There have been many awesome packages created in 2017. In this article I'll give a quick round up of the top 5 Laravel Packages that I have been using recently.

1. Laravel Voyager

Laravel Voyager

Voyager is an all-in-one admin package for your Laravel application. Voyager has been climbing in Stars on Github and with Version 1.0 right around the corner you can be sure that the stars will continue to increase. Be sure to checkout this awesome repo at:

2. Glide PHP Image Manipulation

Glide PHP Package

Glide is amazing for creating an on-demand image manipulation request to any images. You can crop images, resize images, or add effects to images on the fly. After the image has been created using Glide, it will then be cached so that way the next time it's requested it will be served up a lot faster. Checkout this awesome project at:

3. Image Intervention

Image Intervention

Unlike Glide PHP, Image Intervention handles image manipulation on the server side. You can perform many image optimizations to an image and store a copy of it in your local storage. Glide and Image Intervention can be used together to make working with images a breeze with Laravel. Checkout the Image Intervention package at:

4. JWT Auth Package

JWT Auth Package

Next, if you want to build a mobile version of your application you will probably need to create authentication over an API. Using the JWT-auth package for Laravel will make this process super easy. Checkout this package here:

5. Laravel Debugbar

Laravel Debug Bar

Lastly, when it comes to debugging your application or optimizing it for primetime, you'll definitely want to install this package. The Laravel debugbar ads a developer bar to your application so you can see queries, stack traces, and errors that may arise in the current request you are making to your app. This awesome package can be found at:

Be sure to checkout some of these awesome packages and feel free to comment on any packages you have been using a lot this last year ;)


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