Why Should Startups Switch To Magento eCommerce Platform
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Why Should Startups Switch To Magento eCommerce Platform

With the arrival of many new technologies, products, and services, there have been plenty of opportunities for business owners to establish their new business and having a niche early on.

When you start a new business, the selling of your product is easy. When you join the other experienced high-flyers, you will face fierce competition in this business world.

The reason why online businesses today need the best eCommerce platform for startups to run their business successfully. Magento eCommerce platform for startups has gained the trust of the best-known eCommerce website development company and the various leading brands in the world in less time.

Magento Is The Most Popular Ecommerce Platform

The popularity of Magento is impressive around the globe, let us see some of the aspects that support it. Globally 250,000 plus merchants are using Magento eCommerce for online business In the last year, more than 7500 merchants have migrated to Magento mobile app In 2021, worldwide eCommerce sales on Magento are anticipated to surpass $225 billion. Magento eCommerce platform of 1.9% share of CMS market. E-commerce Usage Statistics

According to research, Magento is the most popular and the best eCommerce platform for startups, having a market 17% share among the top 100k sites.

According to Techcrunch, about 51% of people in the US have completely avoided the physical stores and shop mainly on their eCommerce site by creating eCommerce platforms such as Magento.

Top reasons why should startups need Magento eCommerce Website development.

SEO friendly e-commerce platform

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To get rank in a search engine by drastically. Magento is the best eCommerce platform for startups, offers many various SEO-friendly URLs to businesses.

It provides a customized meta-description, meta-keywords, Google sitemap, etc. that are required to improve eCommerce websites in search engine rankings.

There are larger numbers of factors that affect your website ranking, such as the quality of the user experience, performance, quality of content, page loading speed, and more.

Magento always provides a web application of excellent quality in each aspect and offers an attractive website appearance. Magento’s well-optimized loading time faster and quickly equipped with a built-in SEO plug-in that increases online visibility.

Flexible e-commerce platform

As compared with other eCommerce platforms like SaaS platforms, every time an app or website is deployed on the Magento eCommerce platform, the respective company will obtain full ownership and access to the hosting. With the help of eCommerce, the tool reduces the complexity of handling eCommerce platforms by offering a package full of convenient features that meet high-level protection and support to businesses.

Magento provides advanced features to business needs such as advanced search filters, product catalogs and more. A user management feature in Magento provides business owners to configure an online store from scratch. It supports multilingual and currency are the most popular advantage of this application.

Ready-to-use extension

It has a Magento 2 marketplace extension of problem-solving in the real world that is built by community members.

If you’re looking for any type of functionality for your online store to have. Next, it is very likely that it will already be present in the marketplace of the Magento eCommerce platform as a ready-made extension. It also enhances the ease of development and helps developers provide fast response times to their customers.


Virtually every developer likes open-source eCommerce platforms. And, the same applies to Magento's eCommerce platform, because it’s an open-source product flourishing in a large community.

The community of developers and enthusiasts of Magento is around 150,000. The forums and community's web developers. They are working to create extensions and enhance the eCommerce platform more effectively.

Magento Open-Source Edition is the authorized Magento community and the available version. It supports any startup or retail business to develop a Magento eCommerce website. It includes a massive features list that can be helpful to small businesses.

Customer Segmentation

With the Magento eCommerce platform-, small- and large-scale businesses can segment their customers based on different factors. The segmentation can include several categories such as purchase history, user activity, demographics, and shopping cart details.

This function helps businesses to have a better plan for their online marketing and sales strategies. Since they have data in hand that can give them relevant information about the client's behavior and the different customer segments they have reached.

Secured e-commerce platform

Security is the most important top priority for all businesses, particularly when it comes to eCommerce sites. In fact, it's like a big challenge amongst them that demands attention and consideration.

With Magento's eCommerce platform, eCommerce website development company can secure their customers. Since all transactions of a Magento website are secured with effective data encryption so there are no security gaps.


With the massive increase of mobile users around the world, mobile-friendly websites were an important need at the time. Magento themes offer mobile responsiveness in UX/UI resulting in a mobile adaptive website.

Magento eCommerce platform can compile native mobile for iPad/iPhone and Android that carry an HTML5 interface.


Taking into consideration the above-mentioned advantages of the Magento eCommerce platform it would be no mistake to say that it is the best eCommerce platform for startups in the existing time.

This version of Magento allows online eCommerce businesses to customize page layouts and create customer groups.

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