7 Best Online Service Marketplace Platforms 2022 For Building On Demand Marketplace Website & Apps

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The on-demand economy has gained 22.4 million consumers in 2020. Consumers are spending more than $57.5 billion and getting their required services through a reputed service marketplace platform. These facts clearly prove how popular the on-demand service industry is growing.

80% of service-based businesses have transformed to digital platforms and they completely rely on service marketplace platforms to build their business. Entrepreneurs will experience unlimited business opportunities when they build their own online marketplace platform for services.

Analyze all the below-mentioned service platforms and choose the one that perfectly fits into your business needs.

1. ZielCommerce – Customizable Service Marketplace Platform

On-Demand-Service-Marketplace-Platform-On-demand-Service-Booking-Solution-Ziel.png Zielcommerce is an all-in-one solution for all your service business software. The platform has feature-rich UI & UX that can grab the attention of the audience and will get you more traffic. The device responsive design will allow users to access the platform from any channel and the design fits well with any screen size.

This service marketplace platform comes with an excellent content management system that will give a precise description to all products and creates an urge in service seekers to ask for service. The platform is perfectly scalable and will allow users to expand their business and store huge data.

Through advanced analytics, users can get to know the traffic source and can focus on those channels to streamline the traffic. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms are used to understand consumers’ preferences. More personalization can be offered once users get a clear picture about consumers’ likes and dislikes.

Features of this online service marketplace platform

  • Multiple payment option is a great conversion tool that will make consumers pay and order service instantly without hesitation.
  • Advanced search and filtering options will let consumers easily find the service they want and can straight away get to the service page.
  • Service providers will get an exclusive dashboard that will give them a clear insight about their business performance and can check their order status and many more.
  • Service providers can have unlimited listing of their services and if they want to promote their listing, with a minimum fee they can make their listing be listed on top.
  • Social media sharing is another added advantage of using this service marketplace platform. Consumers can share their feedback on their social media page.
  • This service platform has an advanced user management system and possesses multiple service marketplace features that will satisfy all user groups.

2. Sirchend – trustworthy online service platform

Sirchend.png Sirchend has all stunning service marketplace features that can easily make your online service platform stand alone in the market. This service software is built with search engine optimization that will support users to get top rankings in search engines and will get easy traffic to the platform.

Perfect feedback system will let users understand how well their on demand service marketplace platform is performing and how their consumers feel about their service. This understanding will help users to enhance their service quality and this will increase their business credibility among their audience.

Instant notification will be sent to service providers and consumers when a service order is confirmed. This will facilitate service providers to deliver the service on the right time and can satisfy their consumers in an efficient way. The platform renders 24/7 customer support and will allow consumers to be in touch with the service provider whenever needed.

Features of this online service marketplace platform

  • Reliable authentication and security features will make consumers feel more secured while paying online and revealing their personal information with the platform.
  • The enchanting UI & UX has a crucial role in getting audiences to the platform and will make them stay for a long time and will support for better conversion.
  • Secured mobile payment systems will let users transfer money using the payment gateways that are integrated with the service marketplace platform.
  • Booking a service and cancelling them are more user-friendly and consumers will be more comfortable in carrying out the booking process.
  • Easy single-page checkout process will not take much time of consumers and will help them to proceed with checkout with a few clicks.
  • This online service marketplace platform offers multiple communication channels to communicate with service providers and consumers will get instant response and this increases the trust level on this platform.

3. Retaxis – remarkable service marketplace platform

Retaxis.png Retaxis is a cloud-based online service platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime by users. Service marketplace providers can list multiple services and they can get unlimited listing benefits that will boost their revenue and leverage their business too. This service marketplace platform has powerful third-party integration that will simplify the business operations.

This online service marketplace works well with all business sizes and supports all business and revenue models. There are multiple ways to generate revenue using this service platform and users can earn well within a short time period. The service marketplace software is quite affordable and recommended for users who seek a budget-friendly service marketplace.

Users can set commission slabs for each service provider and can keep monitoring their performance. When they perform low then users can provide offers and benefits that will motivate them to work well along with this service marketplace platform.

Features of this service booking marketplace

  • The platform is 100% customizable that will benefit users to frame their own service marketplace and can attract their target audience.
  • Invoicing is easier with this service marketplace platform as most tasks are done through automation and once the service order is placed the system will generate invoice along with respective taxes.
  • The platform is device responsive and it can easily get hold of mobile users through its mobile responsive design and when the traffic increases then the conversion also increases.
  • Users can easily reach a global audience as the platform supports multiple languages and also multiple currencies. This will allow users all over the world to access this platform.
  • More than 50+ payment gateways are integrated in this service marketplace platform and most of them are quite familiar in the market that will make consumers process payment without any fear.
  • Users can use their social media credentials to login to the service marketplace platform and can also share service pages in their social media pages.

4. Nasdaq – an outstanding on-demand service marketplace platform

Nasdaq.png Nasdaq is a customer-centric online marketplace software for service that will allow users to reach their target audience easily with less effort. The platform is listed on top pages in all search engines as it is perfectly search engine optimized. More focus is given on admin features that will facilitate users to maximize their ROI.

To get better visibility in this on-demand service marketplace, service providers can pay for their listing and make them visible to their audience. Users may not spend much on marketing or promotional activities as the platform has many in-built marketing features that will offer better branding.

