Top 6 HTML5 Game Frameworks

Top 6 HTML5 Game Frameworks

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Dev Dojo ・July 2, 2015
1 minute read ・Updated July 17, 2020

So... You want to create an HTML5 game...

Where should you start. Should you start from scratch, create a new canvas, and make your HTML5 javascript game? You could do that, but if you are looking to create your game quickly and leverage a game framework that has a ton of built-in functionality, you can checkout these awesome Top 6 HTML5 Game Frameworks:

1. Phaser

Phaser is a fast, free and fun open source framework for Canvas and WebGL powered browser games. You can use Phaser framework to build awesome web based games and for mobile devices as well. Be sure to checkout this amazing framework and their demos at

2. Pixi.js

Pixi.js is a fast 2d rendering game engine that you can use to build html5 and mobile games. Be sure to checkout this awesome framework at

3. Kiwi.js

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Kiwi.js is a fun and friendly open source html5 game engine. Kiwi.js is fast and easy to learn. Be sure to checkout this framework when creating your next game. Visit to learn more.

4. CreateJS

Createjs is a suite of libraries and tools that work together to create rich interactive content on the web. You can also use createjs to create web and mobile based games.

5. Quintus

Quintus is an easy-to-learn, fun-to-use Javascript HTML5 game engine for mobile and desktop. You can learn how to create a simple platform game in 80 lines of code. Checkout this cool game framework at

6. CraftyJS

Crafty JS is a flexible mobile and html5 framework for javascript games. It will work on all modern web browsers including IE9. Find out more about this framework by checking out

So, next time you want to create the next awesome mobile or html5 game be sure to checkout these awesome game frameworks ;)

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