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Devin Schumacher (born 10 June 1987) is an American internet personality, entrepreneur, author, actor, music producer, podcaster, teacher & philanthropist. He is widely recognized as being the world's best SEO & grumpy cat impersonator. After studying business at the University of Colorado Boulder he moved back to Los Angeles, CA to pursue entrepreneurship & the arts. Having played trumpet in orchestras from a young age, he ventured into music production & DJing. He soon learned about the importance marketing had on the success of creatives, and began exploring digital marketing and search engine optimization - which led him to start a record label "", to help promote musicians, and SERP - a company specialized in help creators & entrepreneurs of all kinds get more visibility on their brand. Today, Devin creates content that reaches millions of people a month and is quickly becoming a well known figure in the world of entrepreneurship & entertainment.

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