This service marketplace platform supports better order management systems. Once the service request is placed, proper notification will be sent to service providers and when they accept the request, notification will be sent to consumers regarding their request confirmation. The order is properly processed and the platform ensures prompt service delivery to consumers.

Features of this service on-demand marketplace platform

  • This service marketplace platform is highly secured with SSL certification and offers https to your service website. This will protect your platform and user data from all malware attacks.
  • The intuitive user-interface provides seamless customer experience and this will increase the traffic and the revenue for your business.
  • This service marketplace platform offers fast loading speed that will delight consumers to keep accessing your marketplace and staying and searching for services.
  • Handling this online service platform is quite simple and easy and users may not need to have any technical knowledge and with few clicks and with hands-on training they can manage the platform on their own.
  • Better Google map integration that will allow consumers to track their orders and know the current status with real-time synchronization.

5. Appxite – dynamic service marketplace platform

![a[xite.png Appxite is an aggressive on-demand service platform that will offer best service marketplace features that will facilitate users to grow their business with enhanced quality. The built-in promotional tools will take responsibility for promoting the marketplace platform among the target audience and get your better reach and visibility.

Admin can add unlimited service marketplace providers to their platform as the platform is scalable. Also admin approve or disapprove any service that the service provider lists in the platform. Admin can delegate authority to his staff to handle the platform and can still have the overall control over the marketplace

The feature-rich dashboard provided to each service provider will help them view their business performance with clear charts. Users can convert their regular store to a service marketplace platform and this application will provide easy migration and will take care of data security.

Features of this service marketplace platform

  • Admins will have a flexible commission setting feature that will let them fix their own commission slab for each service provider.
  • Multiple plugins and add-ons are available with this service marketplace platform that will support users to enhance their business functionality.
  • Customization is possible and users can create their own service marketplace platform with the available themes and templates.
  • The end-to-end service marketplace feature will let users to meet consumers’ needs and ensure their satisfaction while shopping with this service marketplace platform.
  • The dedicated mobile application is developed for service providers and also for consumers that will give them enhanced user experience while accessing this service marketplace platform.
  • Existing third-party applications can be easily synchronized with this service marketplace platform and can simplify users’ business operation.
  • Perfect hosting service is also included with this service platform and users may not worry about domain registration as the platform offers free domain for one year.

6. Idyaflow – excellent service marketplace platform

Idya flow.png Idyaflow is one of the best service marketplace platforms that is highly recommended for any startup that is interested for a fresh start. The platform is self-hosted and gets 99.5% uptime that will enhance the performance of the service website and will get more audience and also reduces the bounce rate of the platform.

This fully-customizable open source service marketplace platform will let users have easy access to all service marketplace features and will help them to frame their platform to meet their consumers’ demands. The centralized admin dashboard will support admin to manage product listings, and to check profit and loss and many more.

Users can integrate any third-party API that they were using for their business operations like accounting, human resource and many more with this service marketplace platform and can merge all user data with a single back-end database and can simplify their works effectively.

Features of this service marketplace platform

  • Discount and coupon management systems will delight consumers and will make them visit your service marketplace again and again and get more orders.
  • This platform provides simple withdrawal procedures for service providers and will allow them to easily withdraw their generated amount from the platform.
  • The platform comes with one-time payment and users can own the source code and the license for life time by just paying once.
  • The platform is search engine optimized and users can get easy visibility in all search engines that will result in better traffic to the platform.
  • The easy sign-in procedure will help even a non-technical user to get into the platform and start accessing all service marketplace features.
  • Consumers can give their reviews and ratings regarding the service they receive from this service marketplace and service providers will be able to view them and make necessary corrections to enhance the reputation of their brand.

7. Cscart – well-known service marketplace platform

CsCart has gained better appreciation from its users as the platform is known for its flexibility, custom integration and valuable technical assistance. This platform offers subscription based service to users and delivers a scalable solution that will support users to expand their business to a greater level.

This service marketplace platform contains thousands of active users and offers the best user management system that will organize users with respective service marketplace features. To increase the customer base, the platform supports email marketing and runs Google ads and offers social media banners.

The in-built SEO and other digital marketing tools will help users to gain easy visibility and get better branding that leads to better conversion. The user-friendly interface and device responsive design will capture mobile users to visit your service platform and can expect more conversions.

Features of this online service marketplace

  • The platform is integrated with Google analytics and will get you detailed reports regarding the performance of your platform and give clear insight about your consumers.
  • This service marketplace comes with a free trial version that can be used by users to have perfect hands-on training with the platform.
  • Pricing can be compared with several service providers and consumers can go for best pricing and even negotiate through the platform.
  • Several chat modules are available for service provider and consumer communication and this will make consumers understand more about the service they get.
  • All service marketplace features come with affordable pricing allowing all user groups to be benefited with this budget-friendly service marketplace platform.
  • The user-centric design will get you more customers and you can get greater conversions and maximize your ROI.
  • The enhanced security protocol that is followed in this service marketplace platform delivers high-level security to user data.


We have discussed the leading service marketplace platforms that have gained better reputation among users. Utilize the market demand and build your own service marketplace platform with salient features and make your business more successful in the market.

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