Best 10 In-app Messaging API & SDK Platforms Reviewed and Compared (2022)
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Best 10 In-app Messaging API & SDK Platforms Reviewed and Compared (2022)

In this article, we will talk about the top 10 In App Messaging API & SDK Providers for your android,iOS and Web Apps. Upscale your business, release your in-app chat app, and key in your conversation ratio by inserting the most excellent features.

The fundamental use of a Smartphone in the majority of the cases is for communication objectives. In the high-tech digital world, real-time and instant chats play a superior role in fruitful communication. Be it professional or personal communication, over a billion users are using messaging/communication apps on a daily basis.

Best 10 In-App Messaging API & SDKs Providers for Android ,iOS Apps

1. CONTUS MirrorFly - Customizable In App Messaging API & SDK

MirrorFly #1 ranked enterprise in-app messaging solution, appropriate for enterprises and businesses of all sizes. The all-inclusive communication Solution and in-app messaging is available with WebRTC embedding facilitating HD video interactions and an effective VOIP calling with a high-powered voice experience.

Following HIPAA & GDPR compliances, the highly efficient best in app chat setup is able to connect more than 10 million users and enable more than 1B conversations.

This is a real-time messaging solution for start-ups and businesses to create or incorporate messaging, video & voice calling features on the mobile or website application.

This communication tool offers personalized APIs & SDKs with enhanced features to present applications on the cloud or premises.

CONUTUS MirrorFly Messaging API & SDK Features

  • White-label Messaging Platform
  • Fully Customizable Chat Platform
  • 150+ Chat Features
  • World-class Docs Support
  • On-Premise & On-cloud Hosting
  • Live Streaming & Broadcasting
  • Unlimited Video & Voice Calling
  • Multi-part Video Conferencing
  • Easy Migration

Monthly Subscription & One-time License Cost

  • White-label Solution assures you keep your brand identity
  • More than 250 Technical Member's to support
  • On-hosting & On Cloud Premises is made easier
  • Pre-built UX/UI Designs increases user engagement
  • Trail option not available

2. Apphitect - Leading In App Messaging API Provider Middle East

This is a front-running In app chat API provider in the Apphitect IM, with multiple features which include personal chats, offline messaging, and social interaction. A 100% custom-made API that uses advanced technologies like AWS, Erlang, and Apache Cassandra.

Apphitect is one of the leading in app messaging API & SDK has offered white-label solutions to famous brands world over. It has used several verified technical stacks to create its solution. Apphitect is a communication tool that enables users to build their own chat app which is on the same level with foremost messaging apps like WeChat and Whatsapp.

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Apphitect Instant Messaging API & SDK Features

  • Customizable Chat API & SDK
  • Voice & Video Calling
  • Social Integrations & Presence Indicator
  • Offline messages & Push notifications
  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Multimedia sharing
  • Screen sharing

One-time License Cost

  • Trustworthy and Scalable
  • Zero Downtime
  • Provides Unlimited Storage Options and Cloud Hosting
  • Simple Integration with 24x7 Support
  • Only For Enterprise business

3. Cometchat- Leading Messaging API

A Colorado-based leading in-app chat API & chat SDK provider, Cometchat offers in-app messaging results to small to large-sized enterprises. It has WebRTC-facilitated HD voice and video calling across many platforms.

This communication tool also offers the β€˜Sandbox’ package, especially for small-scale persons and enterprises.This is a live chat solution that enables users to come together and associate with customers. Enhanced with API and Chat SDK, CometChat can be utilized on-cloud and premise.

Cometchat Instant Messaging API & SDK Features

  • Voice conference
  • Group Chat
  • Video Calling
  • Text chat – One-on-One
  • Video Conference
  • Voice Calling

Paid & Free

4. TalkJs- Best In App Messaging API & SDK

TalkJS is a platform with chat and in app messaging features which you can include to your mobile or website app. It is available with a fully-enhanced chat UI which works flawlessly with any structure or language.

It will only take a few hours to have the chat solution fully running. Smoothly integrate dual-way chat with TalkJS – a real-time messaging platform and the outstanding UI. Dependable and highly scalable, it has cross-platform real-time integration.

