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White label Chat Platform for Android,iOS & Web Apps

Ever wondered how to showcase your unique business identity on your chat application? Don't worry! A white label chat software has got your back. Be it business logo, domain, fonts, or any other branding element, a white label chat platform helps you display all in your chat applications. In today's digital clutter, every business is looking out for opportunities to stand out of the sea of competitors. This is the reason why every business feels the requirement to utilize white label chat platform.

A white label chat platform helps businesses mark their identity in the competitive market and establish business trust among their customers. In this article, we shall discuss in detail the importance of a white label chat platform for your Android or iOS applications.

What is White label Chat ?

Before we dig into the importance of white label chat platform, let us first comprehend its definition in detail. To put it in simple words, white label chat offers customized branding solutions to business applications. It allows you to showcase all your branding features such as your business theme, font sizes, and other specific elements on your chat application.

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There are different types of white label chat platforms in the market including general-purpose chat APIs, open-source chat APIs, white-label chatbots, and many more. Sounds good? If you want to build your business identity and enhance the level of communication on your app, white-label chat platformis your go-to solution.

White label chat platform: Why do you need it?

Given the virtual milieu around us, efficient digital communication is one of the top ways of building relations with customers. This is the reason most of the businesses around the world look forward to building customized chat applications. But building personalized apps from scratch might take a lot of time. Fret not! This is where a white label chat platform comes into play. Here are some reasons defining why you need a white label chat platform.


1.Highly cost-effective

Building a customized team chat app from scratch requires a lot of financial resources. And additional expenses can come in the way of developing other core business activities. But no worries. With white label chat being cost-effective, this issue can be resolved. It can help you enhance your app with all the necessary chat features at a reasonable rate.

2.Extremely time-efficient

Directing efforts towards building an entirely customized chat experience for customers can consume a lot of time. However, relying on a white label chat solution is the best alternative you can go for. With white label chat app, you can integrate advanced chat features in your app seamlessly. Also, you can invest more time on planning business growth.

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Who requires a white-label chat App?

Given the cut throat competition in the business world, every business aims to emerge as a thought leader via their unique business personality and efficient communication approach. Hence, any business, agency, or individual entrepreneur should opt for white label chat app to step up their app's customer satisfaction capabilities. Businesses planning to launch their app real quick should also go for white label messaging app. And a white label app helps businesses enhance their identity and interaction capacities and broaden their business offerings.

It adds value to any business's Android or iOS application and helps establish a trust factor among app users by offering the business app a personalized look and feel.

Why should you create a white label messaging app?

White label chat platforms have been gaining a lot of attraction in the present digital age. White labelling helps you in adding customized features to your messaging. Let us look at some of the reasons as to why you should create white label chat platform for your Android or iOS app. build chat app android.png

1.Offers customized solutions to your app like unique brand identity showcasing a business own logo, text color, font, languages, and much more.

2.Ensures enhanced media file sharing that includes long texts, PDF files, images, and others.

3.Provides encrypted chat app solutions to maintain privacy and security.

4.Offers real-time updates to your customers via push notifications.

5.Builds engagement by allowing app users to create private and group chats.

CONTUS MirrorFly - Best White Label Chat Solution for your App!

MirrorFly is a self-hosted API which is 100% customizable. Its white label chat software allows you to add a lot of additional advanced features to your chat app. Moreover, it provides you with the best branding solutions for your app. As the white label chat app is already built and tested, it helps develop your Android or iOS application with perfection. mirrorfly .png Businesses that look forward to creating a white label chat app can utilize MirrorFly solutions to launch their app quickly. Let us take a closer look at some of the best features of MirrorFly's white label chat api

1.One-on-one chat and group chat

There is no denying the fact that present times have all turned to virtual communications, be it professional or personal. MirrorFly’s white label chat solution offers app users to not only conduct one-on-one interactions but also carry group chats. Moreover, it serves two purposes. One is to enhance customer’s satisfaction and the other is to be able to manage team collaborations efficiently.

2.Audio/Video Conference

With technology levelling up each day, every business is focusing on enhancing their customers' experience and satisfaction while they use their app. With MirrorFly's white label chat platform, you can also integrate audio/video calling features to your Android or iOS application. Apart from that, it also allows app users to conduct audio/video conferencing.

3.Customized Chat app solutions

MirrorFly helps you to add enriched custom chat features to your app. For instance, you can easily conduct media sharing, be it audio, video, gifs and others. MirrorFly also provides you with real-time update features like typing indicators, read receipts, and others. As the world is turning more and more competitive, it is important for businesses to step up their communication game to stand out of the crowd. And one of the top ways to do that is by using a white label messaging app with the help of MirrorFly.

4.Multilingual chat feature

MirrorFly helps you bridge the language barriers between you and your customers by providing you with multilingual typing and translation options so that your customer can easily reach out to you. Such functions tend to boost customer satisfaction and help in building better engagement. Building such features from scratch might take a lot of time but MirrorFly helps you utilize these functions real quick in your chat app.

5.Screenshare & Recording for better customer experience

MirrorFly's chat APIs and SDKs allow app users to share their screen or record conversations. Screenshare can help you resolve their issues better and chat records can help you go back to the conversation to understand their feedback. Save time by investing on MirrorFly's white label chat solution and enhance your customer satisfaction strategies.

6.File Sharing function

MirrorFly helps integrate advanced file sharing features into your app such as contact lists, images, links, video files, and many others. The best part is that it allows the app users to share files of any size which can be compressed in high quality if needed.

7.Dashboard and Analytics feature

With MirrorFly's chat analytics and dashboard feature, you can gain a detailed insight into user base and real-time active user listing. These can help you level up your communication game with your app users.

Make way for the best communication experience with white label chat app

Boost your app engagement strategies with white label chat platforms. Equip your app with highly advanced modern features to win your customers' attention in the best ways possible. It helps you establish your unique brand identity and project yourself as a thought leader. What are you thinking? Leverage the power of a build you chat platformtoday.

Happy customer interaction days to you.

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