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My discoveries in Java, Javascript and beyond

Ketone Maniac ยท 3 months ago

Doing Spring Security's CSRF tokens the right way with React

Let's admit it: Many of us who first included/upgraded Spring Security to 4.x+ were shocked when all of a sudden even our simplest login page starts giving 302s and bouncing back like this q...

Ketone Maniac ยท 3 months ago

Spring Cloud Stream - Functional and Reactive with Multiple outputs

In a nutshell, the last part of this blog shows a fancy way to split an input Spring Cloud stream into different output streams using reactive functions like the following (taken from the of...

Ketone Maniac ยท 4 months ago

What is that Error Object from Spring Boot REST API?

For those working with Spring Boot REST API, there should be already countless occasions that you have encountered errors like this: { "timestamp": "2022-01-19T14:36:29.443+...

Ketone Maniac ยท 5 months ago

How I Passed the GCP Cloud Associate Engineer Exam

Background I have been hosting an application for a friend in Google Cloud Platform for years, and yes I admit the original architecture and build process are lame -- I just packaged my Java...

Ketone Maniac ยท 8 months ago

Will this Flux break?

Let me start with a question: Will this Flux break? public static void main(String[] args) { Flux.interval(Duration.ofMillis(100)) .concatMap(i -> Mono.just(i) .delayElement(Du...

Ketone Maniac ยท 10 months ago

My Adobe Video Editing Journey

I do not make videos often, and when I do it's at most a few simple video strips joined together which I make with TikTok's video editor. Well my son is graduating from Kindergarten this Sum...

Ketone Maniac ยท 1 year ago

Kafka Messaging with Spring 101

My first serious application using Kafka is Spring Cloud Functions with Webflux. While exploring its (lack of) documentation and related tutorials, I turned out finding lots of stuff along t...

Ketone Maniac ยท 1 year ago

Organising Common Code via Spring Annotations and Bean Registry

Motivation The project that I work on is a vast net of 40+ microservices, mainly divided into Apps (those with UI code) Services (all the heavyweight logic and interfacing downstream/upstre...

Ketone Maniac ยท 1 year ago

Reactor onErrorContinue VS onErrorResume

This seems one of the hot searches for Reactor, at least when I type onErrorContinue in Google, onErrorResume would pop up beside it. Let me paste my testing code with some of my interpretat...

Ketone Maniac ยท 1 year ago

Spring Webflux Redirects

Aha, my first blog post. As a guy who missed the early days of Spring, it's sometimes confusing to see how many different ways the same thing could be done. Anyway I think I've experimented...

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