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CSS is a simple language that allows you to add styles and designs to your HTML web pages.

CSS Tutorial

Web pages without CSS will typically look very plain and boring but with CSS we can add colors, background images, layouts, and many other styles to make your website clean and beautiful.

CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheets and they are very simple to use. One example of how to use CSS is to include the CSS inline. And this means that you include it in line with your HTML.

Take a look at this simple HTML paragraph tag:

    <p>I'm a paragraph</p>

Now, if we wanted to include inline css we could add a style attribute to our paragraph tag and add some CSS similar to the following:

    <p style="text-align:center">I'm a paragraph</p>

The paragraph above will now be aligned to the center because we have added some inline CSS.

That is a very basic way of adding CSS to your HTML elements. Let's move on to learning about the 3 ways to include CSS in your web pages.