10 Best Cloud Video Streaming Solutions to Consider in 2024

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The cloud is disrupting the way the broadcast world operates. With its feature-rich, convenient, and scalable infrastructure, cloud video streaming platforms offer much more to broadcasters than traditional technologies. Using cloud video services allows brands to focus only on delivering good content by eliminating the technical challenges involved in the process.

In this article, we will discuss what cloud video platforms are, how do they work, and what key features they should offer. We’ll also check out the top 10 cloud video platforms of 2024.

What is Cloud Video Streaming Platform?


A cloud-based video platform is a comprehensive solution for live streaming and on-demand video hosting. It stores the content uploaded by the broadcaster or recorded during live events, and then transcodes it to the cloud for delivery to end-users. Many cloud video streaming solutions also have features to organize and monetize video content on their platform. Thus, enabling broadcasters to grow their audience and revenue.

How Does Cloud Video Streaming Work?

Cloud video platform has a complex process of hosting and delivering live and on-demand video content to the users. Firstly, a cloud server needs to ingest a live stream from a video encoder or receive upload for on-demand files. Many streaming software uses RTMP (real-time messaging protocol) for fetching the content to the platform.

The files received are then organized in a video content management system(CMS) and processed for delivery. The videos are packaged in different sizes and formats which may require cloud video encoding. Once done, the cloud server software delivers the video content to users as and when they connect.

The whole process is quite technical and requires large amounts of storage, RAM, fast processors and internet connection. Owning and operating an in-house cloud video streaming server is expensive. Therefore, broadcasters typically use cloud video hosting software to keep things simple.

Features of Secure Cloud Video Streaming Solution

Different cloud video platforms perform differently. It is important to look for some basic features while creating a video streaming website for your broadcasting needs.

  • Video CMS- Broadcasters require tools for organizing, managing, and sharing their video content. A cloud video hosting platform with an advanced video content management system (CMS) facilitates the entire management and make the most out of the video content.

  • Cost Effective- Cloud video services usually is cost-based on traffic, storage capacity, and other specific requirements. This reduces the price substantially in comparison to traditional video streaming services.

  • Highly Secure- Security is the utmost concern of broadcasters for cloud streaming. A secure cloud video platform that has strict security standards and privacy regulations helps mitigate risks of hacking, piracy, etc.

  • Tracking Analytics- Analytics is a crucial aspect of video streaming. A good cloud-based streaming platform provides key insights like consumption rate, video plays, etc. that helps to make better business decisions.

  • Screen Recording- While on-demand content can be played anytime, anywhere, screen recording helps broadcasters to record their live streams for viewing later. Screen recording in the cloud eliminates the need for strong hardware, processing power and ensures a high-quality viewing experience.

  • Video Monetization- Broadcasters need a variety of monetization options to suit their various needs. Many cloud video platforms offer subscriptions, ad-support, and pay-per-view models to earn revenue on video content.

Best Cloud Video Streaming Platform Providers in 2024

Here are the top video streaming platforms with their features and specifications.

1) VPlayed

VPlayed is a powerful and flexible online video platform that provides an optimal user experience. The platform offers 100% customizable video streaming solutions for all businesses and has various advanced marketing tools to maximize the revenue potential.


Key Features-

  • On-Cloud/On-Premise Video Streaming
  • Adaptive Bitrate
  • Multi-Screen Support
  • Live to VOD
  • Progressive Web App

2) Kaltura

Kaltura offers best online video platforms with both live and VOD capabilities. It specializes in video streaming of educational content for universities, media companies, and large business organizations.


Key Features-

  • Video Cloud Hosting and Streaming
  • Video API
  • Advanced Secure Video Cloud Platform
  • Cloud TV Service

3) Dacast

Dacast is a simple video streaming platform with business hosting and streaming capabilities. It is a flexible solution that can meet various business needs and offer quality viewing experiences.


Key Features-

  • Video Hosting and Cloud Streaming
  • Player API
  • Video API
  • Live and VOD Delivery

4) Brightcove

Brightcove is a cloud streaming service that offers live and on-demand video hosting. It helps users to integrate video cloud platform in their communication solutions to enhance their marketing and monetization.


Key Features-

  • Video Cloud Live Streaming
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Integrations for Cloud Apps
  • Simple Cloud Interface

5) Vidyard

Vidyard is a streaming solution for sharing professional videos. The cloud service is inclined towards sales, marketing, and corporate communications. Vidyard offers comprehensive tools for video creation, personalization, hosting, and analytics.


Key Features-

  • Secure Cloud Platform
  • Cloud-based Video Streaming
  • Customer Service
  • Cloud Integration Options

6) Panopto

Panopto is a video streaming service with millions of users around the world. The platform is geared towards online learning for universities and businesses. Panopto offers the flexibility to record any combination of video sources in any configuration.


Key Features-

  • Cloud Video Solutions
  • Mobile Ready
  • Live Streaming and Recording
  • Video Content Management

7) Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream is a cloud-based video streaming platform for professional-grade broadcasting. It has a simple setup with advanced features offering a rich user experience.


Key Features-

  • Cloud-based Video Hosting
  • Latest Distribution and Marketing Tools
  • Professional Interface
  • Live Streaming in the Cloud

8) Muvi

Muvi is a video streaming and OTT platform offering white label broadcasting service. With its video analytics and a variety of monetization options, Muvi helps businesses to increase their viewership and revenue.


Key Features-

  • Cloud Video Hosting
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Multiple Monetization Models
  • Online Video Player

9) IBM Cloud Media

IBM Cloud Media is a leading video streaming platform offering live streaming and VOD capabilities. With its advanced machine learning and automated features, IBM Cloud Media streams over 2 million live events monthly.


Key Features-

  • Live and On-Demand Video Streaming
  • Advanced Security
  • Enterprise-grade Video Capabilities
  • Responsive Customer Support

10) JW Player

JW Player is a video streaming service for small and medium business companies. The platform offers video-on-demand and live streaming solutions at affordable prices.


Key Features-

  • Multi-Device Support
  • Cloud Video Management
  • Customer Support Service


With so many cloud video streaming platforms available in the market, choosing the right one can be hard. Broadcasters must understand the features important for their businesses to choose the best option for themselves. Many cloud platforms also offer free trials to users that they can avail to explore the platform, before investing to ensure they get the best bang for their bucks.

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