7 Best VS Code Extensions for Python Developers

7 Best VS Code Extensions for Python Developers

Written by Bobby Iliev on Apr 10th, 2023 Views Report Post


Visual Studio Code (VS Code) has become a popular choice for Python developers due to its flexibility, extensibility, and user-friendly interface. One of the key features of VS Code is its extensive collection of extensions that can significantly improve your development experience.

In this post, we will highlight the 7 best VS Code extensions for Python developers to help you write better code, increase productivity, and enhance your overall coding experience.

1. Python (by Microsoft)

The Python extension by Microsoft is a must-have for any Python developer using VS Code. It provides a rich set of features, including:

  • IntelliSense (code completion)
  • Linting (error checking)
  • Debugging
  • Code navigation
  • Unit testing
  • Jupyter Notebooks support
  • Code refactoring

2. Pylance

Pylance is a fast and feature-rich language server for Python that provides excellent IntelliSense capabilities. It enhances your development experience with:

  • Type checking
  • Autocompletion
  • Type inference
  • Automatic imports
  • Signature help
  • Code navigation

Pylance works best when used alongside the Python extension by Microsoft.

3. Live Share

Visual Studio Live Share is an extension that allows real-time collaboration with other developers, enabling you to share your code, workspace, and even terminal instances with others. This powerful tool is excellent for remote pair programming, code reviews, and group debugging sessions.

With Live Share, you can:

  • Share your workspace with read or write access
  • Co-edit and co-debug code
  • Share a local server and terminal instances
  • Communicate with collaborators using integrated audio and text chat

Live Share supports Python development and seamlessly integrates with the Python extension by Microsoft, making it an invaluable tool for Python developers working in teams or on collaborative projects.

4. Code Runner

Code Runner is a lightweight extension that allows you to run code snippets in various languages, including Python, with just a simple click or keyboard shortcut. It is extremely helpful for quickly testing your code without having to switch to the terminal or execute the entire script.

5. Better Comments

Better Comments is an extension that helps you create more human-friendly and visually distinguishable comments in your code. It supports different comment categories like queries, alerts, and highlights, making it easier to navigate through your comments and understand the purpose behind each one.

6. GitLens — Git supercharged

GitLens is a powerful extension that provides Git integration right inside VS Code. It offers various features to enhance your workflow, such as:

  • Inline Git blame annotations
  • Commit search and comparison
  • Git history explorer
  • Branch and commit visualization
  • Support for remote repositories (GitHub, GitLab, and more)

GitLens can be a game-changer for Python developers working on large projects or collaborating with a team.

7. Python Docstring Generator

Python Docstring Generator is a helpful extension that automatically generates docstrings for your Python functions and methods following popular docstring conventions, such as Google, NumPy, and reStructuredText. This extension saves time and ensures consistent documentation across your codebase.

To use this extension, simply place the cursor within a function or method definition and press the default keybinding Ctrl+Alt+D followed by Ctrl+Alt+S. The generated docstring will appear, and you can easily fill in the necessary details.


The 7 extensions mentioned in this post are essential for any Python developer using VS Code. They will help you write better code, increase productivity, and enhance your overall coding experience. By installing these extensions, you'll be well-equipped to tackle a wide range of Python development tasks more efficiently.

Remember, the VS Code marketplace offers countless other extensions that cater to specific needs and preferences. Feel free to explore the available extensions to further tailor your development environment to your unique requirements. Happy coding!

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