointment.
  • This salon software acts as a smart center that will offer dedicated dashboards to salon owners, stylists and consumers as they can check their work progress.
  • Multiple communication ports are integrated with this hair salon scheduling software and consumers can keep in direct touch with the scheduled stylist and get updated.
  • More consumer attracting features are built with this salon software like coupons and discounts for new consumers, referral programs for existing consumers and many more.
  • The built-in POS will support users in invoicing, receipts, tax calculation, and product management. This will simplify users’ overall business functioning.

On the whole, zielcommerce is a reliable and trustworthy salon scheduling software that comes with an affordable pricing and meets all types of users and the business size.

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2. Daysmart salon – attractive hair salon appointment scheduling software

Daysmart.png Daysmart salon appointment scheduling software has all significant salon business features that can meet the requirements of salon owners, stylists, other salon staff and consumers. The powerful booking and scheduling system will facilitate users to have an effective online salon scheduling software and perfect reminding system will make sure that the stylist and the consumer will never miss their appointment. Consumers are allowed to cancel their salon appointment booking software and can reschedule their appointments later.

The enchanting UI & UX design will give a seamless user experience that will increase the credibility of your salon business in the market. The device-friendly salon scheduling software will allow users to fix their salon appointment from their smart devices and check their appointment schedule whenever needed as the changes are updated and synchronized in real-time.

Features of this unique best appointment scheduling software for salons

  • Advanced best online salon booking system features will give salon owners complete control over their business as they can easily check the appointment history, all payment transactions and many more.
  • Referral source tracking is an added advantage that will support in finding the referral source and facilitates consumers to get added benefits.
  • Consumers can fix their favorite stylists and can check their appointments and can plan to have their schedule. Consumers can also interact with the stylist anytime.
  • Bookings can be done on multiple channels. Consumers can use either the online salon scheduling software for salon owners website or the dedicated salon application.
  • Personalized messages can be sent to consumers and users can greet them on their birthdays or wedding anniversaries that will make them feel great.
  • The robust reporting feature will help salon owners to get all sorts of reports that will make them understand how well their salon business is performing in the market.
  • This online salon appointment scheduling software is more scalable and will help users to expand their salon business and can maintain huge data for better consumer analysis.

Daysmart salon is an amazing salon appointment scheduling software that can bring excellent results in terms of revenue.

3. Booker – a notable online salon scheduling software

Booker.png Booker is a perfect 24/7 salon booking software that will get users to be in touch with their clients anywhere anytime. Instant alert notification will be sent to the concerned stylist and the salon owner whenever an appointment is scheduled. This notification will ensure that none of the appointments is skipped or missed at any cost. This perfect service delivery has gained the attention of numerous users and they have chosen this best appointment scheduling software for salons for their salon business and have also taken better returns.

Independent salons and corporate salons with several franchisees can go for this salon appointment scheduling software as it can meet the needs of both user types. Users can easily handle their multiple salon stores that are located in multiple locations under a single platform. All inventories can be easily managed with this unique salon software and can have a hassle-free service to consumers.

Features of this online salon appointment scheduling software

  • The cost-effective best salon online booking software can suit any startup as they always search for a budget-friendly salon booking platform for their salon business. Although cheap in price, it has all essential features to run an effective salon scheduling online.
  • Social media integration is a key feature that will facilitate users to get connected easily with the best online booking system for salons using their social media credentials.
  • Smart analytic features will get you to know what exactly your consumers want and how well you cooperate in satisfying their needs through your service.
  • Comfortable pricing will allow users to select their price slab that will suit their business requirement. Beginners can go for a starter plan and corporates can go for a professional pack. Features will differ according to the plan.
  • Professional profile setting is possible in this salon scheduling software and users can set their profile that will impress consumers to get their service.

If you search for online salon appointment scheduling software comparison, booker will stand-alone in the market with its incredible features.

4. Plandok – the best salon appointment scheduling software for salons owners

Plandok.png Plandok has gained the attention of thousands of users as it can easily meet the customers’ requirements with its impressive features. Customers can edit or delete any appointment that has already been fixed through this online salon appointment booking software. Whenever changes happen, immediate notification will be sent to salon owners to plan their salon appointment scheduling software and customers to confirm whether they have done the changes.

Multiple payment gateways are securely integrated with this salon appointment scheduling software that will make consumers feel comfortable in paying online for the service they get from the salon store. Consumers can instantly give their feedback and ratings through the software and can share their reviews in all social media platforms that will make the brand more visible among the target audience.

