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This blog is about the development updates to Dimraeth - an upcoming 2D Topdown RPG (with MUD-style mechanics).

Dimraeth ยท 1 year ago

eDev 0.27.10 Release

Its been a busy past few weeks, but things are getting done as fast as I can do them. The dungeon and main menu theme musics have been completed. New character animations, Rune System, and E...

Dimraeth ยท 1 year ago

eDev 0.20.12 Release

Lots of great things this update. I'll start off with the graphicals: This is the new golem so far: New Minotaur look: New Creation Screen Backgrounds: New Spellbook Menu: The canvas sca...

Dimraeth ยท 1 year ago

eDev 0.16.22 Release

This update is all about bug fixes! Working on visual effects is the fun glamorous side of things, but unfortunately I still have to keep my head down with maintaining the state of the game...

Dimraeth ยท 1 year ago

eDev 0.15.3 Release

A long grueling week and a half of multiplayer bugs is complete. When designing new systems or making major changes, I have to stay on top of the multiplayer code, otherwise the scope of my...

Dimraeth ยท 1 year ago

eDev 0.14.8 Release

Cutting 0.14.8 this week. Here is what is included in the update: Features (Major): - Added 3D lighting - Added Loading Screen between scene - Added in-game calendar menu to keep track...

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