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PHP Arrays

Arrays allow us to assign multiple values into an array and store that into a variable.

First, we need to create a variable, and then we will store three items inside of an array, and we do this inside of ().

$cars = array('BMW', 'Audi', 'Mercedes');

The different items inside the array have to be separated by a ,.

If we try to echo out an array, it will give us an error because we can not echo out an array, but we can only echo out a specific index of our array.

Let's echo out the index of 1:

$cars = array('BMW', 'Audi', 'Mercedes');

echo $cars[1];

This will print out Audi. If you're wondering why it's printing out the second item instead of the first one, that is because arrays start off at 0 instead of 1.

So let's print out the first item (BMW) in our array:


$cars = array('BMW', 'Audi', 'Mercedes');

echo $cars[0];


It's crucial that you remember:

Arrays start off at 0 instead of 1!

If you really do need to print out your array, you can use a function called print_r. This will print in a readable format your array.

$cars = array('BMW', 'Audi', 'Mercedes');