Wave install to laravel - HELP?


July 18, 11:20 PM

Can someone please help me install Wave to my laravel. I got as far as code . command - when I type it in my terminal my visual studio doesn't open up. So I can't access the .env to make a new database.

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July 18, 11:55 PM

Hi there,

Laravel Wave is actually not a package but a whole project and can not be added to an existing Laravel project.

What you need to do is clone the Laravel Wave project into a new directory and then follow the installation instructions here:


Let me know how it goes.



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July 19, 12:21 AM

is there a video showing how to clone the repo. I came from wordpress so this is way different. What terminal am I using to write the clone?

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July 19, 01:08 AM


Yes, I could suggest a few things:

  • You can go through this course here on how to get started with Laravel Wave which includes a video on how to install Wave too:


  • If you are new to Laravel in general, I could suggest this getting started with Laravel course here:

Laravel Basics

  • If you are new to Git and GitHub, I would recommend this quick crash course here:

Getting started with Git and GitHub

Let me know if you have any questions.

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July 19, 02:06 AM

Is there anyway to make an installer like wordpress. So I can just type in my database name and website info and it just installs for me. I can pay for you to do this for me?

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July 19, 02:10 AM

I watched the video. where are you making your database? I don't see you doing that part. You just say you already made it but you dont show how. Thats the part im missing out on?

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July 19, 03:42 AM


I also come from the WordPress world. Note that the process is not that much different, with WordPress you also have to first create a database before you could proceed with the actual installation. Main difference is that with WordPress you can add the DB details via the installer but with Laravel you need to first add them to the .env file.

Where are you deploying Wave? If it is on your local environment what is the OS that you are using? If you are on Mac you can install MySQL as per this tutorial here:

Install MySQL on Mac

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July 19, 03:43 AM

Best Answer

Alternatively you could deploy Wave to a cloud provider like CloudWays for example.

You can follow the steps on how to do that here:

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July 19, 05:16 AM

That worked with no problems. I think people coming form wordpress will like the cloudways way better. I was searching for hours on how you made your database in the first video. lol thanks so so much... great support!!! - hustlebignetwork.com is now using wave.

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July 19, 07:40 AM

Hi there,

No problem! Happy to hear that you've got it all working.



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