7 JavaScript One Liners to look like a pro

7 JavaScript One Liners to look like a pro

Written by Dhairya Shah on Feb 26th, 2022 Views Report Post

Hello Folks 👋

What's up friends, this is SnowBit here. I am a young passionate and self-taught frontend web developer and have an intention to become a successful developer. I love building web applications with different technologies.

Today, I am here with some good JS one-liners for you to look like a pro that might help you in your next project. Let's go 🚀

Toggle Boolean

Toggling boolean, turning true to false or vice versa.

const toggleBool = (val) => (val = !val)

toggleBool(false) //true

Random Boolean

Generate a random boolean.

const randomBool = () => Math.random() >= 0.5;

randomBool() //true

Scroll to Top

Scroll to the top of the page.

const scrollToTop = () => window.scroll(0,0)

Detect dark mode

Returns true when dark mode is enabled.

const isDarkMode = window.matchMedia && window.matchMedia('(prefers-color-scheme: dark)').matches

Get user-selected text

Returns the selected text.

const getSelectedText = () => window.getSelection().toString();

Difference between two dates

const dif = (d1, d2) => Math.ceil(Math.abs(d1.getTime() - d2.getTime()) / 86400000)

dif(new Date("2006-02-24"), new Date ("2022-02-24"))

Random HEX color

const hexColor = () => `#${Math.floor(Math.random() * 0xffffff).toString(16).padEnd(6, "0")}`;

This was it for this article, I hope this article helped you. Feel free to share more in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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