Features of this online salon appointment scheduling software

  • All products that the salon uses are well categorized in the appointment booking software for salons that will be visible to consumers and will lead to better sales and conversion.
  • Every service is segmented according to consumers’ interest. More personalization can be experienced by consumers as they can view their favorite services easily.
  • The best online salon scheduling software for salon owners is highly secured with SSL certification and can protect user data from all online security threats and other malware attacks.
  • Multiple location management is another flexible feature that will support corporate best online salon booking system businesses to easily monitor and track their multiple salon stores under a single back-end.
  • Other POS functions are also integrated and will support all business operations to be effectively handled through automation.
  • This best salon appointment scheduling software gives more importance to consumer satisfaction and will check on their feedback often and will let them share their experience on social platforms.
  • The in-built marketing features will effectively make the brand more visible in all online channels and can get users more audience to their online salon appointment booking software.

Plandok is one of the best hair salon scheduling software thatan function in a hassle-free manner and assures greater returns.

5. Versum – versatile salon appointment scheduling software

Versum.png Versum allows consumers to access the personalized calendar and makes the salon appointment fixing process more user-friendly. Proper notification will be sent to both salon owners and consumers. By analyzing consumers’ history the salon booking software will support salon owners to offer customized service to each consumer. This will delight them and will retain them with your renowned best appointment scheduling software for salons. More referrals you can expect from your existing consumer if you avail all referral plans the salon booking platform supports.

The salon software is mobile responsive and you can easily get hold of your mobile using the audience and can get unbelievable traffic to your salon platform. The salon platform supports two different pricing packages to meet all business sizes. According to your budget and your requirement you can select the package and in future if you need to expand then you can easily shift your plan to a higher level.

Features of this online salon appointment scheduling software

  • Easy third-party integration will support users to merge their existing POS and other business salon appointment software with this salon platform and can easily synchronize all data.
  • The single-click sign in procedure will help non-technical salon owners to get registered with the appointment booking software for salons without any technical assistance.
  • The best salon appointment scheduling software comes with 24/7 customer support and users can free demo and perfect hands-on training that will help them to easily handle the salon booking platform.
  • Scalability is the highly appreciable feature with this online salon scheduling software as you can expand your business without worrying about holding huge consumer data.
  • All familiar payment gateways are well-integrated with this salon booking software that will support better conversion and guarantee better revenue.
  • Supports all business models and has multiple revenue sources like membership fee, commission fee and many more.
  • The online salon booking software is perfectly search engine optimized that will get you top search engine ranking and this easy visibility supports in getting higher salon website traffic.

Versum can be an ultimate salon appointment scheduling business solution as this salon scheduling software can get you global reach.

6. Genbook – cloud-based salon booking scheduling software

Genbook.png Genbook is a user-friendly online salon scheduling software for salon owners that will have attractive UI & UX to make visitors stay in the online salon management software for a longer period and reduce bounce rate effectively. This salon appointment scheduling software behaves as a one-stop solution for all your salon business issues. You can get better orders and at the same time you can easily handle your manpower with its HRM supporting features. Most functions of this appointment booking software for salons are completely automated that reduces manual effort in handling operations and gives more productive time to enhance your salon business.

This unique salon scheduling software has better integration with Google and inherits most Google functions like Google Analytics that will support users to get accurate reports. These reports will give a detailed analysis about fast moving services, high performing stylists and many more. Users can easily monitor the overall functioning of the salon appointment booking software and can make necessary changes whenever needed.

Features of this online salon appointment booking software

  • Highly secured best online salon booking system offers better security to user data and strictly follows all standard security protocols that can stand against all online security threats.
  • Effective content management system of this salon scheduling software will support users in promoting their best salon online booking software and make it more visible with its attractive content.
  • Simplified user management feature will let the user give proper rights to every user of the best online salon appointment scheduling software for salon owners and can satisfy all user groups simultaneously.
  • This salon appointment software helps you to easily identify the traffic source and you can fine-tune the channel to get more traffic out of them.
  • Automatic tax calculation will reduce users’ headache of including tax for each invoice. The best salon appointment scheduling software will calculate tax for each service and it will be included in the invoice.
  • There are several marketing tools like affiliate modules, referral programs, SEO, Google Ads and many more that are integrated with this online appointment booking software for salons and users can get easy branding.

Genbook is undoubtedly the best online salon scheduling software for salon owners and also more budget-friendly.

7. Vagaro – the most commendable salon scheduling software

Vagaro offers better personalization to its users as this salon booking software contains thousands of templates and layouts that are free to access. Users can build their own salon scheduling software with the comfortable theme and layout that suits their business well. Also this software offers a free trial version that will facilitate users to have an excellent hands-on training on the online salon booking software and can clear their queries before they purchase this software.

