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Eudes is a 25 year old developer who is eager to learn and pass on!

SailorEudes ยท 2 years ago

Web Browser - VB.NET

Hello again sailor, we're back on the water, and this time to create a web browser... But, concretely, what can it be used for? Well, it's always nice to have your own browser, so you can sa...

SailorEudes ยท 2 years ago

Using the Deepl API

Good morning, and welcome to an exciting and new tutorial. This tutorial is also available in its French and original version here. Today, I'm back to share with you a script I created, on...

SailorEudes ยท 2 years ago

Eudes Presentation

Hello everyone, and welcome to my very first topic which will talk about my journey on the web, and my different creations. Before starting, I want to specify that I am French, which makes...

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