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Olubisi Idris Ayinde ยท 4 months ago

100+ Web 3.0 Common Terminology

Unicorns, complex acronyms, and language changes faster than a well-executed rug pull abound in the web3 world. The internet as we know it is evolving right in front of our eyes. It's all ov...

Olubisi Idris Ayinde ยท 5 months ago

Build a Mini Buymeacoffee dApp Using Solidity + Ethereum Smart Contract + ReactJs + TailwindCSS

Blockchain is typically one of the highest-paying programming industries, with developers earning between $150,000 and $175,000 per year on average as salaried employees. Sound interesting,...

Olubisi Idris Ayinde ยท 5 months ago

DeFi: Decentralized Finance - Explain like I am 5

DeFi is a buzzword you'll likely hear more of in 2022. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to apps built on public blockchains that provide financial services without centralized intermediar...

Olubisi Idris Ayinde ยท 7 months ago

Web 3.0: A Developer Roadmap, Guide, and Resources to Get Started

Blockchains are still prominent, and the industry is in desperate need of engineers right now. It's not just a lucrative field to work in, but it's also a fascinating one. You'll need to be...

Olubisi Idris Ayinde ยท 8 months ago

10+ Github Repositories You Should Know as a Developer

Hello, everyone! Today, we'll go through some great repositories that every developer should be aware of. Following an extensive investigation, I discovered several excellent repositories th...

Olubisi Idris Ayinde ยท 9 months ago

12+ Github Repositories to Help You Ace Your Job Interview

The word "interview" is frequently associated with anxiety and discomfort. However, you may prepare vital tools to brighten up and organize fruitful interviews with this article's...

Olubisi Idris Ayinde ยท 10 months ago

How to Create Beautiful Gradients with JavaScript

In this article, I will be sharing some tips and examples on how to use gradient, what gradient is and how it can be generated on a web page with the integration of javascript. JavaScript is...

Olubisi Idris Ayinde ยท 10 months ago

GitHub Repositories to Learn JavaScript for Free

Hi everybody! Are you a novice searching for the best JavaScript tool to study? Are you a developer looking to expand your JavaScript skills further? I've got you covered ๐Ÿ˜‰. I'm going to sha...

Olubisi Idris Ayinde ยท 10 months ago

How to implement API Rate Limiter in NodeJS

Have you considered restricting requests or blocking web scrapers, bots, and spammers? How do you handle that? Well, there is a technique for restricting network traffic in a system known as...

Olubisi Idris Ayinde ยท 1 year ago

Write for These 45+ Websites & Get Paid

"How can I get more opportunities?" is the first question that springs to mind. This was also a source of concern for me. As a result, I'd like to provide a list of a few websites...

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