Consumers can access the salon appointment booking software from websites or from their facebook easily and can get them registered by using their social media login credentials. This is a much easier process as users will be more comfortable in getting into the platform with less effort. This salon scheduling software has a dedicated mobile application that will run in all mobile operating systems. Users will find better navigation through mobile applications and this will easily attract more users to your salon platform.

Features of this online salon appointment scheduling software

  • Appointment confirmation can be completely handled by salon owners and they can either accept consumers or can even reject their request.
  • All advanced technologies that are trending in the market are highly used in this appointment booking software for salons. Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning can help you to analyze users’ behavior.
  • The salon booking software is perfectly customizable and can provide the best personalization experience to end-users. This will increase your customer base obviously.
  • The admin of this salon appointment scheduling software can easily delegate authority to other staff and can monitor all the functions under a single online platform.
  • Multiple revenue generating channels are integrated with this online salon booking software that will increase your revenue and can easily move your business to greater levels.
  • Salon owners can easily organize their products and their service and can display them to consumers as per their interest and can get greater conversion.
  • Multiple payment modes are activated that will support consumers to pay with any of their convenient payment methods.

Vagaro has already proved itself as the best appointment scheduling software for salons and users can trust its success and can start their own online salon business with great hope.

8. Square appointments – affordable best appointment scheduling software for salons

Square.png Square appointments is a reliable online salon booking software that gets synchronized with a personal calendar. Users can experience a hassle-free booking process being carried out with less manual intervention. Most of the processes are automated and no additional manual assistance is required. Users can focus well on promoting the brand and business as the online salon appointment booking software will take care of all business operations through its automated tools.

Training videos are available for this salon booking software and users who are non-technical can easily understand the functioning of this dedicated salon scheduling software. This powerful salon appointment scheduling software is open source and it is completely free for users to get started with. All essential features are available and for advanced technologies and unique features, users need to pay extra. Salon owners can easily manage their work schedule and can track their staffs’ performance with a single click.

Features of this hair stylist online salon scheduling software

  • This salon booking software can be owned by just paying once and can get the complete source code of this salon booking platform. Also customization is possible and users can set their own salon booking platform.
  • Advanced inventory management with stock alerts and notifications are well-framed in this best salon appointment software and users can be more aware about their stock availability.
  • More additional plugins and themes are available. Basic themes and plugins are free of cost and for specific themes users need to pay extra.
  • Simplified booking management will have real-time synchronization that will avoid any hassles while booking an appointment.
  • Consumers can easily check the personalized calendar of each stylist and they can fix their salon appointment scheduling software with the stylist according to their availability.
  • Advanced search and filtering options will let consumers find their favorite service easily and it will take them directly to that particular service page.
  • The admin of the salon booking software will get complete control over the online salon booking software and can easily track all stylists’ records and can analyze their performance.

How Scheduling Software Can Help Your Salon

Tip 1: Track and manage employee performance

Users think that the role of any salon appointment scheduling software is to manage the booking part alone. But that is not true. The software can also act as an HRM tool that will help you to monitor every staff and their performance. You can maintain their attendance and can get reports on their work activities that will help you analyze your employees’ work efficiency.

Every stylist will get feedback from customers and the salon owner can easily view them and can identify the quality of service delivered to the customer by the stylist. This will help the salon owner to give appraisal according to their works and involvement they show towards the salon business.

Tip 2: Delight customers with loyalty

Acquiring new customers is the greatest task for any salon shop. Same time, retaining them is the most challenging task. Many salon shops fail in this aspect. They focus more on acquiring new ones and they fail to delight their existing customers and retain them. The salon appointment scheduling software will get you a appointment scheduling solution to get hold of your customers and make them stay with you for a long period.

You can introduce more loyalty programs and also referral programs to your customers through your hair salon appointment booking software. This will motivate them to stay with your business and also will let them refer more friends to your salon which will increase your revenue.

Tip 3: Easy payment processing

Customers started preferring paying online for all services they get through online software. The salon appointment scheduling software will be perfectly integrated with multiple payment gateways that are familiar in the market. This will help customers to pay and book their appointments with your salon without any hesitation. The software will have a secured payment processing method and assure data security.

Also, salon owners may not be present in the salon all the time. In this case, they can check all payment transactions from wherever they are and can get reports accordingly. Salon owners can also get reports on pending payments and can send reminders to customers through the software.

Conclusion Have a deep look of all the above mentioned salon scheduling software and get to know personally more about them by visiting their websites. Ask for a demo and check with trial versions. Get proper training on how to use the salon scheduling platform and then if features are comfortable for your business then you can purchase them and launch them with your theme and make it more active.

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