Midjourney V5 and ChatGPT 4

Midjourney V5 and ChatGPT 4

Written by Cody Jenson on Mar 21st, 2023 Views Report Post

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Within the last couple weeks there have been some amazing new releases in the AI world including a new version of Midjourney and a new version of ChatGPT. These upgrades are pretty incredible and in this post you'll learn about the new features.

Midjourney V5

Midjourney allows you to create unique pieces of art using only text. I mean... Come on, look at these masterpeices 🤯


Now, Midjourney seems to be the leader in the 'Text to Image' space. The artwork that you can create with their platform is incredible and with this new version things got even better including:

  • New photorealism algorithms to make your photos look super realistic
  • Fixed hands (in previous versions hands would not look correct)
  • Upgraded quality without needing a prompt (before in V4 you would have to pass the --q 2 flag to see images in higher quality, this is now out of the box.
  • Any aspect ratio is accepted (you can specify any width and height ratio)
  • Faster output

There are a few more new features; however, the ones listed above are some of the big ones. Be sure to head on over to MidJourney and check it out for yourself.

Hint: if you are still using V4, you can pass the --v 5 flag or you can set it as your default in the /settings command on discord.


ChatGPT version 3 took the world by storm and now thanks to the latest version we are able to take things up a notch. Here are a handful of the new things you'll get in the new version.

  • Max input for version 4 allows up t 25,000 characters. This means that you can feed the chat, documentation, stories, and more. It can run analyze, summarize, and do more with that context.
  • Image support. You can now add images to the chat and v4 can make sense of the images.
  • Version 4 can also add a context to an answer. You can tell the chat to 'Act as a Teacher', 'Act as a Parent', etc.
  • New Safety improvements and patches
  • Faster response and fine-tuned algorithms

It's really exciting to see all the things we can do with ChatGPT. What's even cooler is that people are finding unique and fun ways to use ChatGPT and Midjourney together to create unlimited creative possibilities.


There's no doubt that the AI industry is booming and you'd better get on board so that way you don't get left behind. This is truly an exciting time in our lives, and... It's also SO FREAKING FUN 😁

You can use these services for free with a limited amount of prompts, or you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan and take advantage of increased limits, new features, and more.

Finally, here is an AI image you may enjoy 😂


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