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10 Best B2C Marketplace Platforms 2022 - Features, Cost and Reviews

B2C marketplace platform has recorded significant growth in recent days. There are many examples to prove the leverage of this particular sector. Amazon is one good example for B2C marketplace platform that directly sells products from businesses to consumers. Every entrepreneur finds this business model is the best choice to reach their customers and to boost their sales.

Now let us analyze the top 10 B2C ecommerce marketplace platforms that are ruling the ecommerce industry today.

10 B2C Marketplace platforms in 2022 for Building Ecommerce Website & Apps

Below are the best B2C marketplace platforms that you can trust and try for your business. Go through the features in detail and get to know more about the platforms and make a wise decision for your online business.

1. ZielCommerce – A Ready-to-launch B2C Marketplace Solution

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A Powerful & Ready-to-go B2C Marketplace Platform (1).png Zielcommerce is the flexible B2C ecommerce software that is effective to create integrated POS and online stores. This B2C platform acts as a complete ecommerce suite with all business features and you may not need additional plugins to simplify your business operations. The feature-rich UI & UX, with device responsive design, SEO-friendly and in-built marketing tools make this B2C marketplace to be the best choice for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Features of ZielCommerce B2C Marketplace Software

  • Zielcommerce fits into any business type and suits for all business categories and it is more user-friendly.
  • This B2C marketplace software is 100% customizable and you can carve your own marketplace place and get greater reach among your audience.
  • The pricing is perfectly affordable and reasonable as users can own the license of this B2C marketplace with one-time payment.
  • Users can avail the dedicated mobile application and can attract their mobile audience and can have better customer engagement.
  • The B2C marketplace platform is integrated with 70+ payment gateways that are very familiar in the market that includes Paypal, Stripe and many more.
  • Many customer delighting features like reviews and ratings, offers and discounts, order tracking facility, return and refund policy are also available in this B2C marketplace.
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2. Retaxis – significant B2C Marketplace Platform

retaxis.png Retaxis is an attractive B2C platform that comes with a better hosting solution and with minimum pricing. This marketplace software has all buyers and sellers impressive features that will help you in retaining your customers and also acquiring more sellers to your platform. The platform is device compatible and will let your users use the B2C marketplace software from any of their smart devices and they will get the feel of using a mobile application with the best shopping experience.

Features of this B2C marketplace solution

  • The B2C marketplace platform is perfectly scalable and will let you grow your business and will store thousands of data and you can use them for future analysis processes.
  • Managing orders is quite simple and easy with this platform. Once an order is placed the order management process is completely automated and the platform will carry out the process effectively.
  • This B2C marketplace platform will offer its customers to have their products in the cart and periodic reminders will be sent to customers regarding their products in the cart.
  • With all in-built marketing tools, you can easily promote your brand and get more visibility among your target audience. This will get you more leads and conversion.

3. Virtocommerce – an excellent B2C marketplace software

Virto Commerce.png Virtocommerce is a well-known B2C marketplace platform that inherits all essential features to attract sellers and buyers towards the platform. This B2C marketplace platform will fit into all business models and has a well-framed user-interface that makes the platform more user-friendly to use. It is a self-hosted platform that comes with perfect customization and scalable features for users. Multiple plugins are available that can be integrated with the B2C marketplace software and can simplify the business operations effectively.

Features of this B2C marketplace solution

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  • A perfect vendor portal is available for each vendor and a dedicated vendor dashboard is offered to them. Vendors can check their business performance through the dashboard.
  • This B2C marketplace platform has online store builders that will allow users to build their own stores with the available building tools and can make it more attractive to visitors.
  • The B2C marketplace platform is search engine optimized and you can get easy ranking with all search engines and this will get high traffic to your B2C ecommerce website.
  • Product categorization is another crucial aspect that this B2C marketplace software provides and this has gained more response from vendors as they can easily organize their products.
  • Vendors can have bulk uploads that will help them to load their products all at once and can save their time.

