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I am a Software Engineering student who is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I'm also a web developer with a focus on JavaScript and the Web Framework that comes with it. If necessary, I leverage no-code tools to assist speed up my work. I like listening to music and watching anime in my spare time.

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20 Illustration Sites

A LIST OF 20 ILLUSTRATION SITES 1. Undraw was released in 2017 with the aim of helping designers contribute to the open source community to provide design skills to everyone. 2. Ma...

Linc Codes ยท 5 months ago

20 Web Builders

LIST OF 20 NO-CODE WEB BUILDERS 1. Wordpress WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to host and build websites. WordPress contains, so you can customize any website t...

Linc Codes ยท 6 months ago

Build: The Web

This is a notion site that covers both code and no-code web development techniques. The site begins with an overview of the web, including its history. The developer then explains how to cre...

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