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Self-taught full-stack web developer (mostly front-end). I love to experiment with web technologies and demystify concepts

Debouncing React controlled components

Motivation In my most recent application, I came across the need to debounce some form fields. Every time I had to debounce, it's usually an uncontrolled component. This time, I had to debou...

Derek Oware

2 months ago

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Error handling in Fetch VS Axios

There's so much difference between Fetch and Axios but my focus is on error handling because it caught my attention in my previous project. Error handling is an essential part of every appli...

Derek Oware

6 months ago

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Designing forms for mobile

Designing forms for mobile can be a hiccup especially when it has many fields. I don’t know how many people know this; the on-screen keypad can cover your form or the submit button making it...

Derek Oware

7 months ago

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Device Detection with the User-Agent

Have you ever wanted to implement a feature for a specific platform or device? Like show a screen or some content to mobile users only or execute a different an action based on the user's de...

Derek Oware

9 months ago

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