Web Design Trends with be theme

Updated Oct 4, 2019・2 minute read Post By Tanya Sri
Web Design Trends with be theme

Web Design Trends with be theme

Designers have a peculiar relationship with trends. Before designing new, know what people love and what they hate. This helps designers to create a new one with a better approach.

Learn to design an amazing thing with be theme

Digital Illustrations

Digital Illustration is the trending one in today’s visual design. Designers use digital illustrations for different purposes: for a subtle icon, for hero sections and much more. Make your design with the best features through Web Designing Training. Three-dimensional ones and hand-drawn flat are popular illustrations among digital designers. Flat hand-drawn gives the best impression for all, it helps to view the personal style of the illustrator. Dropbox, Slack and Intercom are the companies using flat drawn illustrations.

Duotones and Gradient

Spotify, an online music streaming service that helps to identify their brand. Duotones filter replaces the black and white photo with two colors. Use your brands in a primary color with the help of a duotone filter.

Gradients tool helps to work with different types of designs. Designers prefer gradients tool to do their work in depth. The latest design trends help designers to make a statement.

Video Headers

Imagination plays a major role in visual designs, it helps to deliver the best design quickly. Web Designers use some sample images to convey their ideas. But now our tech world innovated a lot. High-speed connections help designers to create a new one with different styles. Video engages users to spend more time watching videos to gather new ideas. Video clips mostly used in the hero section to vary a few seconds of the intro with the best audio.

Bold Typography

Using bold fonts helps to read the text easily. This template is so powerful, use this in all your designs.

Geometric Patterns

Designers prefer geometric patterns to build something new. These techniques work for digital products. Designers prefer high-resolution PNG images for backgrounds, so you won’t worry about visuals. It gives a good look at both small and large displays.

Split Screen

Split-screen is a simple design technique. Divide your screen into two equal parts and use each part to deliver a distinct message. This technique works on mobile phones also.

Vibrant Colors

There is a reason why digital designers use vibrant colors. Vibrant color usage gives visual interest to the layout. Using bright colors helps to capture the visitor’s attention more.

Creativity gives more value for all and it’s mandatory to upgrade your skills to get a great job. Our tech world is innovating a lot day by day with additional features, so learn something new with the FITA approach.


Follow new trends and innovations. Use all these trends in your project and build your very first design via Web Designing course in Chennai. All the Be Themes are listed here, spend your time to read this and gain more information here. 

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