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A passionate Software Engineer who got used to building responsive and complex web-based applications. Discipline in implementing a type-safe system to develop every application more quickly, cleanly coded, and with minimal errors. I love to solve problems related to technology. Willing to work cooperatively and collaboratively with others, a committed person to ongoing learning and self-improvement.

Imamuzzaki Abu Salam ยท 3 months ago

Hello React, Goodbye useEffect (I Hope)

In this article, I will show you how to use React to replace useEffect in most cases. I've been watching "Goodbye, useEffect" by David Khoursid, and it's ๐Ÿคฏ blows my mind in a ๐Ÿ˜€ g...

Imamuzzaki Abu Salam ยท 3 months ago

Cardus App - Open Source Personal Warehouse Management App

What I built Cardus is a web app that allows users to create and manage their warehouse of items. Users can add items to their warehouse and quickly identify what box is storing what thing....

Imamuzzaki Abu Salam ยท 4 months ago

Big O Notation in JavaScript

Big O Notation, collectively called Bachmann-Landau notation or asymptotic notation, is a way to describe the performance of an algorithm. It is used to describe the worst-case scenario of a...

Imamuzzaki Abu Salam ยท 4 months ago

Debounce in Next.js

React v16.8 introduced a new hook called useEffect, which allows you to run side effects in your functional components. useEffect is a great way to handle expensive operations like API calls...

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