8 Best Video Games For Web Developers 💻

8 Best Video Games For Web Developers 💻

Written by Souptik Debnath on Dec 23rd, 2022 Views Report Post

In this post, I'll share with you 8 video games that can help you become a better web developer. From problem-solving and logic to design, playing these games will help you develop a variety of essential skills 🧐

So grab your controller and let's get started!

1. Untrusted

Untrusted is a meta-JavaScript adventure game that tests your JavaScript skills to solve problems. This free JavaScript game lets you practice more complex skills. Image description

2. Flexbox Froggy

With a simple interface, you'll learn the basics of CSS Flexbox alignment while helping Froggy and his friends -save Froggy while you become an expert in CSS Flexbox.

Image description

3. Hex Invaders

There are three aliens attacking the world, each sporting a different color, in this version of the classic arcade game. As the player shoots down invaders, he must quickly translate an RGB hex value into human colors.

Image description

4. Pixactly

In Pixactly, you are given two random pixel values, one for the width and another for the height of a rectangle.The player then has to draw a box that is as close as possible to the given dimensions.

Image description

5. CSS Diner

This game helps you learn CSS selectors. It has a table of dishes animated and in HTML form, and one or more items to choose from the table. It covers everything a web developer needs to know about selectors, from the very basics to the most advanced.

Image description

6. Dungeons & Developers

This talent tree is powered by CSS, HTML, and JavaScript magic. Add points to the skills you already know and see how close you are to becoming a true Web Development Master. Submit your talent tree as a CV for job applications at your own risk.

Image description

7. Flexbox Defense

In this CSS-based tower defense game, the turrets and traps in the game are positioned using a flexible box layout. There are 12 levels with waves of enemies trying to reach your base.

If you want to complete them all, you'll have to apply your knowledge of Flexbox properties in every aspect. Image description

8. Checkio

Bringing coding to life with fun and engaging games for beginners and professionals.

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