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I code to keep up my sanity, code in multiple languages and frameworks. These are my favs Python | Flutter | TypeScript | JavaScript | React | Expo

Rohith Gilla ยท 9 months ago

Generate your own wrapped 2021

Introduction Hello, I have come with my final article of the year, with the wrapped trends going on every where right from spotify wrapped to github wrapped, I have decided to bring wrapped...

Rohith Gilla ยท 9 months ago

How I bought loading time of a media from ~3s to ~100ms or less

Hello, in this short blog post we will try to cover on how to improve media loading time when you access from firebase storage. This approach is very useful when dealing with media content r...

Rohith Gilla ยท 11 months ago

Generate a Realtime GitHub Contribution Chart

In this tutorial we will learn how to generate a realtime GitHub contribution chart using puppeteer and update it realtime in your twitter banner. We can build samazing dynamic realtime upda...

Rohith Gilla ยท 1 year ago

Automate your personal CRM with Notion and Kelvin Data

Introduction Notion gives an enormous possibilities of what we can do with a single application and honestly one it's of the best way to manage your personal CRM. Now what if there is a way...

Rohith Gilla ยท 1 year ago

Develop and Deploy a Blitz JS Application.

Introduction Hello everyone, today we will be developing and deploying a notes app using Blitz JS framework. We will be using the following tools, resources and frameworks on a higher level...

Rohith Gilla ยท 1 year ago

Develop a RedwoodJS URL shortener application

Introduction What is RedwoodJS Redwood is is built on React, GraphQL, and Prisma, Redwood works with the components and development workflow, but with simple conventions and helpers to make...

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