4. Oronic – an extraordinary B2C marketplace website

oro inc.png Oronic is a well-advanced technology based B2C marketplace platform that uses latest technologies like AI and ML to understand customers’ buying behavior and will lead your business that will satisfy your customers. Better conversion is guaranteed with this B2C marketpalce website as there are multiple revenue sources integrated with this platform. High website traffic is ensured and you can get more audience to your website. Greater reach and visibility is recorded and your brand can be more popular.

Features of this B2C marketplace solution

  • Dedicated customer support is provided and users can get in touch with the technical team anywhere, anytime. Proper guidance is provided throughout the installation and setup process.
  • Ultimate store management features will let users manage their multiple stores under a single multivendor B2C marketplacce platform and can simplify their business operations.
  • Users can find better payment options with this B2C marketplace software as there will be more than 50+ payment gateways integrated with the platform.
  • The UI & UX are excellent and users will never get distracted when they are visiting your B2C ecommerce website.
  • Cart abandonment rate is reduced as the B2C marketplace platform provides a better checkout process that will make customers buy the product without abandoning the site.

5. Oorjit – a reliable B2C marketplace solution

oOrjit.png Oorjit offers better data security as the B2C marketplace platform is SSL certified and can protect against all malware and DdoS attacks. Users can comfortably save their data with the platform and make use of all data for analyzing processes. The admin of the platform will get the overall authority in managing the entire B2C marketplace platform. The admin can delegate powers to other users to access the platform with certain restrictions and can save his time to increase productivity.

Features of this B2C marketplace software

  • Installation and setup process is quite easy and can be done in minutes and the platform can be launched instantly by users and can start functioning their online store.
  • The B2C marketplace platform offers multiple communication channels like live chat, whatsapp, messenger, email and many more and facilitates customers to communicate better.
  • The return and refund policy makes customers feel comfortable to buy products with your B2C ecommerce website as they can return if the product is not good.
  • Customers can enjoy multiple delivery options that will make them select the delivery slot of their convenient timing and can have a better shopping experience.
  • The platform comes with mobile applications and users can easily attract a mobile audience with their mobile applications that support android and iOS.

6. Storicart – a trustworthy B2C marketplace platform

Storicart.png Storicart is an impressive B2C marketplace software that inherits all trending features that are essential to make an enterprise ecommerce platform a successful one in the market. The advanced analytics and reporting features will let users keep a track of their platform performance and can take necessary action to enhance the quality of service and retain customers easily. The flexible theme and layout will support users to set their own B2C marketplace website that will suit their business requirements.

Features of this B2C ecommerce platform

  • The B2C marketplace platform supports social media sharing that is highly appreciable in customers’ point of view as they can share their favorite products and can decide with the feedback they get.
  • Vendors can have excellent inventory management systems that will help them to keep track of their stocks and can maintain them without running out of stock.
  • Customers can have advanced search and filtering options that will make their search process much easier and will easily take them to the exact product page.
  • Order tracking is the key aspect that any B2C marketplace platform should have. This will help customers to track their orders online and be notified about their delivery.
  • Vendors can have unlimited listing of products as the B2C marketplace platform is perfectly scalable and can hold huge data in it.

7. Sellacious – a robust B2C Marketplace Software

Sellacious.png Sellacious offers a multi-tasking B2C marketplace platform that lets users get excellent reputation among their target audience. The platform is well-researched about the market demands and can fulfill each of your business requirements. Sellers will have exclusive features that will facilitate them to have a better sale and can generate more profit with the platform. Admin can have the complete access to the source code of the marketplace software and can customize the platform as he needs.

Features of this B2C ecommerce marketplace platform

  • The ecommerce platform gets easily integrated with any third-party API and will let your existing software to be merged with the platform to simplify your business functions.
  • This B2C marketplace platform has the best content management system that will help you in attracting more audience to your ecommerce website.
  • The platform has simple login procedures that will make even a non-technical person login with less effort. Most vendors are computer illiterates and they can easily register themselves in this marketplace platform.
  • Customers can find more comfort in buying products with this B2C marketplace platform as it provides a single-page checkout process.
  • The B2C marketplace platform has many revenue generating modules like affiliate modules, advertisements and many more that will ensure greater returns for the user.

