Write bug-free code with JavaScript
Posandu Mapa ・ Jun 25th, 2022 Views

Write bug-free code with JavaScript

Do you see unexpected behavior in your JavaScript code? And don't have any clue how to fix it? Well, you can follow these tips to write bug-free code.

1. Use meaningful names

You should avoid using names such as x,y, etc. as they are not meaningful and can be confusing.

let x = 1;
let y = 2;
let z = x + y;
c(z); // What the heck is c?

Instead of c, you can rename the variable to something meaningful.

let firstNumber = 1;
let secondNumber = 2;
let sum = firstNumber + secondNumber;

2. Use a linter

A linter is a program that checks your code for errors/warnings and other issues.

These are some of the popular linter tools:

  • Eslint - https://eslint.org/
  • Jslint - https://www.jslint.com/
  • Jshint - https://www.jshint.com/

3. Use types

You can use types in your code and it'll make your autocomplete experience better and stops you from using the wrong data types.

Using JsDoc

Using TypeScript

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4. Use comments

Sometimes when there's a big logic or a complex code, you can use comments to explain what's going on.

5. Format your code

You can use tools like Prettier to format your code. Most IDEs have a built-in feature to format your code. In vscode, you can use the command Ctrl+Shift+F.

6. Do unit tests

Testing each piece of code is a good way to know if your code is working as expected. There are some automated tools to help you test your code. Some of them are:

  • Jest - https://jestjs.io/
  • Mocha - https://mochajs.org/
  • Chai - https://chaijs.com/
  • Jasmine - https://jasmine.github.io/
  • UvU - https://github.com/lukeed/uvu

7. Use Version Control

Using version control tools such as Git is a good way to revert your code if you make a mistake. And it's a good way to share your code with other people.


Thanks for reading. Now go and write some bug-free code!

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