TalkJs Chat API & SDK Features

  • Customizable UI
  • SMS, Email and push notifications
  • Group Chats
  • Chatbot Interface
  • Real-time Message Translation
  • Custom-made email sender domain

Paid Subscription (between $59 and $569)

5. Mesibo- Chat API & SDK

Mesibo uses top-class message-replacing technology and codecs assuring low bandwidth delivery with the finest calling experience. It is fully compatible with Web, Android, and ios apps. It backs several languages. A user-friendly platform that provides all to create a real time chat app.

Mesibo Chat API & SDK Features

  • Group Messaging
  • One-on-one messaging
  • Security Encryption
  • Push Notifications
  • Best Quality Voice and Video Calls

Paid & Free

  • Demo Available
  • Offers Filters and Moderation depending on requirements
  • Enables including own encryption and mechanism of key exchange
  • Enables cloud hosting and use and download on fully-owned premise
  • Real-time bandwidth and storage is not accessible in the on-premise implementation.

6. PubNub - In app chat Communication API & SDK

Pubnub is a well-known Communication API Provider committed to carrying out the chat in a right way, in traffic spikes at huge concurrency with a API uptime SLA of 99.999%. This chat platform’s API assures user engagement and retention with enhanced moderation tools.

PubNub Communication API & SDK Features

  • Community Chats
  • Group Private Chat
  • ChatBot Device Chat
  • Live-event Messaging
  • Customized UI/UX designs
  • Multichannel Messaging
  • Real-time Notifications

Paid & Free

  • Enables more than 2 trillion message deliveries in a month
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Facilitates real-time use with chats
  • Provides more than 75 SDKs to opt from
  • The basic plan does not display access to GDPR and HIPAA compliance and PubNub

7. Chat SDK - Open Source Platform

This communication tool lets users communicate and you can build a community and increase interaction. It is open source, easily-integrated and free – it is hassle-free - you don’t have to add chat to your in-app messaging platform. The private and group chats let users build a one-to-one group and chat rooms which are public.

Chat SDK is a platform which has versions for Android and ios. These versions are completely compatible. You can now send image, text and location messages with the core framework. There are modules available to support video, audio and sticker messages. This is an in-app messaging sdk which is well-known widely.

Chat SDK Features

  • Server Control
  • Message Types Variety
  • Push Notifications
  • Customizable UI


  • Chat Functionality can be added to an App Quickly
  • Easy Usability
  • The Features are High in Demand
  • Lots of Options
  • The related expenses may be extra/additional
  • A few options more complex to work with than the others
  • Chat May have issues related to App Performance

8. Chatcamp - Chat SDK and Messaging API

Chatcamp is a real time in-app messaging platform for websites and mobile apps. It is user-friendly and can be set up into Javascript, Android and ios applications within a matter of minutes. They are knowledgeable in aiding consumer to consumer (C2C) marketplaces involving more users via available cross-platform chat applications.

Chatcamp Features

  • Unlimited Message Retention
  • Custom Usage Limit
  • Cross-Platform Sync
  • 1-on-1 and Group Channels

Free to $199

  • Connects easily with others
  • Group Chat and Push Notifications Work Well
  • Excellent Features
  • Easily Installable Messaging API
  • High Pricing
  • Limited Access to Data Sharing Support
  • Not Suitable for Integrating with API and software

9. Quickblox - Chat API and Messaging SDK

A top-rated white-label chat solution which enables adaptable data storage. The embedding of WebRTC lets best quality one-on-one video and voice calls. It is available with simple and uncomplicated UI/UX designs.

Quickblox Messaging API Features

  • Custom Data Storage API
  • Data export
  • File Storage API
  • Message Retrieval API

Free to $199

  • Flexibility
  • Safe to Use
  • Support and Documentation

10. CONTUSFly - Best In-App Messaging API & SDK

CONTUSFly, best in app messaging API & SDK offered for advancing real-time chat applications. It utilizes Ejabberd, the most innovative XMPP server and makes use of database systems like Cassandra, Mnesia and MySQL for saving user logins, data and easy read and write speed. Social integrations, group chat, push notifications, geo location and a protection makes this chat platform to be a dependable and advantageous IM chat solution.

CONTUSFly In-App Messaging API Features

  • One-to-one group chat
  • Unlimited Video & Voice Calling
  • Live Broadcasting

One-time Payment

  • Fully customizable API
  • Developer friendly platform
  • No Monthly subscription


This summary on the features, usability, compatibility, pros and cons and pricing make it clear that these in-app Chat API providers are different on the basis of features and technology. You can opt from the providers listed above who match your business requirements. Using and building a chat application will accelerate the productivity of your business.

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