8. Spryker – a versatile B2C marketplace platform

Spryker.png Spryker is the most reputed B2C marketplace software that has all distinctive features that can be seen in any leading B2C ecommerce website. Users can select the platform according to the pricing. According to features the pricing differs. If you are a startup then you can go for the basic model that will have default modules to support your online business. Likewise if you are a corporate then you can go for the premium plan that will contain enterprise-grade B2C marketplace features to fulfill your enterprise demands.

Features of this B2C marketplace software

  • This b2c marketplace platform has the best multi vendor management that will facilitate all vendors of the platform to have flexible features to boost their sales and revenue.
  • Admin can have commission settings that will have a clear commission plan for each vendor and the commission can be flexible for every vendor.
  • Advanced features like Google mapping, real-time tracking are all available to enhance the performance of the platform.
  • The b2c marketplace platform meets PCI compliance and comes with SSL certification to provide higher security to user data from malware attacks.
  • Shipping and delivery are very easily handled with this B2C marketplace platform as most tasks are automated and need less human intervention.

9. Storilabs – Easy-to-use B2C marketplace platform

Storilabs.png Storilabs is a simple B2C marketplace platform that has very simple modules and functionalities that will help users to easily understand the working pattern of the ecommerce platform and can start running the platform with less technical support. The interface is completely user-friendly and will let users to easily navigate the B2C marketplace platform and can get access to all features in the marketplace. The bounce rate is considerably low with this B2C marketplace website as the site has better UI & UX.

Features of this B2C marketplace solutions

  • Better invoice and tax management can be experienced with this marketplace and every possible tax will be calculated for each invoice that is generated.
  • Simple withdrawal requesting procedures facilitates sellers to withdraw their earned amount from the B2C marketplace platform with less follow-up.
  • The admin can easily identify the source for the traffic of the website. This will help users to analyze which source brings more traffic and which doesn't.
  • Push notification feature plays a crucial role in the B2C marketplace platform as they will send notification to buyers and sellers regarding orders and delivery.
  • Many customer attracting features like offers and discounts, referral programs and many more are integrated in this B2C marketplace software that will retain customers.

10. Webjaguar – stunning B2C ecommerce marketplace platform

WebJaguar.png Webjaguar is an enterprise-grade B2C marketplace solution that inherits all enterprise oriented features that will smoothen the business operations and reduce manual errors. Most processes are carried out through automation processes and users need not worry about the functioning of the platform. The B2C marketplace Platform is completely device responsive and gives a perfect mobile shopping experience to users when they access the platform through their smartphones and other smart devices.

Features of this B2C Marketplace Software

  • Social media logins are possible with this B2C marketplace platform and this will give greater customer engagement and better conversion.
  • Multiple payment gateways are integrated with the B2C Marketplace platform and this will support customers to decide to buy with your platform without much hesitation.
  • Users can avail 24/7 customer support and there will also be several communication access points that can make users to have in touch with the team anytime.
  • Users can manage multiple stores in multiple locations with a single back-end platform and this will help to efficiently handle the business in all locations.
  • Customers can register their feedback by providing reviews and ratings to your B2C marketplace platform. This will help you to enhance the performance of your business.


All the above mentioned B2C ecommerce marketplace platforms are successfully ruling the ecommerce industry. You can take your time in analyzing each platform along with its features and can check with their pricing and offers. Make sure the platform you select perfectly suits your business and will let you earn more.

Also check with your competitors and understand how they are reaching their target audience. Come with new marketing strategies that can easily make your platform stand unique in the crowd and will get you more visitors to your B2C ecommerce website. Keep track of your growth and make sure you keep moving forward in your business.

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